Cage Of Beauty 17 January 2023, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 247


The Episode started with Mayura waking up and calling Omkar. DM asked where she is going and told her about the security. Mayura thinks of what to do and called Omkar. When his call couldn’t be connected, she called his mother and asked her to make her talk to Omkar once. Omkar’s mother blamed her and said Omkar escaped from his own wedding due to you. Mayura thinks where did he go?

Vishaka came to Mayura’s room. Mayura asked what did you do with my Omkar. Vishaka asked what are you saying? Mr. Goswami asked, how are you talking to her. Mayura said, you don’t know how dangerous she is. Vishaka asked Mayura to rest and snatched her phone from her hand.

Mayura asked her to give her phone back. Vishaka said if it is with you then it will disturb you. Mr. Goswami said the phone shall not be on the bed when sleeping. Ishaan asked Mayura not to misbehave with his mother. Mayura said you have zero value in my sight now.

Vishaka asked why do you hate me so much, I am going to be your mother in law. She hugged her forcibly and said I had killed you both together, but in this birth, I will kill you both separately. She said Omkar went to Jabalpur, but he will not return fine and asked her to rest. Mayura thinks, he is in Jabalpur, I have to warn him somehow. Naina’s mother came to Omkar’s house and asked his mother what she was talking about.

Omkar’s mother said he went somewhere, we shall wait for him, he will return on time. Naina said Omkar will not come. Her mother said you are in these clothes, Omkar will come surely. Naina said he will not come, I have checked his message just now. She said that it is not his mistake, he was marrying me due to our stubbornness, Mayura was in his heart and not me.

Omkar’s mother apologized to Naina. Naina’s mother told her that Omkar did wrong by ruining my daughter’s life. Naina said it is not his mistake. Omkar’s mother said you have no complains with him, after so much happening and said that she will pray for her. Naina hugged her and wished for Omkar’s safety.

Omkar gained consciousness and shouted calling Mayura. He saw the old men there and asked who are they, though they were looking familiar to him. The old guy told him that he is their owne. Omkar told them that he needs to go to Mayura for now and save her from Vishaka.

He said he can’t rest, until he punishes Vishaka for her sins. He called Mayura and found her phone switched off. He thinks sorry Mayura, I should have trusted you long back but now everything will be fine, your Omkar is coming to you. The goons then followed him.

Mayura knocked on the door asking her Dad to open the door. Mr. Goswami apologized to Vishaka and said I didn’t know that Omkar will do magic on Mayura. Vishaka said such things happen with kids, Mayura will be fine after some days. DM asked Mr. Goswami, shall I take food for Mayura. Mr. Goswami said she shall be hungry.

Ishaan said no uncle, Mayura shall have food, we have marriage, day after tomorrow. Mr. Goswami asked Bela to go with DM. Mayura said she needs to talk to Omkar. DM asked Mayura to accept that Ishaan is in her destiny and that she can’t do anything else for her, she just can give her food to relieve her pain. DM and Bela went out. Mayura found phone in the paratha. She made a video call to Omkar, he picked the call and saw Mayura.

They imagined talking to each other. Omkar hugged Mayura and said I am sorry, I didn’t believe you. Mayura said you went to Jabalpur for me, you remember everything now, you left from the marriage ceremony, you have broken Naina’s heart. Omkar said Naina will understand when she comes to know about our connection, I know her well. I will not let you fight alone, nobody can separate us, neither your Dad nor Vishaka and thier Imagination ended. Omkar talked to Mayura on video call.

The goon told the other goon that they have to kill him right here. Vishaka told Mr. Goswami that they shall do the marriage tomorrow. Sachin said we shall not postponed the wedding. Mr. Goswami said, I have sent the invite to the guests that it a day after tomorrow. Vishaka said Mayura has insulted me much once they get married, I will send them to London and she will forget Omkar.

She asked, do you worry for Mayura or for the factory funding? Omkar told Mayura that he will come there. Mayura said Vishaka’s goons are after you and asked him to go to a safe place. He run as the goons were shooting at him. They shot at him and he fell down. Mayura shouted Omkar as he fainted and fell down. Vishaka got a message that Omkar has been killed and she smiled.

She smiled and told Mr. Goswami that she wants to meet Mayura before leaving and wants everything to be fine. Mr. Goswami asked her not to worry. Ishaan said I will go and see her. Vishaka teased him and said she will meet her. She went to Mayura’s room and saw her crying. She said, I wanted to give you good news, but it seems like you got the news that Omkar is dead.

She asked her to see her face and remember that this is the same face, due to whom, Omkar and Mayura had not united and will not unite even in this birth. She asked, what is the use of rebirth so that you can die again with my hand, don’t give me so much respect, what do you want to achieve, getting killed by my hand.

Mayura said Vishaka, Omkar can’t die as I am alive now. She said, if I am taking breaths, then Omkar must be breathing too. Vishaka said your breath is for some days only, after your marriage you will meet with an accident and that will be your end.

Precap: Mayura told her family that they can do all the rituals they want. Once Omkar comes, he won’t spare any of them. Omkar then entered, she run and hugged him. He told Mayura’s father that, the father who gets his daughter married forcefully can’t be called a father. Vishaka then hits an object on Omkar’s head…Read more

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