Omkar Falls In Love Again. Cage Of Beauty 6 December 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 199


The episode started with Omkar asking Raghav to leave and said you have no work between husband and wife and Mayura came there. Omkar asked Mayura if she wants to be with him all night here. Mayura said I will not leave you alone in this condition. Omkar kissed on her hand and Raghav got upset. Later in the morning, Omkar woke up and called Mayura worriedly. Mayura came there and said I am here.

She brought Omkar and Tara’s photo frame and asked if he likes it, Omkar was happy. Mayura said it will keep you motivated and you will be fine soon. A Nurse came there to do dressing of his injury.

Mayura asked him to keep it and said that she will do the dressing. Mayura took out the bandage from his head. Omkar looked at her and recalled their first meeting. Mayura cleaned his wound and blew air on it, as he felt pain. He fell in love with her again and Mayura looked at him.

She said she will bring his medicine, Omkar said my medicine is with me, your smile can treat any patient. Mayura looked at the injury on his palm and asked why did he hurt himself? He said my pain is nothing in front of the pain which I gave to you, I feel hatred for myself for telling bad things to you.

Mayura asked him to think about proving his innocence and not anything else. She said she will bring the medicine. He held her hands and asked if I prove my innocence and when everything becomes fine, then can we can stay together, you, me and Tara as a family, Mayura looked on. Raghav came there and said sorry to disturb you and Omkar taunted her.

Mayura asked about the bandage on his hand. Raghav said he has beaten the guy beating Omkar in the lock up and told her that they shall check Vishaka’s files sitting outside. Omkar said you can sit here and check the file. Raghav said you will get disturbed. Mayura told Omkar that they shall rest and said that she will ask the Nurse to take care of him. Omkar then looked angry.

Mayura checked the files, while raghav was looking at her. She said there is no problem in the files, she had named Omkar’s business on my name and she had not a single penny in her bank account. She said if we agree to Omkar’s sayings that Vishaka is alive, then she will need money. She said that she couldn’t concentrate on business and said the company will be in debt. She said, I will see the other files and was about to go.

Raghav saw a scorpion and held her hand to save her. He was about to kill the scorpion, but Mayura stopped him. He said if it had bitten you. Mayura said I will go and see Omkar. Raghav insisted to see the files. Mayura asked why are you getting stubborn and Raghav left.

He came to his house and broke the things. He recalled Omkar’s words and got angry. He tore his shirt and showed Minty tattoo on his chest. He said Mayura didn’t know what is true love and now he will make her realize his true love. He kissed her pic and said Omkar will soon go away from her life. He then called someone.

Mayura checked the file, sitting with Omkar. Omkar offered to help and Mayura gave him a file. Omkar asked Mayura about Raghav and asked if he was your good friend. Mayura said no, he was a shy person. Omkar said how did he became a talkative person. Mayura said people change with time, even you have changed. Omkar said he is ACP and must be having many cases to handle, why is he helping you then, all of a sudden.

Suddenly a heavy wind blew, Mayura got up and fell on Omkar’s embrace. She picked the fallen file from the table. Omkar asked Mayura to check the CCTV footage sent by Megha. Mayura also saw the CCTV footage and asked him to recall if he remembers anything but Omkar said no. Mayura said there is a slight jerk in the video as if someone cut a small part of the video, someone has manipulated this video.

Mayura said I will call Raghav. Omkar said we can’t tell raghav, as he will think that he is diverting him and. we can’t trust him amd asked her to mail this to Manjari. He asked her to ask his men to enquire. Mayura was talking to Manjari, when some goons came and surrounded her. Omkar gpt a call from Manjari’s and she told him that the call was disconnected when she was talking to Mayura.

He was about to go but the Inspector Pandey stopped him. Raghav came there, beats the goons and they run away. Raghav asked if she is fine? Mayura said I was on a call and said suddenly the goons came. She said they will come again. Raghav asked her to go home and said if Omkar sees you then will get troubled.

Omkar pushed Pandey and came out. He saw Raghav taking Mayura in his car and got angry. He shouted Raghav. Inspector Pandey shouted Omkar. Raghav smiled and drove off with Mayura. He recalled giving money to the goons and asking them to do his work.

Mayura then came home. Shankar said surely Vishaka must have taken some loan. Raghav said they were dangerous men, thankfully I reached there and Shankar thanked him. Mayura also thanked him. Constable brought Raghav’s bag and Mayura asked what it was. Raghav said he has decided to stay with her 24/7, as the goons can return…Read more

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