Cage Of Beauty Thursday, 21 July 2022: Episode

cage of beauty


The episode started with Manjali saying, Mayura you got precious gifts for your family, show them and come back by evening. Omkar said you don’t have to carry Mayura, you are a rani. Piyush said wow best husband ever. Manjali said you are so lucky Mayura, he is just like his dad. Once, he hit a hammar on his hand while looking at me. Piyush said and I am the third wheel and Omkar said come with us. Piyush said in heart, I have to find out what happened to her cousins.

Mayura and Omkar got to the house and Mayura saw Megha. She hugged Megha and said di I missed you a lot. Omkar was about to hold Mayura’s hand but she held Megha’s hand and runs in. Ashu placed a ribbon there, Mayura and Megha then cut it. Flowers sprinkled on them and everyone welcomed them. Mayura was in tears. Omkar cleaned Mayura’s tears and she said I am fine. Dadi said he cares so much for you, let’s do the rituals. Ashu said yes and Omkar might have work to do.

Manjali said to Shankar, our Omkar is way too crazy after marrying Mayura. What will happen is she gets to know his reality.

Surekha did Mayura’s arti and then Megha’s. Surekha said, may you always live together. Sanjay said Omi let’s go. Ashu said, see you in the evening. Omkar said I will stay here and take you with me together. Mayura said you can’t get your work done If you are here. Omkar said, am I not a son in this house, am I still a DIL? I thought I would spend time here with this family of mine but it okay and he walked out. Mayura said no don’t go, let’s spend this day with our family here and Dadi said she’s right.

Surekha asked Ashu what happened? He said Omkar is like our son but we thought we will sit with Mayura alone. Surekha said but he loves Mayura so much,he wanted to spend time with us. Ashu said but I wanted to speak to Mayura and Surekha said it’s okay.

Manjali organized Omi’s medicines and placed them in the locker. Shankr asked, why hide them? She said that Mayura is a doctor.

Ashu served Jalebi to everyone. Mayura asked,you made it? He said yes. Megha said they are so good. Mayura said to Omkar our papa makes the best jalebi. Omkar ate it and said O and M look good together. Ashu said I have something else as well. He then gave gifts to Megha and Mayura. Mayura said this is so good. She told Omkar, see my favorite color. He said in heart, this cloth is too hard. He said you shouldn’t take anything from this house, this is our ritual, Mayura is that house’s DIL.

Omkar said I can see stain on the moon but not a stain on your beauty and Mayura said he loves my beauty not me.


The episode started with Omkar saying to Piyush, you handle the work, I want to be here with Mayura. He said but she’s at her place. Omkar said I have to be with her all the time. Piyush said, romantic guy. He said it’s a big meeting, please come but Omkar said I don’t care, Mayura is a lot more precious to me, It’s okay even if there’s a loss and hanged up. Piyush said I won’t let any loss happen to you.

Mayura slept next to Megha and she said go there,stick to your husband. Mayura said no, why would I. Megha said go there. Mayura said how is Sanjay? She said that night.. and Mayura said Manjali ma told me a lot of good things about him. Omkar knocked the door and pulled Mayura. He said I can’t stay away from me, sit with me and have tea, don’t ignore me or I won’t let you come here. She said you can’t stop me. He said I am not joking and she said take me from here first.

Ashu brought popcorn and said let’s play. Surekha said Mayura would be all happy. Omkar pulled Mayura and said let’s go. He made everyone sit in the car and said sit in the AC. Omkar told everyone to talk, why is everyone silent?
Dadi said you have such a good husband. Omkar got a call and said can I take a call? He said yes I will do a live press conference, everyone has to come live. Ashu got a call and said when will our light be restored, not before morning? He got out and said let’s go. How long can we sit in the car, Mayura’s door is locked. Omkar said say bye to everyone, we have to leave at 5:30. It’s 4, we can go. Mayura was then confused. He held her hand and said please don’t go. Ashu was holding her other hand and she was confused. Dadi said go with your husband, he treats you so well. Omkar drove and took Mayura away. Ashu said he didn’t even let us speak to her.

Omkar brought Mayura home and said you are upset because I got you back home, It was so hot there, It wasn’t good for you and he went to his room. Manjali came and Omkar went to his room in anger and said I took her there in the first place.

Piyush called Ashu and said we will find out about what happened to Mayura’s cousins, I have requested a video. Omkar walked away in anger.

Manjali said, Omkar cares so much for you, husbands in this country don’t care about their wives until it’s night time. You are so lucky and you hurt him, don’t do that again. Omkar was angry in the room and took off his shirt.

Surekha said what are you thinking? Ashu said Omkar is weird and Surekha said don’t ruin it again. He said this is my house, I can talk here and she said to him, don’t overthink.

Piyush received the USB with the wedding video, Omkar recalled what happened.

Omkar was hitting himself with a bat, Mayura saw it and came in. Mayura said I have hurt you a lot, I know you are mad at me, please forgive me. Omkar said it’s not like that and wore his shirt. Mayura said I am very sorry, I have hurt you,you care for me that’s why you brought me here,Mummy and papa also said I shouldn’t have been mad, It’s okay, I can stay there later. He said no, you will go there with me only and come back with me only.

Mayura fainted and Omkar run to her…Read more