After Mayura Regains Her Memory. Cage Of Beauty 10 October 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 129


The Episode started with Mayura and Neel seeing Omkar outside the PS. Mayura told Neel that she shall not go in front of Omkar. She said Omkar wanted to get me for my beauty and now for his repentance, but he is still the same. Neel asked him to act infront of Omkar, as if she doesn’t have any memory gain, we have called his father here, we shall think about handling Aishwarya now,we need some time.

Mayura said you are right, Omkar just loves himself and nobody else. She thanks and hugged him. Neel thinks he will take revenge on Omkar, and will take revenge on her also. He said nothing is bigger than his aim, not even her. Akhilesh told Neel that they shall postpone the wedding, until Omkar is here. Mayura said thank god, our marriage didn’t happen in that condition. Neel said I understand.

Akhilesh then took Mayura from there. Neel thinks he couldn’t make Mayura wear garland, but will make Omkar have the destruction garland. He was driving his car,saw Omkar standing on the road and he stopped the car. Omkar said you would have hit me. Neel said, nobody cares for your life or death. Omkar then said Mayura cares.

Neel said she doesn’t remember you. Omkar said Mayura knows that she is mine, do whatever you want, but she will never become yours and asked him to move from his way. Neel asked what will you do? He said you can’t change the truth, Mayura has forgotten the old Omkar and hates the new Omkar, that’s why you have to move from the way.

Omkar said I will make Mayura confess the truth and asked him to check, if someone got time bomb fixed in his car. Neel said the time has started for your destruction and asked him to count the reverse countdown.

Omkar told Pandit ji in the temple that he will do puja with his wife Mayura. Mayura did aarti of God in their inhouse temple and gave aarti to everyone. She imagined Omkar telling her that she can get angry with him but can’t forget him. Akhilesh and Surekha ask if she is fine. Nisha came there and asked her to look outside. They came out and saw Mayura and Omkar’s marriage pics on the walls and on the rope.

Akhilesh thinks Mayura can remember everything seeing this. The neighbor asked Akhilesh, when did Mayura marry MP Ratan? Akhilesh said these are all fake? Mayura tore the photos and there flower petals were falling on her, as the banner opened up. Omkar came there and said you will remember this moment, if not another.

Akhilesh said I will call Neel. Omkar told Mayura that she was looking very happy on the marriage day and I couldn’t keep my eyes off you. Mayura asked him to stop his nonsense and said these pics don’t matter to me. Omkar said you couldn’t separate Mayura and Omkar even after tearing the pics. Everyone saw the lower side of the pics torn and their pics were still there.

Omkar said I can see clearly that you love me still and said I won’t be quiet until I believe that your memory is back. Mayura took the firewood and burnt the banner. She said this is the truth between us and the banner fell down burning. Omkar placed his hand in the fire to save the banner and Mayura became shocked.

He saved Mayura’s face banner and said I can’t see anything happening to you, even if I die. Mayura thinks he is still the same, this is not his love, but possessiveness. Neel came there and told Omkar that he will set up the fire next time and will burn him,he then took Mayura inside. Omkar thinks you have to accept our love and relation truth. Aishwarya thinks Omkar’s madness is increasing for Mayura, I have to play a big game to separate them. She tore their pics and threw them away.

Akhilesh told Mayura that the pics was not right. Mayura said it must be photoshopped. Dadi said she had kept puja for Mayura and Neel in the temple but Akhilesh said we will not go. Mayura said we will go and will not get afraid of Omkar. Nisha said Omkar has gone away. Mayura said let’s go for puja. Mayura and Neel then sat for the puja. Pandit ji asked Mayura to give her hand and told her that their lives will be connected for many births.

Mayura then took back her hand. Neel asked her to give her hand else the family will doubt. Dadi said she wanted Mayura and Neel to do the puja as husband and wife, but…. Omkar then came there and said that he will fulfill her wish. He told Pandit ji that he and his wife, both are here and Mayura became shocked.

Precap: Mayura signed the divorce papers. Neil showed the signed divorce papers to someone and said it’s their first win…Read more

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