Heart And Soul Tuesday, 5 October 2021. Crisel pushed her sister into the fire and her clothes caught fire. She leaves her in the fire to burn despite pleas by Crisan to save her. That’s where the previous episode(Episode 73) of heart and soul ended on Adom tv.

In this episode which is a continuation of episode 73 because Adom tv didn’t end the full episode, Diego came back on time to save Crisan from the fire burn.

As if she was not the one who committed such a heinous crime, Crisel acted as if she was innocent and said to Diego she came only to find Crisan in such a state. She embraced Crisan and gave her a stern warning about her excapade with Diego.

Meanwhile Macoy was everywhere at the party looking for Crisel just to come out to see her in such a state. When asked about why she got burnt. Crisel never spoke the truth. There Crisel and Diego left her to the care of her boyfriend Macoy.

Macoy then takes Crisel to her house and meets Theresa, and as you already know her attitude, she scolds her for arriving home late and always causing problems for her and Alan. Alan comes and meets them coversing, upon seeing Alan, Theresa acts as if she loves Crisan.

She wished her a happy birthday, embraced her and told her she loves her. Black lady visits Crisel and makes fun of her on why she, a ghost, is doing all these in the name of love for Diego. But Crisel, who wants to achieve her aim at all cost, never seems bothered about her, Crisan or any one. She has just one aim, *To Win Diego’s Love.”

Diego and her brother are walking down the streets, he asks questions about Cheska and Crisan, and this made Diego remember the incident at the party.At school the following day, Cheska and Crisan start up their usual cat fight. Cheska holds Crisan’s ear and tells her to listen to her last warning by throwing herself at Diego.Crisan pushed her and she fell.

Cheska raised her hand to beat Crisan but Crisan held her hand and gave her dirty slaps, once she will never forget. They fought till Noli came to separate them both, Crisel then left in anger.

At work, Jiraldine’s friend at the workplace quizzed her on the supposed wedding Alan is about to have, but Jiraldine threw the matter somewhere, saying she is happily married to Raymond, nothing about Alan concerns her.

One question she asked Jiraldine was “are you sure you love Raymond”? and she couldn’t answer.Raymond and her friend are in a car, having a conversation about the sudden change in Jiraldine’s mood.

Raymond was advised to think before he makes any move because he is the reason why Jiraldine is always upset. Patricia meets Cheska in school and tells her she knows Crisan will never take her eyes off Diego so easily. When they were chatting, Diego overhears their conversation, and Patricia excused them.

Diego learns the truth who speaks to Cheska harshly. This made Cheska slap him and he told her that he is done with her, Cheska tried calling Diego but he would never answer. He goes to Crisan and apologizes to her but he gets ignored again.

In the washroom, Patricia advised Cheska that the only way to Diego is to get rid of Crisan.At the time, Crisan had gone into the pool. Cheska followed her and tried drowning her but Crisan got hold of her leg and pulled her into the pool.

Heart And Soul Episode 74 begins with Crisel and Crisan fighting in the pool. This time they fought for a long time since there is no one there to separate them. Crisel is determined to drown Crisan in the pool. While they fight, Alan and Theresa are in the car conversing about Crisan.

Luckily some group of school mates and the school security arrived at the pool to see Cheska and Crisan fighting, and separated them.Alan and Theresa arrived at the spot, Jiraldine and Raymond arrived at the same spot.

Alan and Jiraldine bumped into each other. The twins continued their fight in the washroom, someone overheard them and reported them to the headmaster.

They were charge with the offences of fighting, inciting fight, inflicting physical harm. Now you are both aware of the consequences, the headmaster said.Diego and Macoy arrive there and ask Noli who was already there about the fight between Crisan and Cheska.Their parents were called to the office.

Cheska wanted to put the blame on Crisan that she started the fight, but the witness who reported them tells the headmaster what actually happened, that it was Cheska who was fighting Crisan.

Theresa scolds Cheska for always being a drama queen and putting such blame on Crisan.

Diego tells his grandfather that he is no longer interested in teaching Cheska. This made him look for a home tutor for Cheska.

But she insisted she doesn’t want anyone to teach her except Diego. But Emmanuel De Villa tells Cheska to respect Diego’s decisions as he said he doesn’t want to teach her anymore.

Diego meets Crisan and asked her to come to him, there, when Diego was holding Crisan, Macoy came and asked him to leave his girlfriend.

They started up a fight. But Crisan is there to prevent that.

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