Mayura Removes Her Scar. Cage Of Beauty 20 October 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 142


The Episode started with Omkar naming his daughter Tara and he wrote Tara on the plate. Manjari asked Omkar to ward off evil sight from Tara. Just then they saw fire caught to the curtain. Omkar run to set off the fire. Mayura came and held the baby. She said she got the burning smell, that’s why came out else she wouldn’t have come. Omkar said this has happened for the second time.

The Servant told them that the fire started due to the decoration candle. Manjari said who asked you to keep the diya there. She blamed Mayura and said that the fire broke off because of her. Mayura said I didn’t do anything. She then tried to drag her to the room. Mayura pleaded innocence and asked her not to take her far from Tara. Pandit ji stopped Manjari and asked her not to do any inauspicious thing and sin by keeping mother and daughter far.

He said Mayura’s tears and pain are bringing trouble to the family. Mayura said I didn’t light the fire. Omkar said but the fire was caught. Agrima Devi said this is happening due to the scar on her face. Mayura asked Pandit ji what to do? Pandit ji said you shall listen to your husband and get your scar removed from your face, then you can stay with your daughter and Omkar will get rid of the sin of separating you both.

Manjari said she has to leave from here. Omkar stopped her and asked Mayura to either get the surgery done, or the door will be closed to her forever. He asked Mayura what is her decision? If she wants to be with her daughter or be stubborn with her decision. Mayura said I am ready Omkar, I will choose my daughter over my self respect. Mayura recalled talking to Akhilesh. Omkar told Manjiri that Mayura is broken fully. Mayura talked to Akhilesh and said this scar will be removed for my daughter.

Later the baby was crying. Mayura was standing outside and signalled the baby,she kept quiet. Manjari doubted Mayura’s intention. Omkar said you have problem with her always, even when she agreed for the surgery. He said he is taking her to hospital and Mayura heard them.

Omkar took her to the hospital, the Doctor told them that the surgery will be done in 1-2 hours and the bandage will be removed tomorrow due to the advance techniques. Omkar told Mayura that he didn’t want to do this, but now they can bring their daughter together. Mayura came inside, Akhilesh also came there. Dr. Rajeev told her that Akhilesh told him everything. Mayura thanked Rajeev.

Dr. Rajeev said he was her junior and he was shocked and think how can they have such blind faith. Mayura asked Rajeev to hide her scar for a day and said that she took the Servants and Pandit ji’s help to fight against this blind faith. She said that if I bend down infront of their blind faith today, then they will have blind faith for some other thing,j wants to save Tara from their blind faith. He said he will hide her scar with prosthetic help.

Akhilesh asked her to leave from there at 5 pm. The Next day, Rajeev removed her fake bandage. Omkar hugged Mayura and said she is like before. Mayura asked can I meet my daughter now? Omkar said yes and went out to complete the discharge formalities. Mayura thanked Rajeev for hiding her scar for a day. Rajeev asked her to keep her face away from water, fire and warm weather. Mayura said I will take care and looked at her face in the mirror.

Omkar brought her home,Manjiri welcomed her and did the aarti. Mayura kept her hand on the prosthetic to save her prosthetic from the aarti fire. Manjari said there is no scar and blessed her. Shankar gave the baby to Mayura and asked her to hug her. Mayura hugged her baby and said, I have understood late. She then thinks to elope with the baby.

Omkar took her to room and asked her to come inside but Mayura stopped. He said it is your room and Mayura went inside with the baby. He said we have lost the beautiful moments because of you, which we could have lived together.

Mayura said we will make new moments, life is big. He touched her face and Mayura got up. He asked why did you shake up? She said I feel Tara is hungry. She placed Tara in the cradle, he hugged her and asked if she is still angry. Mayura said no and thinks if he comes to know about her plan then everything will be ruined…Read more

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