Mayura Is Found With Her Happy Life. Cage Of Beauty 19 September 2022, Monday Pt2: Episode 100


The Episode started with Manjali about to see Mayura playing with the children, when she got a call from Bali who informed her that Mayura was someone else. Manjali scolded Aishwarya and asked her to woo Omkar and do some social responsibility being his wife. Mayura told the kids that she has won.

A boy asked why are you getting happy, your pic will not be published and if not published then who will see it. Mayura said I will see, as I have no objection with my face. She said if someone has objection then I will say that there is problem in his sight. She told them that if someone is good within then facial beauty doesn’t matter.

Omkar got out of the hospital sadly and thinks one day Mayura will be found by him. Mayura helped a guy and lifted Omkar’s name board. He said very soon you will be with me. Mayura was walking on the road. Omkar held Mayura’s dupatta and drove off in his car.

Bali thinks Maa ji asked him to bring him back. Omkar imagined Mayura in the car and told her that he will search for her until he finds her, as she is his love now. Mayura was walking and jumping on the road, while Aishwarya was trying to take her selfie. Omkar thinks to visit the temple and pray to God to make her meet Mayura.

An old lady scolded Mayura for flying kite in the hot weather and said her complexion will get darker. Mayura said my face has map on it and you are worried for my complexion. Dadi run behind her to beat her with a stick but Mayura run inside and hugged her mother and father. She told Dadi that she has just one week to enjoy.

She said my job will start in the hospital and asked her to let her practice flying kite. Dadi said mayura’s dad has spoiled her. Surekha said even you have spoiled her and Dadi got upset. Mayura said I will apply face pack or uptan. Dadi prayed for Mayura’s happiness, her mother asked her to wash her face and hands and have breakfast.

Akhilesh told his wife Surekha that her work load will increase. Surekha said Mayura has faced much troubles and told him that it is good that she has accepted that the scar was an accident. Akhilesh told her that they came from Jabalpur to Bhopal and that now Omkar can’t do anything, if he tries to do anything then he will shield Mayura.

Omkar stopped his car when he was about to meet with an accident with the goons’ car. He got down and offered his car until he gets their car repaired. The goons the attacked Omkar. Mayura’s heart beat increases and she started taking heavy breath. Omkar told the goons that they can talk calmly. The goons taunted him and mentioned his wife, lover’s name.

Omkar shouted and was about to hit the goon. Mayura thinks why she is sensing this. Omkar was about to hit the goon, but thinks I can’t lose my control,i have to become a good person and have to become Mayura’s Omkar.

The goon called him phuski bomb. Mayura drank water and asked God to relieve her restlessness. The goon attacked Omkar and he fell down. The goon was about to hit him with the stick, when a guy came there in his car and held the stick. He fought with the goons and beat them.

He called Omkar as buddy and asked if he is okay. Omkar thanked him and the guy asked why didn’t you beat them. Omkar said I don’t like to fight. The guy introduced himself as Neil and said first aid kit is in my car. Omkar said no need. Neil said he is a doctor by profession and will treat his injury. Mayura thinks where is the Manja/thread for the kite competition.

She found the bridal dupatta and looked at it. She got some flashes, but didn’t understand. Surekha came there and said she brought it for her marriage. Mayura said it is an old chunari and has mark of safety pins. She got a call from Nisha and went to pick it. Akhilesh asked why did you keep this? Surekha said it shall be Mayura’s decision whether to keep it or not. Akhilesh asked her not to let Mayura know about it. Mayura came and overheard them.

Manjali revealed Omkar’s pic in the jalsa. Mayura saw his pic, shouted and fainted…Read more

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