She Has Feelings For you If She Show These 6 Signs

If She Shows These Signs, She has a feeling for you.

As a man, there are several ways to know when a lady has feelings for you. Most guys find it hard to identify a lady who has feelings for him. 

There are some behavior and characteristics you will notice in a lady who has feelings for you. If you are able to pay attention to her body language, you can easily tell when a lady has feelings for you as a man. 

1. She often calls you on phone

Texting is one of the most popular ways of communication in our World today. And folks these days prefer texting to calling. If a lady regularly calls you to know how you are doing, then this is a sign that she is trying to be more than in the friend zone.

 If she often calls you just to know how you are doing or likes to hear about your day. Then there is a high probability she is having interest in you.

2. She compliments your outfits most often.

A guy who dresses to the taste of a lady impresses her. So if she is impressed with your outfits or likes your outfit, she won’t hesitate to compliment your outfits. 

Though there are ladies who find it difficult to compliment a guy’s look even if she is impressed. If she is interested in you, She will find a way to tell you, you are looking good. 

She will always compliment a guy who she has feelings for, most times in a playful manner. There is a high chance she is into you.

3. She likes things you like

When a lady is interested in you, she will take interest in things you like. One of the signs that a girl has feelings for you is if she is willing to try out new things just for you, not because she likes it but because you do. She will participate in your hobbies; going to the gym with you, watching movies with you, playing games with you and many others. 

4. You Are Always On Her Status Or Social Media Posts

In our world of social media, where everything including private matters of which relationship is a part are making waves on social media. If you notice she posts your picture or posts about you on her WhatsApp status, Facebook or on her other social media handles, my brother, she is interested in you. 

5. She wants to spend time with you

When a lady is into you, she always wish to spend time with you, she might invite you over to her place or come to your place just to spend time with you because she loves it anytime she is with you. This is something that the introvert type of ladies do not hide if they are into you. 

6. She replies to your message instantly.

If she always replies to your message immediately if only she is online, then you are her topmost priority. It’s obvious she is always waiting for you to text her in order to start a conversation with you. Girls love conversing with someone they are interested in.  Don’t hesitate to always text her. 

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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