Crisel Struggles For Cheska’s Body. Heart And Soul Wednesday 5 January 2022

The episode begins with Crisel getting out of Cheska’s body. The woman calls Cheska De Villa to come into her body. Cheska and Crisel fight for the body. Back home, Crisan was crying because whatever happened was because of her. Geraldine hugs Crisan.

Cheska’s body lies lifeless. Black lady watches Cheska and Crisel fights. Cheska’s mother tells Nebrada to do something. Cheska tells Crisel that to hell with her. Black lady tells Cheska that to hell with hell and takes her to hell, and she tells her she has chosen Crisel over her. He asks them to torture her. 

Crisel tries entering the body but Nebrada didn’t allow her. So black lady closes Nebrada’s third eye and Crisel was able to take over the body. Suddenly there was a power cut. Cheska gains consciousness. Black lady tells her to respond to Cheska and she should remember, Cheska speaks English. Maricar asks Nebrada if that is Cheska. With her third eye closed, she couldn’t see it wasn’t Cheska.

 Maricar hugs her thinking her daughter is back. Maricar thanks Nebrada for bringing her daughter back to her own body. James teases Diego. Cheska is taken home and Maricar said that is the happiest day in her life. She said goodnight to Cheska and told her she loves her. Crisel remembers she has to act like Cheska and replies, I love you too.

 Maricar’s attorney come home, he tells her if Cheska decides to stay with them, then Geraldine has no chance. Maricar then asks him to will all her properties in her name. She then tells Gladys to look for the best event organizer, she is going to organize a big party for Cheska and introduce her to the world.

 The security man tells her that Geraldine and her family are in the house. Geraldine asks for her child. She tells Geraldine she is no more Crisel but her daughter Cheska. Geraldine struggles to get her. Black lady closes Crisel’s third eye so she won’t be able to see who is in Cheska’s body. 

Crisel is coming downstairs. Black lady tells her any little mistake will lead her to doom. It’s for better or worse now. She should remember she is Cheska. Geraldine hugs Crisel. Black lady tells her she is Cheska and not Crisel, and she should speak English too. Cheska tells Geraldine that she is not Crisel so she should move away from her. Geraldine and her family are left in a state of shock. Diego holds ring in her to propose to his girlfriend, Crisan. 

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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