Mayura’s Life In Danger. Cage Of Beauty 7 October 2022, Friday Pt2: Episode 128


The Episode started with Neel giving injection to Mayura in the ICU. Omkar looked at his hand and said that he had made mayura’s love line on his hand,she had forgiven me, but I will apologize to her and asked God to make everything fine like before. Akhilesh came there and took a plate from his hand, injuring Omkar’s hand. He said if you care for her, then why did you risk her life.

Omkar said he didn’t do anything and said once Mayura gains consciousness, then everything will be fine. Aishwarya came there indisguise of a nurse. Neel asked the Nurse to monitor Mayura’s heart rate. He went to talk to Mayura’s family, when Aishwarya peeped inside the ward. Akhilesh asked Omkar to stay away from Mayura. Neel then came there. Omkar asked how is Mayura? Neel asked what kind of man are you? You have kidnapped my would be wife, from the mandap and then asking me how is she?

I want to bury you right here and raised his hand to hit him. Omkar said do whatever you want, just inform me how is Mayura. Aishwarya came inside and asked the Nurse to go out, as Neel calling her and the nurse went out. Aishwarya took out the pillow from under Mayura’s neck and said that she will kill her. Neel asked Omkar to go. Omkar said I will not go without meeting my Mayura. Aishwarya tried to suffocate Mayura to death.

The Nurse came to Neel and asked did you call me? Neel said I asked you to take care of Mayura. The nurse said another nurse told me that you called me. Neel said I didn’t call you and asked her to alert security. Omkar and Neel run to the ward, Mayura gained consciousness and Aishwarya run out hearing them coming. She removed the uniform and threw it in the dustbin. Neel said something has happened here.

Mayura held Omkar’s hand but Akhilesh took him out. Omkar said Mayura loves me and not Neel and asked him to ask her. Mayura came out and asked what? He hugged her and said I know that you will be fine, I was yearning for this moment, I have to talk to you so much, apologize to you and make everything fine, have to cover up for all your complaints and hugged her again.

Mayura pushed him and asked how dare you to touch me. She said what moment? Omkar asked if she is joking and said you had said that you remembered everything. Mayura said I know everything, I know that you are Omkar and whatever you did with me. Omkar said I have done wrong with you, but don’t keep me far from you. Mayura said shall I forget that you had kidnapped me from the mandap and then made me fall in the valley, and then saved me,you have fallen in my eyes.

Omkar said I was talking about the past and asked why are you acting, and telling me that you don’t remember. He said what does this mandap and marriage means, when you know that you are married to me. Mayura said I am going to marry Neel and not you. We have no relation. Neel asked did you listen, go away from here. Omkar asked why are you lying, you know it well that I am your husband. I know that you remember everything.

Mayura took a knife from the nurse and threatened to kill him. Akhilesh said no Minty. Omkar said I am ready to die with your hand, there is no other way for you to keep me away from you. Mayura said I will really kill you and Omkar asked her to kill him. Neel took the knife from her and asked why will you make your hands dirty. He called the Inspector to arrest Omkar,he said Omkar tried to meet Mayura against the restraining orders and got her kidnapped.

Omkar asked Mayura if she wants this and asked her to tell them that he is her husband. Mayura told the Inspector that she can’t bear him anymore. The Inspector said we have to arrest you,Omkar said I need to talk to you once but Mayura asked the Inspector to take him from there.

Aishwarya thinks Mayura didn’t remember the past, I was worrying unnecessarily. Mayura then said sorry to Akhilesh, Surekha and Neel for Omkar’s doings. Akhilesh said now you came to know how dangerous he is and asked her not to meet him again. Mayura then rested on the bed.

Akhilesh asked Neel if Mayura didn’t remember anything and Neel looked on. Akhilesh said if you want to refuse for the marriage then you can. Neel said I didn’t think like this and said he will marry her and Akhilesh said my daughter is very lucky.

Omkar came out of the PS and asked the Lawyer who bailed him out. The Lawyer signalled him at Shankar. Omkar asked how did you know that I am here? and hugged him. Shankar said the Lawyer called me and I came here, without informing Manjali. Omkar told him that Mayura gained her memory and then forgot everything again, why does she wants to keep me away from her, although I have seen love in her eyes.

Mayura told Neel that Aishwarya attacked her and said that she will tell Omkar. Neel asked her to relax and asked did you get all your memory? She said yes. Neel said this scar on your face is because of Omkar. Your family told me all the truth about him, do you really think that he deserves your trust. Mayura said I know him and the change in him. She said he had decided to change himself, he had motivated a burnt patient and a domestic violence victim. Neel said he had acted good infront of you like this. Mayura fell in his words and thinks Omkar might be acting to be good.

Precap: Mayura tore and burnt all her and Omkar’s photos. She told Omkar that’s the truth of their relationship. Omkar then forced her to do a puja with him in a temple…Read more

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