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Eternal Love on Starlife on May 12, 2023: Sonakshi says that Pari has been pregnant for four months, which means she wants a child. You wanted an abortion, and if this information is revealed, Rohan’s marriage will be destroyed. Some time back, Pandit leaving. I don’t agree with this pandit, but I agree that Rohit needs emotional support and that we should get him married again.

Nishi comes to Veena, and I know you are worried about Rohit. It hurts me to see him broken. When Tanya sees Rohan, she yells and asks, “How did this happen?” Rohan climbs the stairs. Veena asks what’s going on.

Suman inquires about the situation; I had no idea that Pari was pregnant with Rohan’s child. Rohit claims that Pari and her infant are healthy. Sonakshi asserts that you and your family once referred to me as an actress as though it were a bad thing because you performed better than I did.

You also believed you would act to save Pari, which we cannot comprehend because you have already fallen so low. You came to perform her abortion and then saw Suman and me there; you then acted to save Pari, wow. He claims that the serial ended, but your inner Parvati remained, so get the real Sonakshi.

She asks, “Hollywood, I didn’t think you would fall so low” if Nishi does drama. He requests that she think a novel, new thing. She expresses shut up, will you do this for hatred, how did fetus removal pill come there, she is pregnant since 4 months, it implies she needs the kid, you needed the early termination, assuming the matter emerges, Rohan’s marriage will get destroyed, if it’s not too much trouble, avoid Pari and my family, I have many well wishers, I don’t require you, go, where are you going. I’m going because you asked to go, so he asks, “Did you go insane?

” She says OK, however I m not yet finished. He stops her and says you vented our resentment, fine, I have attempted to cut short Pari’s child to save Rohan’s marriage, your Rohit Sippy is so modest, yet you are great, everybody loves you, for what reason didn’t Pari conceal this from you and mumma, tell me. They lock their eyes. Kahaan plays…. He escapes and departs. Suman says that Rohit and Sonakshi can’t be together again because of what’s going on between them.

Veena is asked to relax by Akash because Rohan will tell them the truth, which could lead to a fight at the construction site. Rohit appears and yells at Rohan; Akash and Yash inquire about what occurred, and Rohan is hurt. Rohit asserts that I am aware, that I have beaten him, and that Pari is expecting Rohan.

They are stunned. Tanya blows up. According to Rohit, I beat Rohan because he tried to use an abortion pill and kill Pari’s baby. Sonakshi says I will record police grievance. Suman prevents her. Sonakshi says I won’t leave Rohit. Suman asserts that nothing will occur and that we will be denigrated further. We cannot cover this crime, according to Sonakshi.

Nishi asserts that Rohan did not commit any crime, that Pari lacks character, that she had an affair while she was aware that he was married, that she became pregnant, and that she could have terminated the pregnancy. According to Rohit, this does not imply that Rohan has the right to kill the child. Nishi advises trying to comprehend. Veena asks her not to help wrong.

Nishi says you don’t have the foggiest idea about Rastogis’ arrangements, Sonakshi and Pari destroyed Rohit and Rohan, take a gander at Rohit’s state, Pari is planning to demolish Rohan, Sonakshi and Suman are supporting her. According to Rohit, they were unaware of it. Rohan requests that Tanya tune in. She says don’t contact me. He falls when he goes downstairs. She yells. Rohit lifts her and takes her. She drains.

Suman asserts that because Pari is pregnant, she cannot remain here, and her child will not be born here, I am sending her away. Sonakshi claims to require our help. Suman says she didn’t contemplate us, regulation will uphold her, yet society will fault her, I will go with Pari. Sonakshi tells you to remain here, that the time will pass, that I will safeguard her pregnancy, and that Sippys will not be allowed near her.

Pari hears them. Suman goes to slap Pari. I’ll just go to Sippy Mansion, Pari says. Suman yells. Sonakshi asserts that you will not leave. I’ll make sure my baby gets it right, Pari says. Everyone, including Rohan, is outside OT. Specialist says sorry, we were unable to save the child. They are stunned. Tanya’s health is brought up by Rohit.

The doctor says she’s not breathing. Veena inquires about any internal damage. The doctor tells us to conduct tests after she recovers so that we can determine if she can conceive again—usually there are injuries to her internal organs. Rohan laments. He is hit by Veena. At any point she says I won’t ever excuse you for this, leave, don’t show me your face, see the Master’s equity, you went to kill a child, see what occurred with you.

Rohit is by himself. Tulsi says Tanya is fine and Veena is with Tanya, but… Rohit is worried and asks what. She claims Mr. Singh has died. He inquires about the identical manner, symptoms, and infection. She says OK. He says this isn’t great, we can’t make alarm, we need to figure out this exhaustively and illuminate specialists, don’t give his body to family, tell about methods, I need report of every single tainted individual. Suman receives a glass of water from Sonakshi.

She requests that she quiet down. She says don’t become sick, last time, bill was 15 lakhs, and presently we couldn’t actually pay 50000rs. Suman beams. She asserts that you do not merit all of this, that I cannot coerce you into it, that you must learn to live on your own, and that you should leave right away as I release you from all responsibilities. Sonakshi wants to know where I’ll go. Suman advises you to wed Sumit and begin a new life. Sonakshi experiences shock.

Suman says yes, that Sumit is really nice, that he has changed, that I talked to him, that he respects you, that he trusts you, that you also trust him, that you will be happy marrying him, that Rohit just hurt you, and that Sumit’s support will heal all the old hurts.

Sonakshi inquires about Naren’s health. Her hand is held by Naren. As he watches, Rohit corrects her. Sonakshi recently stated, “I know you aren’t healthy.” Suman says you were correct, we will deal with Pari here and finish her conveyance, then we will leave the kid at a shelter for early termination. Sonakshi inquires as to why, the youngster has everybody, we will deal with her. Suman claims that he will be referred to as the unmarried girl’s child.

Sonakshi says it’s anything but a child’s misstep, we ought not be embarrassed about his reality, then none will have boldness to say anything, you alone brought up three children and made areas of strength for us, we deal with that child and raise him well, we won’t talk anything negative, we will plan for his coming, believe me. Suman claims that it indicates an increase in your responsibilities. If Sonakshi says yes, it could be fortunate for us that he comes. She is contacted.

She says OK, Shukla ji, I will come, I will get my garments. She says Maa, the maker called me for the job, the young lady he settled left for some film, essentially work began, its great, Pari’s kid will be fortunate as far as we’re concerned. Rohit communicates with the doctors. He tells the illness side effects.

The nurse records their voice. Mr. Singh was in our hospital; if the blood reports are positive, it is a matter of concern; the virus is air-borne; nurses and doctors must wear masks; and we will keep patients in the quarantine section, according to Rohit. The man suggests that we notify the health minister. According to Rohit, we informed them that we cannot take this lightly because we must manage patients who may be infected with the virus, which could have an impact on his health or career. Shukla meets Sonakshi. She claims you have a lot of cold.

He apologizes for the previous time; you had requested an advance. She says I needn’t bother with the development now. He talks about the role. Nishi, Veena, and Vimmi are seen by Sonakshi. She says I will simply go to washroom and come. She endorses Vimmi. Vimmi meets her there. She weeps as she hugs Sonakshi. She asserts that Tanya has miscarried. She spills the beans. Sonakshi is taken aback.

Nishi claims that Pari made a mistake by having an extramarital affair with someone else. Veena says that Rohan made the same mistake. Nishi says don’t fault him, its concern with Rastogis’ blood, we have delayed Akash and Deepa’s marriage, we ought to get Rohit hitched likewise, he will concur in the event that you say, I have seen a young lady for him in London, she is from our group.

According to Sonakshi, Tanya would be in pain. Vimmi claims that because Rohan attempted to harm Pari, Rohit told everyone about Rohan and beat him a lot. Sonakshi says it implies Rohan attempted to hurt Pari and her child, Rohit saved her. Vimmi says OK.

Ajit says we are returning home, Dr. Agarwal said progress is great. Good, Rohit says not to tell anyone. He tells Naren to get out of jail quickly so he can testify against Nishi. He asks Ajit to wear masks and call him if he notices any symptoms; don’t take dad to the hospital; we’ll do follow-ups at home. When Ajit sees Sonakshi approaching, he takes Naren. Rohit heads out to hand Naren the file. Ajit asks how are you. She sighs.

Sonakshi holds Naren and inquires about Papa’s health. Rohit stands by. She asks is he better. Ajit sighs. She replies, “Good, don’t worry about Tanya; I’ve come to meet her, and she’ll be fine.” Ajit tells the room number. Sonakshi gets up. Her hand is held by Naren. Rohit beams. According to Ajit, dad’s first sign of body movement following the accident is a positive sign. She advises Ajit to take care of him. She leaves. Rohit keeps Nishi’s words in mind.

According to Rohit, if you both stay away, you will be safe. Sonakshi comes to Tanya. Tanya yells at her, telling her that you came to celebrate, and that Pari is expecting Rohan’s child. Sonakshi requests that you slow down. Tanya scatters objects. Sonakshi is dragged by Rohit as he approaches.

He gets injured on his back. Tanya yells, “Leave!” In response to Rohit’s inquiry, “Why did you come? Don’t show fake concern, you won’t get anything,” he asks, “Did you take revenge by disturbing Tanya?

” Sonakshi claims that you saved Pari and the baby when Rohan tried to harm her. He claims that if you hadn’t sent him to jail, I wouldn’t have stopped him from doing anything wrong. She asks are you modest or mean. He says both, simply leave, perhaps you came to do counterfeit consideration acting, that I dissolve and take you back in my life,

This will not occur, get it in your mind and leave. She goes. He apologizes to Sona and tells her to stay away from me and my family.

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