Mayura Learns The Girl Is Her Tara. Cage Of Beauty 26 October 2022, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 150


The Episode started with Omkar coming to the shop and taking Tara from the shopkeeper. He asked about Tara’s injury. The Shop keeper said she is just unconscious. Omkar asked about the lady who brought her there. The Shop keeper said she was gone and Omkar too left. Akhilesh was seen keeping his hand on her mouth to stop her. Mayura said she is my daughter and I have called him here to give my daughter to him and she cried. Akhilesh asked her to understand. Omkar called the Doctor at the house.

The Doctor said he has to operate on her. Manjari said, scar will be left on her body. The Doctor said it will be a minor surgery. Akhilesh told Mayura that they have to find out why he has returned and what is his motive. Mayura said I don’t want to know. Akhilesh said Tara is unwell and Omkar will not take her now.

Mayura asked God to help her. Omkar became angry at the guards and punished them. Manjari came there and asked him to come, as Tara gained consciousness. Omkar came to Tara and asked if she is fine. He asked about the injection mark and the Doctor said it will go.

Mayura told Surekha that her daughter was with her. She said she will make Omkar defeated. Tara told him that she was saved by Angel mother and she has a beautiful cut on her face. Omkar came to the hospital and enquired about the lady who had saved his daughter. Mayura seeked the doctor’s help.

Omkar came to Dr. Khanna’s cabin and saw Mitali there. he questioned her and became relieved. The Doctor told him that he will send his assistant to take care of Tara. Omkar agreed and left. Mayura told her that it is her fight for her daughter. Manjari and Omkar make Tara have food. Tara asked him to make her have food of pari maa too and the door bell rang. Omkar opened the door and saw the Doctor’s assistant. Mayura came indisguise and smiled…Read more

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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