Will Omkar Escape Mayura’s Cage? Cage Of Beauty 30 August 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 72



The episode started with Mayura saying I knew you will come after me so I planned a trap for you. You asked what I want? I want to cage you, not just behind these bars, I will cage your mind as well, be prepared and Omkar screamed.

Surekha gave sweets to everyone and said Mayura won, Omkar is caged. Sanjay said Mayura will win this time. Ashu said but Omkar won’t sit silently. Ashu said I believe in my Minty.

Omkar said open it, let me go Mayura. You can’t keep me caged. Mayura said I know you can’t come out of it, don’t live in misunderstanding.

Manjali did arti in the house. She said where is Omi? He didn’t come home. Omkar’s photo fell and Manjali picked it. Manjali said Balli where is Omi? He said we are trying to find out, his phone is off. Manjali said go and find him. She recalled what Mayura said and told him, what if Mayura did something, go and find him.

It got dark, Omkar screamed and Mayura opened it. Mayura said, do you think I will be scared of your shouts? You have made me very clever, I am not the Mayura you fooled, I am the Mayura who will take her revenge, you wanted us to be alone always, see we are alone here.

no one is here to listen to your screams. How are you staring at me with both eyes. But I can only see you with one eye, now you enjoy itching from this wild herb. Omkar said my mom and my people will find me, think about what will happen after that.

Omkar’s people were doing announcements looking for him. Omkar said they will find me soon. They went in another direction. Omkar screamed, Balli I am here. Mayura said relax they are gone.

Shankar said to Manjali that Mayura is a lioness, she won. Manjai called Balli and said find him. Shankar said have some sweets? Ashu danced happily with Surekha.

Mayura said take some fruits? Enjoy, I am generous, catch it. No one will find you. No one will come here, I have placed a board outside that this place is dangerous. Omkar screamed is anyone here? Mayura said yes, snakes.

Omkar screamed Mayura snake.. He screamed and acted like it bit him. Mayura said Omkar.. Are you okay? She saw a snake bite on his arm and said Omkar are you okay?

Ashu called Mayura but she didn’t pick up. Omkar pulled her and said bhoo, I scared you, I am the master of this game. Mayura said leave me. He said open the gate of this cage. Mayura said leave me, you will stay caged here, I won’t open it.

He snatched the key from her necklace and opened the lock, he then lookedocks her inside. Mayura said don’t even try but he still locked her inside. Omkar said I thought you are wise like me.

I made this with the herb you threw inside, I am not nice at hert like you. You can’t be clever like me. Mayura screamed Omkar, please open it. Omkar said you didn’t leave me here but I am leaving you here. Mayura cried and screamed don’t leave me alone here but he left

Omkar then went home,he went to his room and Manjali went after him. Ashu got a call and said what? He said Shankar said Omkar is home but Mayura isn’t. Surekha said I hope she’s fine.

It’s morning, Mayura was fainting and she screamed for help. Omkar was doing arti and Shankar said where is Mayura? Omkar said where she should be, In my cage. Shankar said are you crazy?

Omkar said I don’t like noise in the house. Especially when I am going for pooja. Surekha then prayed for Mayura,she said please help my daughter and Shankar also prayed for Mayura.

Mayura made a flag from her scarf and screamed for help. Omkar said only I can save her or Mata Rani will have to come there herself. A kid came in Mata Rani’s attire and Mayura looked at her.

Mayura said this Mata Rani’s trishul will answer you now Omkar. Mayura picked it and threw it at him…Read more