Crisan/Crisel takes Diego and they leave from there. Jenny comes to Geraldine at the hospital hearing the news, she consoles her for their loss and asks what would make Cheska shoot Emmanuel De Villa.

Noli and Macoy arrived at Cheska’s location. She asks why Macoy came there and Noli reveals to Crisan that Macoy knew the truth already that she is Crisan. Macoy also asks some couple of questions to be sure she is Crisan.

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Crisan answers Macoy perfectly and this convinces him that she is truly Crisan. Macoy was very happy to know that she is Crisan, and hugged him.

Jenny tells Geraldine that Raymond is the most logical liar she has ever seen. 

Geraldine, speaking with Raymond while Vincent was also there, tells her to please stay with him, because he needs her beside him. But she won’t accept that.

Geraldine goes to Diego and consoles him, and in turn Diego also consoles her. Crisan/Crisel says she fears that Cheska might harm her but Geraldine assures her that she will protect her. They hugged.

Heart And Soul Episode 84

Noli, Macoy and Crisan/Cheska speaking, they ask her what she knows about Emmanuel’s death, Crisan explains what happened. 

Vincent and Raymond speaking in the car, he tells Raymond that he is sorry for his loss. Emmanuel was a good man and everyone in the hospital can testify to that. 

Geraldine and Crisan go home, she gives milk to her. Cheska, Macoy and Noli also arrived there. Crisan/Crisel was very angry to see her. 

Cheska tells Geraldine what happened, that she wasn’t the one who killed Emmanuel. Raymond pushed her and she hurt herself, she was unconscious when the incident happened.

Geraldine tells her the gun which killed Emmanuel was in her hands, how could she do that, but Cheska asks her to trust her, she can’t do such a thing. 

Raymond tells Vicent that what happened wasn’t Cheska’s doing, it was him who killed Emmanuel. Not intentional though. This made Vincent surprised, why Raymond will commit such a crime and blame it on Cheska, he has to take full responsibility for his actions.

But Raymond said he is trying hard to get to Geraldine, what would happen if she learns that he killed his own father?

In Geraldine’s house, Cheska is still explaining herself, but Crisan/Crisel moves to her, she falls by herself and tells Geraldine that Cheska has pushed her. 

This made Geraldine angry and said she was ready to give a second chance but because of what she just did, she can tolerate her anymore. Crisan/Cheska drove Cheska away from the house. 

Cheska left the house together with her friends. Geraldine weeping that Cheska could turn into such an ungrateful person, and she was left with no option than to…

Raymond was called by the police to give his statement. 

The police come and arrest Cheska on the charge of murdering Emmanuel De Villa. She was taken to the police station, and she was interrogated. 

Raymond also gave his statement. Cheska was given bail. The police met Raymond in his car and he bribed him with some amounts of money.

At school the next day, Cheska, Macoy and Noli walk together. Patricia saw them. She gave her condolences to Cheska for the loss, and asks why she is hanging out with them(Macoy and Noli)

At Emmanuel’s funeral ceremony, the staff and everyone are present at the ceremony. Geraldine and Jenny arrive there. Raymond tries to get closer to her but she isn’t willing to listen to him. He tells her that the police reports and forensic reports has proven that Cheska killed Emmanuel.

Diego and Crisan/Crisel speaking. Diego goes to Cheska shouting at her for what she had done to his grandfather. Patricia asks what he is talking about and why he is blaming Cheska. But Cheska replied that this isn’t true, she didn’t kill Emmanuel. 

Heart And Soul 85

Cheska pleading with Diego to believe her, she didn’t kill Emmanuel De Villa. Crisan/Crisel took Diego away from there and they left. Patricia, asking Noli and Macoy why suddenly they are on Cheska’s side because they are not her friend. 

Patricia drags Cheska away. Raymond still trying to get closer to Geraldine telling her to forgive him for what he did to Crisan, but she tells him he should stop trying to get closer to her because they both can never be okay after what he has done. She leaves Raymond there and goes with Jenny.

Cheska meets Diego privately and tried explaining things to him. She tells him to understand that she isn’t responsible for the death of his grandfather and gives him condolences, but Diego never believed her and was not willing to talk to Cheska. He pushed her hand away when she held his hand. 

Cheska, Macoy and Noli, speaking later that day about Cheska losing her home with Geraldine and about the police case.  The next morning, Raymond goes to his father’s photo hanging on the wall. He tells him he is very sorry for what he had done to him. He tells him he really loves him.

Diego goes with James to his grandfather’s grave and places a flower on his grave, he wept on his photograph and tells him how much the loss has hurt him. And it all happened because of Cheska, and that he would never forgive her.

Cheska meets Crisel, to have peace talks with her on how she has become stranded after she was moved out of her mother’s house. Black lady came in their middle while they were exchanging words about the same Diego. A stone-hearted Crisel will never listen.


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