Crisan Defeats The Darkness. Crisel Repents And Goes To The Light. Heart And Soul Finale.


Heart And Soul Finale will showcase a great twist after the Villain, Crisel turns a new leaf and becomes a good person.

 She realizes that family is more important than her own interests, and then unites with her family and confesses.  Her soul went into the light(heaven) after her second death.

How All These Happened.

The Soul Switch, when Criselda’s soul takes over Crisan’s body during their feud in the middle of the forest.

Crisanta was left with no other choice, but to take over Cheska’s body. Before this happened, Crisel went out of Cheska’s body and couldn’t enter after getting hit on a stone in her quest to take Revenge from Crisan for not allowing her to have Diego for herself.

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For the next few weeks, Criselda acted as if she was Crisanta, while the Crisan who was in Cheska’s body faced hardships. 

And the only way for Geraldine to know whoever possessed their bodies is for her to open her third eye.

When Crisel got into an accident, it was revealed that the real Cheska’s soul was in Black Lady’s world.

Cheska was taken out by Black Lady & retrieved her body once again, leaving Crisel as a soul once again. 

Heart And Soul Finale. However, with the third eye of Crisanta & Geraldine closed prior to the accident, they weren’t aware of it.

The climax opens with Crisel and

Crisan’s plane crashed on a mountain.

God being so good, they survived. Heart And Soul Finale

This made Crisel realize that family is more

important than her pride justifying the

saying that “blood is thicker than water “

Another survivor of the Plane Crash,

Raymond, won’t allow the twins peace

of mind to enjoy their happy ending. He

shoots Crisel who is in Cheska’s body

and she dies.

He was arrested and faced a jail penalty

for his crime. Crisel on the other hand is

led to the light with the help of the soul

of Noli, their late adoptive father.

During the last funeral rites of Crisel,

the evil lady or the Black lady returns and tries to take Crisel’s coul claiming she is hers. But she was unable to have her since the light won over the darkness.


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