Omkar Loses To Mayura. Cage Of Beauty 18 August 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 59



The episode started with Manjali saying to Omkar, this is eclipse time, don’t go out. You will get the news, how Mayura was insulted today, you don’t have to go out and he said okay ma.

Pushpa (the maid who Manjali fired) cried. She said my child isn’t breathing and she cried. Mayura said what happened to him? The men said, you came again. Mayura said shut up,a life is at stake. The woman said please save my son and Mayura treated him. A woman said this child won’t live from this cursed girl’s hand, the child stopped breathing and everyone said she killed the child.

Mayura said to the mother, don’t worry, I am here. She then gave him CPR and medicines. The child was out of danger and the woman said, you saved my child. Piyush said did you all see? This is why doctors are God on the planet.

The woman said I don’t know how to thank you, my child would have died today. Mayura said I am a doctor, this is my duty. She said you are Devi, Sartaj doesn’t know, he hurt a devi. the kid said thank you didi and she gave him medicine. The woman said what are your fees? Mayura said don’t worry about it.

Omkar said ma the eclipse is over, I am going out. She said I am also going to the village, take care of yourself. He said yes maa, Mayura came and Omkar turned his back. He shouted balli.. Balli then asked his men to come there in black cloth. He said bhabhi is here.

Omkar said Mayura not bhabhi, Omkar said how dare you come here? She said this is a swamp. I never want to be back here and I haven’t stepped in. I am here to return your money, Mayura recalled Omkar leaving the 11 rupees there.

Pushpa said you I served you people all my life and you didn’t care about son’s life but Mayura didi saved him. Mayura said humanity is greater than everything, here are your 11 rupees, and Puspha as a doctor is my first earning.

Mayura left the coins there and said keep this as shagun on my good life away from you and she left. Omkar said you deserve a special prize for this, let’s make your special day more special. Omkar asked Balli to invite all his goon friends. He said there will be a party tonight for all of them.

Mayura came home and It’s was all dark. She said who is here? She saw a shadow,the lights turned on and It was all decorated and everyone sang happy birthday. Piyush hugged her and said happy birthday, Mayura cuts the cake and Ashu danced with her, everyone then joined in and danced.

Ashu said Minty never forgets her birthday. Dadi said she used to tell everyone it’s my birthday. Mayura said I used to wake up di at 12 and ask her to wish me. Ashu said we are all here for you, Dadi said she used to ask am I born again?

Surekha said I gave you birth once but you gave yourself a new life. Mayura said dadi, won’t you take the evil eye off me to keep my beauty as it is? Dadi said no, your beauty doesn’t matter to me now, your happiness matters to me.

I will take the evil eye off but to keep your happiness as it is and did her arti. Piyush said, Mayura everything will be good now, you will fix whatever goes wrong.

Sanjay said happy birthday Mayura, you have already won my showing Omkar’s reality. Surekha gave her a gift and Ashu said to her, make a wish like you always do. Mayura said I only have one wish, to face everything boldy, not to give up, no matter what happens.

Omkar saw Mayura’s photo on a board.

Omkar smashed the cake and said happy birthday to you.. Balli and the other goons come in. Piyush said what is this? He said it’s a party, they brought in dancers and dance in Mayura’s house.

They were all drunk. Mayura sar in a corner while the dancers danced around them. They drank around the house and Mayura cried. The goons shoved them out of the house and they left.

Omkar said I told you Mayura, I will take everything, your house is taken. You wanted to live in a world free of me right? now live under the sky, I took your home too.

They walked on the road and Sanjay said let Omi do what he wants, you can come to my place, It’s my own home. Mayura said I can’t go there. Piyush said Megha is alone at home too, you should go home.

Mayura cried and Ashu said don’t be upset. Mayura said you have to suffer all this because of me. Surekha said don’t say that, you are our daughter, we are one, never say anything like that. Ashu said we are with you always, we won’t be your weakness.

Omkar gave sweets to Manjali and said Balli told me Mayura had to leave her house at night, happy birthday Mayura.

Piyush said Mayura.. and extended his hand. Mayura held his hand and he took her to a decorated place, It had happy birthday Mayura printed on the wall. Piyush said home is made from family, we are all together, so this is home, let’s celebrate here and made her wear a tiara.

Surekha tied a piece of her saree on her hand. Ashu made her a butterfly from papers and Dadi also gave her bangles to her. Piyush said let’s cut the cake, they cut a small cake and Mayura made everyone eat the cake.

Omkar looked at them from his car and was angry. He was drinking and said, I came to see her crying face but she’s happy. They are on road, how can they be happy? I can’t kill you, I don’t want to kill anyone but I have to do that. Your happiness doesn’t matter to me, I will drive over your happiness and continued drinking.

Omkar drove towards them, everyone moved aside and the car hits Mayura. Everyone screamed.. and Mayura was taken to an emergency ward.