How Do I Say This 27 May 2023 Update On Saturday

How do I put this: in the Zee World Saturday 27 May 2023 update, Babli hears Joy and Sonali Kakima laughingly talking about how Babli will soon make them rich. Babli hears Sonali Kakima mention the foolishness of her and the Sen family’s belief in Joy’s genuine concern for her. Sonali Kakima is startled to see her drop the container she was holding with a clatter.

Babli is broken and defies Delight, who attempts to quiet her down and convince her that none of what she has recently heard is valid. Joy removes the phone from Babli’s hand as she reaches for it to call Karna. He likewise pushes her, and she hits her head on a side of the couch. Babli blacks out and supports a physical issue, for which she must be raced to the clinic.

Radhika receives a call from Sonali Kakima informing her that Babli is in the hospital. Radhika arrives at the hospital alone, alarmed; she has decided not to tell Karna anything yet for fear that he will panic. However.

Karna arrives at the clinic before long, and is enraged that Radhika has not informed him concerning his sister’s condition. She is accused by him of not caring about Babli and concealing the truth. Joy and Sonali Kakima observe as he yells and demands her immediate departure.

Karna can’t stop thinking about how bad Babli is in the hospital, and he completely blames Radhika for allowing it to happen in the first place. He recalls the horrible he had about this very circumstance beforehand and imagines that it was Radhika who had kept him from bringing Babli back home, despite the fact that Babli herself had demanded she was fine and that Delight was treating her well.

In front of everyone at home, Karna maintains that Radhika is to blame for Babli’s accident. Even more so, he reminds his parents, Anuradha and Adinath, that he had warned them about Joy before Babli married him, but they didn’t listen or believe him.

In point of fact, Anuradha, devastated, maintains that Karna is only acting irrationally and out of rage. Karna refutes her claim that Babli was involved in an accident that no one could have prevented.

Radhika, Karna says, was the only member of his family who didn’t stand by him when he needed them the most. Babli is currently suffering and paying the price because his parents chose to believe Joy over their son.

He likewise expresses that since Radhika had before said that Karna was the reason for all her aggravation, he will ‘liberate’ her from their relationship now. He says that he has committed the greatest error of his life by adoring and wedding her, and Radhika is paralyzed and profoundly hurt by these words.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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