Mayura Snatches Omkar’s Property. Cage Of Beauty 16 November 2022, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 174


The Episode started with Mayura asking the lady where is Tara now. She turned hearing Tara calling her Mamma and found Omkar taking her in the car. She run after the car for a while stopped and cried. Omkar reached the big mansion and recalled working on the site to build the mansion, while the owner scolded him, calling him dirty.

The little Omkar challenged him that he will stay away from dirt and his destiny will brighten up like Sangemarmar/marble and he got teary eyes. Tara asked whose house is this? Omkar told her that this is the first house which he had brought, he had worked hard to reach here.

He went inside and brought haldi plate. He asked her to leave her hand impression on the wall and get inside. Tara said wow, hand printing. Omkar said you are welcome and told her that she can go anywhere in the house, wherever she wants,they will play, cook and will keep her tent house too. Tara got sad and said if Mamma would have been with us, then it would be great.

Mayura cried and told Vishaka that Police couldn’t help her, as Omkar is Tara’s father. She said Omkar has filed the case of negligence against her. Vishaka said we don’t have any proofs against Megha, and wondered how can a sister betray her sister. Tara told Omkar that why both her parents aren’t together with her.

She said she used to miss them both when she was in the hostel. Omkar said we will stay here and will do masti. Tara said we will call Mamma too and Omkar nodded his head. She went to see the house, Omkar thinks you have to stay away from your mother, he opened the door and found someone.

Mayura told Vishaka that she can’t live without Tara and will search for her,i love her a lot, I just want to search for her. Vishaka got Megha’s pic outside the big Mansion of Omkar and said we got Tara’s location. Megha came to Omkar and asked him to give her money else…She said I will request you until you give me my money, I can help you and you will need me,I am the practicing lawyer and can help you against Mayura in the case.

Omkar said I have hired a lawyer. Megha said even a good lawyer loses custody case and if I fight the case against Mayura, then court will think that a sister is against her sister and that Mayura is not the right girl. She asked him to hire her as the lawyer and give her fees which he gives to his lawyer. Omkar said you will get the money but Tara shall not go away from me. Megha asked him to keep his hand open in terms of money and said that she will make the case strong.

Mayura said she knows this haveli, this is Omkar’s old mansion and said we shall go there. Vishaka said we can’t take any move in excitement and said that even if we get Tara, then Omkar will slap another case against us. Mayura asked what shall I do, knowing my daughter is with that man. Vishaka said I am not saying this again and asked her to understand.

She asked her to look at herself in the mirror and asked if you can fight with Omkar in this condition. She asked if this is the same Maya, whom I have trained against Omkar. She said since Tara is gone, I see Mayura in you, who cries and pleads for Tara. Mayura said Maya is fake, she just wants her daughter. Vishaka asked her to handle herself and said Omkar knows your truth but people don’t know.

She said you are Maya, whom people know, who has contacts, we shall not flow in emotions and tell your saying. She said Omkar will attack you, but you have to counter attack him as Maya, Mayura will not break the rules, but I want to see the limits of Maya,i want to see what she can do to get her daughter, how she mends the law and breaks it to get her daughter.

She said Mayura can’t become like Omkar, but Maya can become like him. She asked her to think if she can become Maya or Mayura. If she stays as Mayura, then she shall go to Omkar’s house and plead infront of him, the decision is yours. Mayura said be it Mayura or Maya, I can go to any extreme to get my daughter and Vishaka to tell her what shall be done.

Omkar told Tara that they will make the world’s best cake. Tara said best cake than Mamma’s cake? And Omkar nodded his head. He made the cake and placed it in the oven and they had some good moments. She splashed flour on Omkar, he moved and it fell on Megha. Tara recognizeg her as the witched aunty and asked Omkar to send her out.

Omkar said she is your Maasi, she didn’t kidnap you. She brought you to me. He showed her Mayura’s pic with Megha and said she is your Maasi, can’t do wrong with you. He said the cake is spoiled. Tara said Mamma makes the best cake. Omkar said we will order it. Shankar called him and told him that someone is throwing them out of house.

Omkar asked Tara to be with Megha. Megha said I can help you. Omkar said ok and called the servants to take care of Tara. He came home and found the house gate sealed. He called Shankar and asked how the house got sealed and got shocked. Mayura came there in a car.

Omkar said first the house, now the factory is sealed. He wondered who is trying to snatch away everything from him, destroy him. Vishaka brought Maya to Omkar’s house and said, welcome to your new house, Omkar checkeed the property papers and looked angrily at Maya who smiled back…Read more

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