Diego Believes The Truth About Crisel. Heart And Soul Thursday, 18 November 2021


The episode begins with Crisel holding the broken bottle in her neck. Theresa and Raymond argue over the state that Alan is in. Raymond wished Alan would never wake up while Theresa had a different mindset. Theresa gets angry and leaves. Raymond reminds her that he’s the one who gives her money for makeup. 

Theresa sneaks in to visit Alan defying the orders which says only family members are allowed into the ICU. Crisan runs to her to take the bottle but she holds Crisan’s neck with it. She threatens to slice her throat with it. They watch on as she drags Crisan away. Vincent goes into the ICU to check on Alan. They see Theresa moving out of there. 

Flashback shows the childhood moments Crisel had with her sister and she leaves her.

Crisel leaves Cheska and runs away as Geraldine and the rest comes. Geraldine goes to Crisan and says sorry to her for all she has been made to go through. But Crisan asks her not to apologize because it was all the doing of Crisel. They hug. Diego and the others look on. Crisan roams alone in the dark while black lady comes to her. 

Geraldine comes home with Cheska and her friends. They all console her. Diego asks to speak with Crisan(Cheska) in private. They go out while Crisel wonders about in the dark. Some kids come there. Crisel takes a wood to sleep on but they jeopardize her saying the bedding belongs to them. They provoked Crisel into a fight. But they were too many for her. 

Diego and Crisan speaking. He speaks his heart out to her on how she did a lot of things against her and thinking she is Cheska and not believing that she is his Crisan. They hug. Diego asks about their relationship. She still maintained that after their graduation is when she can go into an affair.

Crisel roams about with no place to lay her head. She remembers all the moments she spent with Geraldine and Alan. 

Heart And Soul Episode 115

The episode begins with Cheska and Geraldine setting up the dining table. Crisan complained she doesn’t know where the real Cheska is. Geraldine says with her third eye, she will see the real Cheska if she comes around. Geraldine asks her what happened before Crisel took over her body. She began narrating.

Flashback shows the moment when Crisan was escaping from the police case with Diego. She fell off the cliff. Crisel’s soul and her own souls fight over her and then Crisel takes over her body. Flashback ends. 

Geraldine remembers and says this means the one who she hugged at the hospital when the accident occurred was Crisel and not Crisan. 

She tells her that was the moment she also took over Cheska’s body, finding her inside the hospital. Geraldine remembers something.

Flashback shows the moment when the real Cheska was sent to the hospital. She was reported dead but all of sudden, woke up from the dead. Anicia tells her that the girl in Cheska’s body is pure evil. Flashback ends. 

In Diego’s house, his mother and James wonder why he is still not at home at the time of the night. She tells James to go to sleep because it’s late. James goes off to bed while she waits for Diego. Not long after, he came back home with a weeping face on. 

Flashback shows the moment when Crisan and Crisel were playing in childhood and how she has lived on as soul since her death. She tells all this to Geraldine. Even when they were both present at the beauty contest. 

Flashback also shows when they lived happily with their father Noor. Geraldine also remembers when Raymond noticed that all of a sudden Cheska is liking vegetables. 

Diego tells his mother whatever’s happened, and how who he thought to be Crisan is a completely different person. Geraldine and Crisan hugs. 

Crisel decided to go home and commit a mission. That is to kill her sister. Black lady pollutes her to do this. She sneaks to the house at night when everyone is asleep. She remembers Geraldine showing her where the master key was. She takes it and opens the door. She goes to the kitchen area and takes a 🔪. She moved towards Crisan’s bed and raised the knife. 


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