Every Girls Dream 20 February 2023 Written Update

When Devraj enters Daksh’s room, he discovers that it is decorated with photographs of Maya and that Daksh is crying in a corner. He asks, “What took place?” Daksh claims that I was missing Maya, which is why I uploaded these photos. I am aware that you will also leave me because you are enraged with me. Don’t worry, Devraj says, I won’t leave you ever.

We will only leave tonight because I know this haveli makes you miss Maya even more. Daksh says that because I don’t think about you, I’m selfish. Devraj asserts that is not the case. According to Daksh, I will assist you in proposing Krisha. I just want you to be okay, Devraj says. Daksh promises to sing for you both when you propose to her.

Devraj says, “Okay, you can help me,” smiling. Daksh finds his clothes and bags there. Devraj beams. Daksh says this tuxedo will make you look smart. Devraj also gives him a tuxedo and tells him that what is mine is also his. There is where he departs. Daksh believes that because I no longer have Maya, he cannot have Krisha.

After donning a tux, Devraj returns. Devraj wears the new shoes that Daksh gave him. Daksh throws away the tuxedo that Devraj gave him after he leaves and thanks Daksh for helping him. If you can’t even openly express your hatred, Krisha says, you’re a coward.

Daksh claims that you have become arrogant after winning one fight? Be prepared to lose more, Krisha advises. You can’t hurt Devraj, I won’t. Daksh claims that you can fantasize as much as you want, but I will soon destroy everything for you. You will soon be hated by Devraj, and he will be disgusted by you. Krisha asserts that we cannot be separated in any way. Daksh claims that you will soon miss me. Krisha leaves in a rage.

Scene 2: Krisha receives a call from her mother stating, “I had a bad dream about you.” Don’t worry, it was just a dream, Krisha says. Devraj is going to tell me he loves me today, and I am living my fairytale here. That’s good, says her mother. She calls it quits.

Devraj announces that Krisha and I will become one today as he gets ready. He leaves a few hints for Krisha to find. He departs. When Krisha enters her room, she discovers some clues there. Don’t make him wait too long, according to what she reads, as they will merge. Krisha opens a present and discovers a wig inside. When Daksh calls her, he asks, “How did you discover my gift?” Krisha claims that you’re cheap.

Daksh claims that Devraj is in trouble; I gave him my shoes, which are easy to blast. He requests that she actually take a look at her telephone. Her phone has a video of Daksh putting a small bomb in Devraj’s shoes. Your husband, according to Daksh, is currently a walking bomb. Krisha asks, “Why are you doing this?” as she weeps. Daksh threatens to kill him if you don’t recognize him as Maya. She yells and weeps.

Krisha is on the run to save Devraj when she gets his clue that he is waiting for her and that she is his light. She enters the garden and searches the area for him. She screams and rushes to Devraj, who is standing there.

He is forced to sit down by Krisha, who then takes off his shoes and throws them in the water. She says, “I’m sorry for doing all of this,” but you have to believe me when I say the truth. It’s actually Daksh when Devraj turns away and puts on his glasses. Krisha is taken aback. Devraj is at the opposite end of the house, despite Daksh’s claim that it’s me. I planned all of this so that he won’t be able to tell you he loves you until he dies. What are you going to do, Krisha? Daksh hands her the remote and tells her that all she has to do is press it to end him. Krisha responds, “I won’t let anything happen to Devraj,” in shock.

She is knocked to the ground by Daksh. Devraj is searching the house for Krisha when he calls her, but Daksh breaks her phone. Krisha is told by Daksh that she will never be Maya, but you wanted to fool me, right? Krisha tries to leave, but he grabs her and says, “You are just a cheap copy of Maya; I will finish everything today.” Krisha then tries to leave. Krisha cries and tells him not to press the remote button when he tries to do so. Krisha is informed by Daksh that it is time for him to leave, but he promises to divorce her from her husband before he leaves. Krisha says, “I won’t you harm Devraj,” and slaps him hard.

You can’t stop me, Daksh says. Krisha tells us to get out of our lives. Daksh declares that he will, but you have destroyed my life because you entered my brother’s life and made him your slave. Today, I will wrap up his story. Daksh pulls out his gun after chucking the remote. Krisha is taken aback. Daksh declares that it is time to part ways with Devraj. What are you doing, Krisha? Daksh says, “I don’t have a choice,” and places the gun on his head. Krisha urges you not to commit suicide because your brother loves you. Daksh claims that he took everything from me and that I will commit suicide in order to separate you from Devraj. Krisha says I won’t allow you to do that.

She makes an effort to steal the gun from him. Daksh screams and says, “You can’t kill me” as Devraj approaches. Please do not shoot me, Maya. Krisha is in possession of the weapon, but Daksh fires and kills himself. When Devraj sees Krisha holding the gun, he screams. Daksh collapses.

Devraj checks Daksh’s pulse after he screams and begs him to wake up. Daksh is dead. Krisha cries and is shocked. When Daksh hears Devraj say he can’t leave me, he opens his eyes. Devraj inquires, “How did this occur?” Daksh advises you to be content with Krisha but not to punish her for shooting him. He dies. Devraj cries and says no, he can’t bite the dust…Read more

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