Every Girls Dream 22 February 2023 Written Update

Krisha is taunted by Minakshi, who claims that Krisha killed Daksh out of avarice. Krisha shouts, “I just want a chance to clarify my truth,” as she dashes over to Jaya. Jaya says that everyone is listening. Krisha claims that when we arrived there, Daksh was threatening me, telling me that Devraj’s life was in danger, and that he had placed a bomb in his shoes. However, when I attempted to save Devraj, Daksh grabbed me and committed suicide.

According to Devraj, are you aware of Daksh’s quality? He wasn’t guilty, he didn’t cheat, and you’re putting all of this on him? Jaya asks her if she has any evidence, and she responds, “You had a video, right?” I am telling the truth despite Krisha’s claim that I lack evidence. Jaya has said enough Devraj informs Krisha that you were once a beacon of light in my life, but that you are now an eclipse. Daksh brought you into my life, and now that he has left, you can’t be in my life either. Minakshi asserts that she ought to be imprisoned. Krisha advises calling the police to find out the truth. She instructs them to dial 911. She tries to call herself, but Jaya tells her enough is enough, and nobody will call the police. We can’t be treated with more disrespect; if you don’t have evidence, you can’t trust us. You ought to be punished; you can remain in this location, but that will be your punishment. Ugra leaves in a rage. Krisha is left there alone by everyone. Krisha is crying as Rati hugs her.

Devraj is looking at the picture of him and Daksh. He recalls when he was a child playing with Daksh and how they used to play together. Devraj believes that I promised Daksh that no one would harm him. He grabs the gun and is about to shoot himself in the hand when Jaya appears and takes the gun from him. She urges him to regain his composure. Devraj claims that Daksh must have experienced this pain; I wish I could. Daksh never acted in this manner, so why did he do all that? He was beyond my reach.

Krisha informs Rati and Aarav that Daksh committed suicide in order to separate me from Devraj. Devraj is my husband, so I will clarify everything. I have you both, so I won’t let Daksh’s win. Daksh believed he tore us apart, but he cannot.

Devraj informs Jaya that due to your request, he will return to the office. Krisha approaches him and begs him to let her into the room. I can’t believe Krisha would shoot Daksh, but she will talk bad about Daksh, which I can’t hear right now, Devraj tells Jaya. I can’t choose between my own family members. Jaya says in the event that she is harming you, I will get her far from you. Jaya tells Krisha to stay away from Devraj, to leave, and to stop hurting him more. Devraj turns his back.

Devraj is alone on the bed when Krisha enters her room in the morning. She gives him a sad look, but he turns away. He receives a voice message from Daksh, in which Daksh claims that Krisha despises him and wants to separate them. If anything happens to me, my friend will tell her the truth to you. Hearing all of that, Devraj is enraged. There is where he departs. Krisha is stopped from following behind him when Jaya approaches her.

Kuch informs the investors that Devraj is not required to manage the business, so I will conduct the meeting because the investors are waiting for him. Devraj arrives there intoxicated and apologizes for being late. I couldn’t even save my brother because I was late. I had no options and he passed away in my arms. I will sign the agreement, despite Kuch’s claim that he is unable to do so. He smiles as he signs the contract.

Krisha and Jaya are concerned because Devraj has not returned home. Jaya inquires where Dev is. Kuch claims that when he arrived at the office, he was completely empty. Krisha inquires as to why you left him alone. Kuch claims that I cared for him and brought him home, but before I could stop him, he stole the car. Krisha is worried, but she gets the message from Dev that he has a car ready for her to take her to him because he needs to finish something with her. Krisha thinks that now everything will be fine between us as she looks at the message with a smile.

Krisha sits in the car and discovers a present, his note to rekindle old memories, and a bridal gown as a present.

As a bride, Krisha arrives at the venue. On the opposite side of the mandap, she observes Dev acting as a groom. She runs to hug him after he smiles at her. Dev doesn’t hug her back, but he looks away. Krisha inquires, “Is he drunk?” Dev claims that I attempted to forget everything, but do you recall our marriage? We used pheras in this manner, so I’ll say it again: will you take pheras with me again? Krisha declares, “If it means being with you, I am prepared to walk on burning coals.” Dev takes two opposing pheras as he holds her in his arms. He says, “I promise to release you from all obligations.” What are you doing, Krisha? Dev claims that you made a promise to care for my family, but you didn’t, so I let you go. I release you from the promise that I will always be with you. I release you from our relationship and disobey every promise I made to you. What are you doing, Krisha cries? Dev turns his head away and yells, “I hate your face, you took my brother away.” He says, “I can’t believe you can kill someone,” but I can’t choose because I can’t think wrong about my brother. I will end all relationships with you as a result; please leave me alone. I have lost all affection for you. Today, I am ending our relationship. Krisha collapses upon hearing all of that. She asserts that because we are bound together by this mangalsutra, we will remain married for the rest of our lives. Then, I’ll break that mangalsutra, says Dev. He is stopped from doing that by Krisha. Dev informs Jaya via text message that I have ended my relationship with Krisha, so she should leave. Krisha cries and pleads with him to just listen to me once before he leaves. Krisha’s mangalsutra breaks when Dev pushes her away, and Dev leaves while Krisha tries to tie it back. Krisha screams, “I won’t leave Dev like this,” and Daksh can’t separate us.

When Krisha returns home, a guard stops her and informs her that Dev has requested that you not enter the house. Krisha declares that she is Dev’s wife after displaying a picture of their wedding. She is told to wait by the guard. Krisha imagines Daksh approaching and making a mockery of her. She is let into the house by the guard. When Krisha enters, she discovers her parents there. She smiles and gives her mother a hug. Her mother states, “I know that everyone believes that you killed Daksh.” We don’t believe that, according to her father, and I know they are lying because my daughter can’t hurt anyone. Ugra advises conducting the family drama at home. Krisha’s mother tells her to join us. According to Krisha, Dev was drunk. You will no longer reside in this house, according to her father. Krisha claims that I cannot accompany you. If I don’t stay, her father says, we’ll keep getting slammed in this house. If she doesn’t come with us, she’ll see us being abused. Krisha watches.

Krisha begins to pack her belongings and examines the dress that Dev gave her. Krisha observes servants transporting booze to Dev’s room. She puts an end to them and tosses the alcohol away.

Who sent these bottles, Krisha claims? She thinks I can’t leave Dev with these people because she sees that Kuch sent those bottles…Read more

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