Mayura Turns The Tables On Omkar. Cage Of Beauty 26 August 2022, Friday Pt2: Episode 70


The episode started with Mayura saying to Omkar with so much anger, I am still not scared, I used to be.. Now it’s fun. Manjali said Omi control yourself, there are people in the house, I will handle her. Omkar said leave ma. Mayura said let him show his manliness and Manjali said I will see her.

Sanjay said I have to go there and check on Mayura. Surekhas said promise us you will take care. Ashu said we can’t lose you, Sanjay said there’s no point of living if we can’t protect our family, you are my family, Mayura is my sister, I will protect her and Ashu hugged him. Dadi said use your brain and Ashu said please mummy.

Manjali said what is this drama? Mayura said don’t keep anger inside you. Manjali took out a dagger and said I wont. She took Mayura outside and Mayura shoved her. Manjali’s men come there and Manjali said this is our castle, all the guests are gone, don’t act smart with us. Mayura shoved Manjali and Omkar said maa.. Manjali said Omi.. Mayura said oh sasu maa, you are kicked out of the house. Omkar said Mayura how dare you? He grabbed her arm,he picked her and shoved her on the grass and said with maa’s blessings I am starting a new life. So I threw you on the grass, otherwise I would have thrown you on the coals. Mayura said I would still walk on them and come back. Tomorrow morning your wife would be with you inside your house, husband and Omkar left in anger.

Manjali said you did right and Omkar said she’s a pain. Sanjay said you used to do pooja of her beauty, she will come to this house tomorrow for arti. Manjali said she’s fearless,we have to find a permanent solution. Omkar said we don’t need to worry, her anger, anger, revenge, everything is like this matchstick.

Sanjay came to Mayura and she asked, how is everyone? He said it will be cold, come with me but Mayura said I won’t run from this battlefield. He said I don’t want to hear all this, I am your elder. Come with me. Mayura said please forgive me as your sister. He said it’s cold, how will I answer mummy and papa? Mayura said Sanjay bhaiya, please. Sanjay said what did you say? She said, brother. You are my brother. Please don”t ask me to go from here. He said okay I won’t. Mayura said take care of mummy and papa. He said they are my parents as well. It got cold and Mayura tried to warm herself. Omkar said this cold will make you fail Mayura. Someone threw a blanket to Mayura. Omkar looked at her and locked the window.

Balli said to Omkar, the public is gathering outside around Mayura. Manjali said before they start a drama, stop them. Manjali said did she die? People looked at Mayura. Omkar said no more people will die and saw a poison bottle. He said Mayura what did you do? He took her inside, they look behind.. Mayura was not on the couch anymore, she scared them and laughed, she said I came back in. This was easy, she clapped for herself and said to Omkar you must be thinking how did this happen? I planned it, told you I will be in this house before arti, sasu ma, I have kept my stuff in as well. Good morning.

Omkar said maa.. the Minister and other people are coming, kick her out. I didn’t want to kill Piyush, I don’t want anyone else to die, I want to keep my mind cold. Manjali said don’t worry, I will handle her, just watch how I play house games with you.

Mayura said to Omkar, husband what are you doing? Omkar asked his maid how did this stain come on my shirt? get it cleaned. Mayura looked at him and smiled. Mayura said listen dear husband, she placed soil on his face and said good job. Omkar shouted Mayura.. Mayura shoved him and held him like he did. Mayura said let me clean it, she then cleaned his face like he did. Omkar shoved her and said stay in your limit, don’t force me to lose my mind. Mayura said you can’t decide my limit Omkar,he left and Manjali shoved Mayura. She laughed and Mayura laughed with her. Mayura said done? I have a lot of work. Go to your son and annoy him.

Mayura locked Omkar in a cage and said this cage will be your life now…Read more

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