Destined By Fate 16 May 2023 Update On Tuesday

On the Starlife Tuesday, May 16, 2023 update, Kahna brings Sayuri home, destined by fate. Bhanu and Indu rush to Sayuri’s aid. Pihu supplies water. Even if she had informed them beforehand, they should have been with her if she had gone to die, Indu inquires. Rashmi claims that they will die together.

She is hungry, so Sayuri asks her to make something to eat. Indu promises to prepare dessert. Rashmi introduces Sayuri to her favorite dish and invites her inside her house. Dhanraj inquires where Sayuri was discovered.

Kanha says she was endeavoring self destruction, what might he have addressed Chiru assuming something had happened to her. He is asked by Dhanraj not to think much. He is asked to go rest by Tej.

Tej then, at that point, figures he can’t failed to remember what Chiru did prior to kicking the bucket, assuming its the ideal opportunity to talk about it. Dhanraj inquires as to why he did not enter the residence.

Tej says just ladies stay in Sayuri’s home and Chiru comprehended they need assurance, so he gave his pagdi to Kanha and gave his hand in Sayuri’s grasp. Dhanraj claims that he now realizes Chiru’s desire for Kanha to marry Sayuri. That shocks Kanha, who asserts that they have misinterpreted Chiru’s gesture. Nakul supports him. According to Kanha, Chiru was in love with Sayuri and would never marry her.

Indu gets ready jalebi while Sayuri watches her. Sayuri is brought back to her childhood memories of watching Indu make jalebis by Bhanu. Sayuri weeps as she recalls the locals’ humiliation of her. Bhanu consoles her. Pihu blows up on individuals and decides to rebuff them. Rashmi halts her and reprimands her. Sayuri is fed jalebis by Bhanu in the hope that it will bring her happiness.

While traveling in a car for a pilgrimage, Saroj feels uneasy and exits the vehicle. She sincerely hopes that nothing wrong occurred at home. Driver requests that she get once again into vehicle as there is a rail route cross on the way.

Kanha continues to explain why he didn’t marry Sayuri back at home. Dhanraj and Tej explain to him that even though he was with Sayuri, society only holds women accountable, and it is his responsibility to protect Sayuri, among other things.

Bhanu is advised to leave here and go somewhere that no one will be able to identify them, according to Indu. Bhanu asserts that the relocation cannot alter their fate. According to Indu, they cannot delegate their duties to Kanha.

Bhanu reveals that Chiru told Kanha to marry Sayuri by holding her hand in his. When Sayuri hears that, she is shocked. On the other hand, Kanha tells Dhandraj and Tej that because he loves Anjali, he cannot marry Sayuri.

Dhanraj says he knows just Anjali loves him and he doesn’t adore Anjali as he has seen Anjali requesting that he wed her over and over and him giving reasons. Both of them keep trying to get him to marry Sayuri.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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