Every Girls Dream 14 February 2023 Written Update

Krisha is nervous as Akhil questions her, asking her to elaborate on the events leading up to the accident. Krisha claims that I have little memory because I fainted after the accident. So, according to Akhil, only you and Daksh were in the car? She affirms. Since Akhil claims that the car was totaled, who brought you out of it? I don’t know, Krisha, may I leave? I have another question, Akhil says. He asks, “Who owned the items in the car if only you and Daksh were in it?” He asks her who else was in the car after showing her pictures of the accident. Krisha tightens up.

Raghav asks Rati to rest while she tries to get out of bed. I want to eat, according to Rati. According to Raghav, I will make it. Rati advises making it for Aarav as well, as he frequently cared for me while you were absent. Raghav watches.

Krisha tells Akhil that you can’t ask me that kind of question. We must question you because, according to Akhil, you are a suspect. Devraj is worried about Krisha outside, but Jaya tells him to relax. Daksh frowns and believes that they cannot handle it. Because you lied about the accident, Akhil tells Krisha that you are a suspect because you are not Maya. Krisha asserts that is incorrect. According to Akhil, Devraj brought Maya here to kill her because their marriage was not working out. All of it was his plan, correct?

Krisha attempts to unlock the door. Devraj comes outside and inquires about her health. If they refuse to let me investigate, according to Akhil, I will arrest them. I’m fine, Krisha says. Akhil inquires about her real name. I can find out for myself or you can tell me. Krisha watches. Krisha and Akhil leave the room after a while. Akhil claims that I am detaining Devraj. Everyone is shocked. Daksh grunts.

Krisha claims that you informed me that if I tell you the truth, nothing would happen to him. Akhil claims that this is not Maya and that he attempted to conceal the fact that Maya is missing. Krisha has admitted to me that she is not Maya; rather, Krisha and Devraj brought her here in her place. Krisha has told me the truth. Devraj observes. As he begins to remove Devraj, Akhil asserts that Krisha accepted the truth for herself.

Daksh says, “Where are they taking him?” while acting scared. He collapses and pees. According to Kuch, we keep getting slammed. Jaya inquires as to why Krisha opened her mouth. Krisha claims that I didn’t want him in jail. Krisha is shown in the flashback telling Akhil that she should tell Devraj the truth if she doesn’t want him to be arrested for Maya’s murder. Krisha informed him of her identity and requested that Devraj not be arrested. He brought me here as Maya for his brother, Krisha informed him. The flashback is over.

Akhil claims that you are all lying. You all attempted to conceal the fact that this is Krisha rather than Maya. Krisha weeps and responds, “I accepted this,” Krisha is assured by Devraj that she did the right thing. Minakshi claims that society will now treat us badly. According to Akhil, I will now remove him. He starts dragging Devraj away after cuffing him.

You can’t do this, Krisha cries. Jaya says you can’t act this way around him. Akhil claims that evidence is against him. Krisha tries to hold on to Devraj, but the inspector drags him away…Read more

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