Blind Omkar About To D!e. Cage Of Beauty 22 November 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 180


The Episode started with Omkar pleading in front of the Doctor to return his eye sight. The Doctor asked him to relax and said she will see what she can do. Omkar asked Shankar, where is Taru… he wants to meet and see her and Mayura became shocked. Omkar then fainted on Shankar’s shoulder. The Doctor said, I gave him injection so that he gets sleep.

Megha scolded Mayura and said Omkar is in trauma and asked if she thinks his trauma is acting. Mayura said he might not be acting, but I am worried for Tara. She told Shankar that Tara is with Omkar. Megha said Tara is not with him and asked her to ask Vishaka. Mayura said why will Vishaka take her? Shankar said we really don’t know about Tara. Mayura asked him to go home and rest but Shankar insisted to be there.

Mayura said Maa ji needs to be taken care by you and asked him to go home. She asked Megha to take care of him and said she will not let anything happen to Tara’s Papa and they left. Vishaka came there and asked Mayura why is she trusting Omkar? She said Omkar might say that I kidnapped Tara. Mayura said she might get any info about Tara. Vishaka said ok. She called the Doctor and asked what he found, I have mailed you Omkar’s reports. The Doctor said Omkar’s claim is right, his eye sight is lost and Vishaka said ok.

Later Omkar gained consciousness and called for Mayura, Mayura said I am here with you and asked him to tell her where Tara is but he fainted again.

Vishaka asked the lady guard about Tara. The lady guard said she is fine and she asks about her Papa often. Vishaka asked her to take care of her well and make sure she doesn’t get unwell. She thinks, why haven’t Mayura come till now, I have to go to the hospital. Mayura was praying in the temple for Tara and thinks if Omkar is acting then I will expose him. She turned and saw Omkar standing on the terrace railing.

Mayura shouted Omkar and everyone came there. Shankar also called him. Vishaka also reached there and smiled. Omkar said I have lost everything, my daughter and business, now I have lost my eye sight, so I don’t want to live. Mayura asked him to stop acting and come down.

Omkar said my life has slapped on my face, by snatching my eye sight, my stubbornness, ego and everything is lost, I have troubled you very much and apologizes to her for his mistakes. Shankar asked him to move back for his mother at least. Omkar said which mother wants to see her son like this, I have become a burden and can’t stay like this. Mayura asked him to come down and said we will discuss whatever is in your mind, this is not the solution.

Omkar said you have snatched my everything and will snatch my daughter too, let me go. Vishaka smiled and said he is a dramebaaz. Shankar asked Mayura to save him. Mayura promised to return his business and house. Omkar said I just want my daughter, just promise not to snatch my daughter. Vishaka thinks Mayura is not understanding his trick, why is he saying this. She went to Mayura and told her that he is acting. Mayura told Omkar that Tara is her daughter and her part of life.

Omkar asked her to look into his eyes and said there is just darkness in his eyes, there is just one ray of light, his daughter, if you can’t give me Tara then let me die. Mayura shouted no. Vishaka said Tara is with him, he is playing games with you. Shankar asked Mayura to agree.

Omkar asked Mayura if she will part ways with Tara forever and said if no, then he will jump down. Mayura went to the terrace and called him. He said he will jump off if she comes near him. She asked if he wants to separate her from her daughter. Omkar said I will do whatever I think is right, this couldn’t be the sangemarmar sartaj’s life. She held his hand and made him touch her face scar.

She said I felt that day that I shall not live, but today this is my identity and strength, think of your weakness as your strength and him to have trust and asked him to get down. Omkar said I am not ashamed to accept that you have much strength and courage than me, I will believe that God has punished me and asked her to give him Tara, as she is his last hope, else he can’t live.

Shankar and Megha asked her to agree, Mayura then cried. Omkar said I am going. Mayura promised not to keep Tara away from him, and said she will stay with you, I will go away from her life. Omkar thanked Mayura for giving him a hope to life. Shankar said Mayura has sacrificed her motherly love and saved his son.

Omkar got down the railing and hugged Mayura. Mayura asked him to come. Vishaka was shocked and thinks if they unite, then how will I take my revenge. Vishaka looked at Omkar as they walk to his ward. He saw a glass pieces on his way and placed it aside with his foot. He thinks, he is not blind and fooling everyone.

In the ward, Omkar thanked Mayura. Mayura asked him not to thank her and asked him to tell where is she and how is she? Vishaka came there and said he will accuse me again, and will say that I have kidnapped Tara. Omkar told Mayura that Tara is safe and she is with him.

Precap: Vishaka told Mayura if she proves Omkar is just acting of being blind, then she will believe her?…Read more

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