Omkar & Mayura Chop Loveee. Cage Of Beauty 8 September 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 85


The Episode started with Omkar asking Mayura to stop following him. Mayura said we shall walk together. He asked, I am your Servant? Mayura said no, you are my husband, we have married twice. Aishwarya was in the car with Manjari and Shankar and thinks it will be fun now. Mayura asked Omkar to listen to her very carefully and said, someone wants to take your life, your life is in danger.

Aishwarya reached Omkar’s car with Manjari and Shankar and acted to call him. Omkar said I know that my life is in danger. Aishwarya found the pit empty and thinks, Mayura got here and saved Omkar.

She called Manish and asked him to come back to the Jungle. Mayura asked Omkar to go through the road where his car was parked. Omkar said I know all the ways of the jungle. Manjari said she will make Mayura’s chutney. Shankar said Mayura might have saved him. Manjari said where is Aishwarya now? Aishwarya came to Manish and said, they should go from here, you have to kill them both.

Omkar and Mayura lost their way and had an argument. They then reached a basti and Mayura seeked a couple’s help to convince her husband not to go at night inside the jungle. The woman recognized him and stopped Omkar. She asked him to attend the jalsa of a couple getting married they insisted and Omkar agreed. Mayura thinks, Omkar will be safe here. They changed their clothes and wore basti clothes.

The basti guy brought a drink and gave it to both Omkar and Mayura. Aishwarya and Manish were still in the jungle. Omkar and Mayura got drunk by the drink effect. Omkar said my Mayura. Mayura said you said this after a long time. Omkar said late, but right. Manish said how can he get saved? Aishwarya asked him to come. Mayura asked him to say it again.

Omkar asked Omkar and Mayura becomes Mayukar. Aishwarya and Manish reached basti. Mayura and Omkar had a hug. Omkar danced with Mayura on a song and he lifted her while dancing. Aishwarya and Manish saw them. Aishwarya then tried to fire an arrow at them.

Omkar called Mayura and said you can’t go away from me,he drank more and came to her. He said my Mayura can’t go away from me. Mayura said but if I have to go. Omkar said I will not let you. Mayura said if it is written in my destiny then? Omkar said I will change destiny and will bring you back to me. Aishwarya said where did they go?

Omkar said how can you be so beautiful. All the world on one side and your beauty. Mayura got teary eyes and said you touched my face and called me beautiful. She said I thought you hate me and just liked my face’s beauty, which is not there now. Omkar said you are very beautiful, my Mayura and he smiled.

Manish said I will not leave Omkar. Omkar kissed Mayura’s scarred cheeks surprising her, she about to go, but he held her pallu.

He wrote Mayukar and kissed her on the hand. Mayura also kissed him on the cheeks. She asked him, do you remember that I kissed on your cheeks for the first time, as I loved you before marriage and trusted you so much, thinking of you as a good man and not as Sartaj.

It was true love, I got married to you, but my heart broke when you said bad things to me and accused me, you troubled my family too and said all your love was fake and asked why did you break my heart. why did you cage me? Why did you give me this scar, why? He said I don’t know why. I wanted you to be with me always, my breath and heart beat is just you.

I didn’t know why I did it. Mayura said I didn’t get much hurt when I got this injury, but I got more hurt when you broke my heart. Omkar said I really don’t know why and how it happened? Mayura said ok, tell me..when you gave me this injury, did you repent for once, that you did a mistake? Did you realize that you have hurt me and gave me pain and Omkar looked on.

Mayura asked Omkar to say to her that he repents for his actions. Omkar was then about to say……Read more

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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