Brokens Bonds 13 May 2023 Update On Saturday

Broken Bonds On Zee world Saturday 13 May 2023 update, Cruel says Anand could have said you disdain her and never to trust you. Do you enjoy saying it, Samaira asks? He asserts that every lie has two sides. One for you and one for Anand. I don’t know what he said to her, Samaira says. Harsh asks, “Why bother?” When did you first become interested in Vedika? She was never planned for your life. Kuldeep and you are going to Dubai. You’re prepared.

Samaira claims to have sent me to Dubai in a hurry. Harsh claims that you were prepared to leave, and since Anand has spoken to Vedika, your foundation has shaken. Samaira says nobody can do that. I’ll go to Dubai, but I need to get Anand’s actions out of my head. Today.

Second scene: Shubhra gets home. Roli says Samaira is so awful. Rishi says she took our companion Vedika took. Nobody is content. Shubhra says that everyone is happy. Papa is also present. Roli claims to only be half with us. Rishi claims that you’ll leave us. Samaira Aunty, according to Roli, will take you again. Shubhra says that won’t ever occur.

According to Kuldeep, Vedika adores Anand. How this suddenly happened, I have no idea. What was she drawn to in Samaira? Shubhra identifies a mother. We believed that the mother in her should awaken. Kuldeep asserts that Samaira is untrustworthy. We will never forget what she did to us. Shubhra says you were likewise with her. According to Kuldeep, that was my error. Yet, she did sins. She treated you so badly that she committed murder. Shubhra claims that she knows everything, but time is not with us. Truth will prevail.

Scene 3
Samaira tells Vedika we should arrange pizza. Anand says Vedika I requested nourishment for you as of now. Dad understands what Vedika likes. Father will make you everything. Papa must love you, you know. Will you apologize to Mama, Vedika? Anand says I’m sorry Sameera, mother of my little girl. I wn’t express any of that once more. Vedika’s parents will always be by her side. Let’s have a cake.

Roli says mom I can’t rest. May I rest here? She affirms. Papa, Roli asks, where is he? Shubhra instructs you to use the restroom. Rishi claims not to be. Kuldeep is called by Shubhra. His telephone rings in the bed. Shubhra emerges. Kuldeeep walks into the home. He is embraced by the youngsters. Kuldeep asks, “Why are you awake?” We were worried about you, Roli says. Rishi says we thought you left all of us and went to Samaira aunt once more. He promises never to leave you or your mother. I’ll put you both to sleep.

Shubhra is asked by Kuldeep, “What happened?” She embraces him. According to Shubhra, I was very afraid. Kuldeep says don’t be frightened. Anand informed me via text that he will be moving into Samaira’s house to live there with her. I went to verify. I’m a little nervous.

I wanted the same, according to Shubhra. to unite their family again. According to Kuldeep, I worry about Anand. Do you recall what he said? Anand can become irate. But when I checked, everything appeared to be fine. Shubhra says we can’t find a sense of contentment. There is going to be a problem. We ought to check it out.

Scene 4: Vedika and Samaira watch cartoons together. Vedika asks Anand when he knocks, “Is papa calling?” Samaria replies no. Anand says VEdika emerge for two minutes. Please give me a good night kiss. Samaira says just 10 minutes film is left. After it’s finished, leave. Samaira amplifies the sound.

Vedika requests that I kiss him good night. He should be missing me. Samaira says to hurry up and come back. Mama cherishes you. Vedika comes to Anand. He gets a kiss from her. Anand asks, “Why are you crossing your fingers?” When you are angry, you do it. She claims that you always spot it. When you were unable to speak, Anand claims that I would understand you. She says that, but right now you don’t get it. What says he?

Vedika asserts that every child has both parents. Both of Rishi and Roli’s parents were reunited with them. Why do we not? Am I a miscreant? I don’t have a happy family because of that. Anand says no you are a decent young lady. We are bad parents. We aren’t great. He embraces her. Samaira comes there. Anand embraces Vedika and says issue is elsewhere. The issues that confront each family are distinct.

A bell sounds. Samaira responds, “How dare you come to my house?” as Shubhra enters the residence and addresses Kuldeep. Shubhra says I possibly came to actually take a look at here on the off chance that Kuldeep is here.. Shubhra sees Anand and expresses you here? He claims I was staying with his daughter. Vedika asserts that we will remain together.

Vedika hears from Shubhra that she will get everything she wants. You ought to fall asleep. Where would you like to sleep? Samaira and Anand both speak with me. Mama, Vedika says. You should also sleep at home, according to Samaira. Shubhra says you can sleep because your partner is with you. However, I do not know where my Kuldeep is. I’ll wait here for him. What does Samaira say?

According to Shubhra, I will leave when he arrives. Vedika requests mama to please come. Samaira enters her bedroom. Shubha asks Anand for what valid reason would you say you are here? I know it’s not becaue of Vedika as it were. Anand asserts that I despise her and her proximity to my daughter. Shubhra claims that you are her biological father and mother.

Do you think she will forget about you in a few days? This is merely a stage. There will be only two options. Either you and I will get together, according to Anand, or I will kill her. Shubhra warns you that you will be imprisoned and forever lose Vedika. Vedika will come to you when you go home. Will Samaira permit Vedika to visit me, asks Anand?

Kuldeep arrives and refuses. Samaira refuses to let Vedika leave her sign. According to Samaira, you’re here. Is this a sleepover for friends? Shubhra should go back home, Kuldeep says to her. Will you come, Shubhra? He replies no. Poor you, says Samaira. Shubhra embraces Kuldeep and says it’s essential for wedded life. It won’t occur to you. It is not your love. Your significant other isn’t your either now.

You are in every case half cherished just or a quarter. She goes. Kuldeep says I’m happy to be here. Samaira says I couldn’t care less. Kuldeep says Anand proceed to rest in my room. Vedika should have you. I’ll sleep wherever. Family is happy. In rage, Samaira retreats to her room. Kuldeep shares with Vedika there’s another arrangement. Samaira doesn’t have to be killed. Remain here. If you are here, Samaira will be distracted, and we will prepare for her detention.

Scene 2
The following morning, Kuldeep sees the tickets. He says I never thought she is so serious with this arrangement. Vedika and Samaira play games. Let’s have breakfast, she suggests. Vedika is fed by Samaira. Anand is ignored by Vedika. He is uspet. Would you eat bread, Shubhra? According to VEdika, papa should pass the butter to mama. Anand gives it to samaira. Anand sneezes. Vedika says mother give him water. He is taken by Anand himself. Anand says we should go out and watch a film. Vedika asks, “Will Mama also come?” Kuldeep enters.

He says there is a major information. My tickets are reserved for Dubai. only for Samaiara and me. We will travel together. only we Everything is finished. We need to leave in 10 days. What nonsense, says Samaira. Kuldeep claims that the agent informed me that you booked the tickets solely for us two. Vedika explodes. Vedika, Vedaira says, listen. She goes.

Shubhra accompanies kids. Vedika, per Samaira, is low. What brought you here? Shubhra claims to have called her buddies. Anand will take every child to the movie. The children embrace Vedika. Samaira claims that he caused rifts between Vedika and me while having fun with his children. Samaira tells you to hug your dad, but he’s leaving for Dubai in ten days. He will leave all of you.

Only me and your father. Roli asks, “Mama?” Dad is leaving us? Rishi says will not be at any point returned? Shubhra received the plan from Kuldeep. She stated that Samaira will retaliate against you. Kuldeep advised me to inform Vedika. The children go inside upset. Samaira goes inside too.

Anand says I’m taking all children outside. As Shubhra cared for Vedika, I will care for Rishi and Roli. You can all resolve your issues. Just 10 days are left. You must also persuade the children. Let’s go to the movie, Anand tells the kids. We don’t want to go anywhere, the kids are angry about it. Roli asserts that we are furious at all elders. Roli says if it’s not too much trouble, go from her euncle. Roli says I let you know your mom is terrible. She will depart from you and accompany our father as well. Your mother is a demon. You called her decent? See. You will lose her.

You also ended our friendship. Don’t say that Rishi says she’s sad. Don’t argue. All will be well. Everything will be fixed by Aai. Roli claims that our mother is the best. According to VEdika, our mom is the best.

To Samaira, Shubhra inquires, “Were tickets expensive?” Did you purchase the house? It might need to be canceled. According to Samaira, only I know my plans. Kuldeep will be with me. Shubhra claims that my strategy will work now.

Your sins will no longer be covered. You can’t even take yourself out of this country, so stop fantasizing about taking Kuldeep. Your game is finished. You are baba’s killer. There could be a lot of deaths. Go to your kitchen, Samaira instructs. Don’t make up threats to me.

She is attacked by Shubhra, who threatens to kill her with a knife. Samaira says I will send you to imprison for endeavor of homicide. Shubhra claims that killing you will benefit the world.

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