Crisel Is Disgraced. Heart And Soul Wednesday, 17 November 2021


Cheska is in the well. She shouts to Crisel to take her out but Crisan won’t do that. She shouts back that she will die in the well. She gets some board and covers the well so that no one will see Cheska. Crisan then leaves from there.

Diego is practicing skateboarding when Daren comes to him. Diego tells him Cheska is in the De Villa hospital. 

Macoy and Noli are also looking for Cheska. Noli says she called but her number was unreachable, there Macoy said they should check up at the hospital.

Crisan goes home and asks Genny where her mother is, and she tells her she doesn’t know if she should say this to her but her mother has gone to open her third eye.

Lola and Geraldine arrive at a park. Lola leaves Geraldine there, a young girl’s ghost comes to her. She gets scared and shouts. 

She also started seeing many souls. She sees a Roman sister and runs to her not knowing she is also a spirit. She screams. A taxi comes and she gets in and goes. Noli and Macoy are walking down the road when Diego and Daren get down and stop their car. They ask where they are going and they reveal to them that they are going to look for Cheska because she is nowhere to be found. They all get into the car. 

Some little boys are walking at the park where Cheska is in the well. They heard someone shout and went near the well to check. They heard someone screaming from the well. They run away from there calling people for help. Diego, Noli, Macoy and Daren arrive at the park area. The little boys come and tell them someone was shouting from inside the well. 

Geraldine screams in the taxi. 

They are looking for Cheska. Daren steps on a phone, they pick it up and realise it is for Cheska. They started calling her name. 

Crisan packs her belongings to run away from the house. At the door, Geraldine is also there. She turns off the lights, and hides. Geraldine calls her but she has hidden. 

Diego and her friends come to the well where Cheska is. She heard their voices and screamed at them. They learnt that her voice is coming from the well. They started removing the woods on the well. 

Heart And Soul Episode 113

The episode begins with Geraldine searching inside the room with her touch. It is in the night. She sees Crisel going and calls her. She runs away but Geraldine follows. Diego and his friends see Cheska in the well. They tied their clothes into the well and asked Cheska to hold on to it. They pull him up. Diego and Macoy offer their hand and get out of the well. She hugs them.

Crisan is still on the run but she got stopped by a lady. Geraldine comes and she gets caught. Geraldine realizes that she is Crisel and not Crisan. Geraldine scolds her very much.

The security man asks her what the problem is. While they were talking, she kicked the security man and ran away. She gets into a taxi and runs away. Geraldine also gets on a motorbike and runs after her. She shouts at the driver to speed away. He kicks her away from the car. Geraldine gets hold of her. She shouts at her. Macoy and Diego fight when a misunderstanding arises over who Cheska is as Diego failed to believe that she is Crisan. 

Crisel runs away as Geraldine follows her. Black lady gives her a stick to hit Geraldine with it. Diego and her friends are seen in the car going back home. 

Daren’s car stops at Crisel. Cheska gets down and holds her. Geraldine is being surrounded by so many ghosts. Diego gets down to rescue Crisan. Meanwhile they tell Diego that she is not Crisan, he fails to believe this. 

Geraldine closes her eyes in the dark as the spirits surround her. A security man comes and calls her. As she was going she saw Diego and the rest. She sees Crisan in Cheska and embraces her. They all look on. 

Theresa comes to meet Raymond in jail. 

Geraldine begs Crisel to give Crisan’s body back to her. But she refuses. Diego weeps upon learning the truth. Crisel takes a bottle to kill herself. 


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