Omkar Gets Broken Heart As Mayura Rejects Him. Cage Of Beauty 28 September 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 113


The Episode started with Omkar telling Mayura that he had scarred her face and cried saying it, I have changed, your love and thought changed me, that old and cheap Omkar is dead and one Omkar is left, the one like you wanted, because of you, I was afraid to tell you the truth, if I had told you the truth then you would have left me again, which I didn’t want, I want to be with you.

He sat down crying and said I have done wrong with you, pease forgive me once more. Mayura said you are a cheater, you betrayed me and asked him not to bring his face infront of her and said she hates him. Omkar held her and said if you leave me then I will die. Mayura then pushed him but It all turned out to be a dream. Mayura said I will be happy to become your friend and asked if he will befriend her too.

Mayura asked him to shake hands and said my homeo medicines are good and will change your life. Omkar thinks I don’t want to lose you again, by telling you the truth. He hesitantly tried to lift his bandaged hand, she herself shook her hand with him and told him that she has friendship rule that they shall not hide in friendship. A nurse called her and she left.

Omkar recalled his bad deeds and run out of the hospital. He thinks of Mayura’s words and then Shankar called him. Omkar picked the call and cried. Shankar asked why is he crying? Omkar said the pain which I am getting is less compared to the pain which I had given to Mayura. He said I have searched for Mayura. Shankar asked what are you saying? Mayura is fine. Manjali came there and Shankar signalled her that he will come. He then resumed talking to omkar and asked him to bring her back home.

Omkar told him that Mayura has forgotten him and their marriage. He said he thought to make her remember everything, but then she will hate him, he don’t want her to hate him. Shankar said you got the second chance to make her see that you are changed, when she sees this Omkar, then she will believe you. Omkar said I will make her believe that the Omkar who had hurt her, was dead and this is Mayura’s Omkar.

Akhilesh came there and heard him shockingly. Omkar said I will not accept defeat and will not let Mayura go away from me. Akhilesh hid and thinks this devil has reached her, how dare he to say that Mayura can’t go away from him. He said he brought his daughter near the devil and thinks why did he do this? Omkar then turned to him.

Akhilesh thinks to have courage and thinks I won’t let this devil reflection fall on my daughter. Akhilesh was still hiding. Omkar was walking towards him, when a Nurse came and asked how is he? Omkar said fine. Akhilesh then went from there.

Neil came to Mayura and asked if she was searching for her? Mayura said no and asked if his work is done. Neil said it will soon happen and Omkar came there. Neil asked him to behave like a patient. Omkar told them that he just don’t want to be the patient and told him that Mayura made him see all the hospital. He said Mayura told me that you wanted to open a wing where patients can get free treatment, I want to do the funding for the wing.

Mayura was surprised and said I didn’t mean that you…Omkar said I mean that and I want to help people, it is not just your dream and I am doing this for myself. He said if money is used wisely for people’s help then it will help us double. Neil thanked him and agreed. Mayura thanked him for the funding, held his hand and said thank you so so much. She said I have good ideas about this wing. Omkar looked at her as she speaks.

Neil asked Mayura to be quiet and asked if she will give all the ideas today. He said I am your doctor and ordered them to go to their beds. He said now they can remove Omkar’s plaster and asked them to go to their room. Mayura said good night and left. Omkar looked at his hand and smiled.

Akhilesh hid from Omkar’s sight again. Omkar thinks to meet Mayura once and went to her ward. Akhilesh thinks, why did he go there? He thinks Omkar can’t harm her here and thinks to do something. Mayura was sleeping. Omkar checked the list in her hand, which was needed for the homeopathy patients.

She held his hand and turned. Omkar heard someone coming and hid under the bed. Neil came there. Akhilesh thinks, it is good that he has sent Neil there for the check up. He called Dadi and Surekha and asked them to go to Bareily. He said he will take Mayura to the safe place in the morning, just as he gets the chance. Neil covered blanket on Mayura and thinks uncle was worrying unnecessarily,he left and Omkar went out of the room.

In the morning, Akhilesh woke Mayura up and told her that they have to leave as Megha’s condition has worsened and Mayura became shocked. She said she will give the list to Omkar and then come. He asked who? She said a patient whose name is Omkar and Akhilesh became shocked.

Akhilesh told Omkar that he has no right on Mayura, she’s his daughter. Omkar said she’s his wife as well and Mayura heard it. She got some unclear flashbacks of her marriage. She became dizzy and fainted in middle of a road…Read more

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