Omkar Is Proven Innocent. Cage Of Beauty 9 December 2022, Friday Pt2: Episode 205


The Episode started with Raghav telling the judge that there was no problem in the footage. Manjari asked him to be quiet and said it is manipulated. Mayura asked Raghav to give them a chance and said nobody can change the truth. Manjari asked the Engineer to play the original footage. He played the footage and found the person to be someone else. The Judge said he is someone else.

Omkar asked from where did you get this proof? Manjari said I knew that my son can’t be a murderer so I searched for the proof. Mayura recalled hearing the beep sound of Raghav’s watch and realized he was behind everything. She recalled calling Manjari and asked her to get the original CCTV footage from the engineer.

She told about her doubt on Raghav. She thinks Raghav’s game is over. Mayura asked Raghav, you said that you got it checked. Omkar said someone is trapping me. The Judge said I have doubt on the autopsy report too. Raghav said give me a chance, I will check the case from the start.

The Judge said, the crime branch will do the enquiry. Raghav requested the judge to let him be on the case. The Judge said you can enquire along with the crime branch. Megha asked the Judge to give bail to Omkar but he refused. Omkar got angry at Raghav but controlled his anger.

Manjari came to Omkar and hugged him, as he was taken to the PS. Omkar asked about Tara? Manjari said she is with her Nana and Nani. Omkar then signalled the engineer to go and he left. Raghav asked the Inspector to take him. Manjari threatened Raghav that she will show his men’s video to the judge and Shankar asked Manjari to calm down. Manjari then threatened the Police.

Mayura asked Manjari to calm down but Manjari scolded her. Mayura asked her to do as she thinks right and smiled a bit. Omkar told Manjari that everything will be fine, as she came and asked her to take care. Mayura then signalled Manjari. Mayura told Raghav that she wants to meet Omkar once and wants to make him understand that he will handle the case well than the crime branch. Raghav said ok.

Mayura went to the PS to meet Omkar. She hugged him and cried. Omkar said I know that you brought Maa there and the fight between us was fake, you don’t trust Raghav right, how can you be so good. Mayura asked him to forget about the past and think about today. He said our big problem is Raghav, he is trapping him for a big conspiracy. Omkar said I knew about his truth. Mayura said Raghav got me kidnapped so that you escape from PS and your case gets complicated.

Omkar felt helpless. Mayura said we have to find out about his aim. Omkar said I know and said it sounds strange, but he likes you and wants to get closer to you, that’s why he wants me to go away from you. Mayura recalled Raghav’s behavior and said she had doubt about this.

She said I was away from you for 5 years, he didn’t contact me then? She said there is surely some other reason too, until the truth is found, I think jail is the safest place for you. Omkar said Raghav got first defeat today, don’t know what will be his next step and asked her to take care of herself.

Mayura said I will take care of myself and yours too. Omkar said as you are with me, nothing can happen to me. Raghav got angry at someone and asked why the real footage was not deleted, all my plan is ruined. Mayura came there and asked what kind of plan? Raghav lied that he was talking to his friend about a dinner plan. Mayura told him that she tried to convince Omkar that you are handling the case but he didn’t listen.

Raghav said nothing can happen with his wish. Mayura said if your dinner is cancelled with your friend then you can come and have dinner with us. Raghav said yes, I will come. Mayura said I will make your favorite paneer dish. Pandey came there and placed Omkar’s file down. He asked if he is not tensed as crime branch will come tomorrow. Raghav said they will enquire if there is any case and Pandey left.

Raghav came to Mayura’s house. He asked where is everyone? Mayura said Maa ji got upset and created a drama. Raghav asked then also you invited me. Mayura said it is my haveli and I can invite anyone. She brought the wine and placed it on the table. Raghav said he needs someone drink with him. Mayura said I will drink with you. He said he didn’t know that she also drinks.

Mayura gave him the drink, she changed the glass with apple juice glass and pretended to drink with him. Manjari, Shankar, Megha and Sanjay kept an eye on him. Manjari got ready with her mobile camera. Mayura gave him more drinks and pretended to be drunk herself. She said, can I ask you something? She asked why are you so good?

Raghav said when you are so good so I have to be good too, matching matching and Mayura smiled. Raghav got a message and said this woman made my mind troubled. Mayura asked which woman? I? Raghav said this phone woman, the one who ordered me. Mayura asked him to tell who she is, who rules on him saying she will scold her.

Raghav said leave that woman, we shall talk about us. Mayura said she is worried about Omkar, when will he get out from jail. Raghav said tomorrow at 11 am, Omkar will be freed from all the troubles, tensions and relations and Mayura became shocked.

Precap: Mayura suspected Raghav planning to do something tomorrow morning and came to the lockup but Omkar was missing. Omkar is in some room. Mayura came there and hugged him and there a bomb exploded in the room…Read more

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