Imlie 21 May 2023 Update On Sunday

Imlie In the Starlife Sunday, May 21, 2023 update, Cheeni looks for food for Aryan at her house. Aryan suggests that she bring some food and withdraw money from his wallet. Cheeni requests half of the prasad laddu because she needs the other half for someone else.

In order to obtain laddu, Aryan demands that she disarm him. She says he wants mouth to have laddu. She was given the name Cheeni because her mother said she liked sweets. Cheeni inquires as to whether he has any companion whose is named after some stuff. Aryan thinks of Imlie.

After Anu poisons Narmada, her condition worsens. Malini promises to call Aryan when she reaches Rathore House. Since Aryan can’t do anything from Pagdandiya, Arpita says to let it be. She advises Sundar to transport Narmada to a medical facility. Malini says Aryan ought to be familiar with it and calls Aryan. Cheeni is asked to verify who called Aryan. She spells name. Because he doesn’t want to talk to Malini, Aryan says let it be. Cheeni takes the call instead of rejecting it.

When Malini sees her, she thinks of her baby girl. Cheeni calls her mama. Malini inquires about her identity and the reason she is carrying Aryan’s call; it appears that a young girl stole Aryan’s phone. She is warned by Cheeni to watch her tongue. Malini asserts that everyone in Pagdandiay is a thief.

The Aryan talks. He hears from Malini that his mother’s health has suddenly deteriorated. Aryan gets stressed and requests that Cheeni free him. Imlie arrives at home and freezes thinking her girl is with a city man and she can’t confront her past. In a state of panic, Aryan asks Arpita to immediately transport Narmada to a hospital.

Cheeni requests that everybody stay silent, impolitely lets Malini know that she doesn’t look clever and subsequently ought to give telephone to somebody wise. Arpita grabs telephone from Malini. Cheeni requests that she take a full breath and afterward feed neem passes on water to Narmada. Aryan inquires about Cheeni’s competence.

Cheeni claims to be self-assured. Namada asks Aryan not to worry about her as her condition improves. Arpita inquires whether Aryan has met him. Aryan claims that he came to confront a reporter who published a false article about Bhaskar Times and will then return to Delhi. Arpita asks Malini to thank the little girl who helped them if he meets her.

Imlie opens the window and enters the house, where she finds Cheeni shaking hands with the man from the city. When the editor calls her, he asks her why she didn’t tell him that she used to be the senior reporter for the Bhaskar Times five years ago.

Imlie says it’s anything but a major issue and reviews her most memorable gathering with Aryan till their last battle. The editor claims that her past now determines the future of his news paper, that she should do anything to prevent him from going to court, and that he will be destroyed if she does not meet the city man and clear up the misunderstanding.

Aryan flies off the handle hanging tight for the journalist/Imlie and finds his watch missing. Imlie checks the time and reviews him. Aryan is asked by Cheeni if his mother will now discipline him. Aryan claims that his mother does not discipline him for misplacing items. She then asks what she will use to discipline him.

He remembers Arpita criticizing him. Imlie thinks she should stop crying and talk to the city attorney after thinking back on Aryan. The doctor examines Narmada. Arpita is informed by Malini that the village girl’s home remedy is ineffective. Home remedies, according to the doctor, completely treat Narmada’s illness.

According to Anu, Malini is managing both her business and her home, something that only a daughter or daughter-in-law can accomplish. Neela and Preeta become tense when they say that Malini is like Aryan’s sister. Anu says that they joke well. Malini tells Anu that she is merely a business partner.

Aryan calls Sundar, then walks away. Imlie comes in next and inquires about Cheeni’s decision to bring the city man home. Cheeni claims that he is like a coconut—soft on the inside and hard on the outside.

Imlie inquires as to how much she trusts him. Cheeni accepts and attempts to call him, but he has already left. She offers half laddu to Imlie and jokes that she heard on a television that one’s affection increments in the event that they share food, presently Imlie will fall in city man’s adoration. She runs away laughing after Imlie yells at her.

When Cheeni sees Aryan eating at a dhaba, she asks him why he didn’t tell her before coming here. He asks if the reporter was there and gives her food. Cheeni claims that a reporter is at her house to meet him. Aryan inquires, “Can she come here?” Meethi begins to praise Imlie’s qualities and asserts that the reporter taught her everything. Aryan inquires as to whether the journalist is her mom.

Cheeni keeps praising Imlie and says that she is everything to her. Let go, Aryan says, and meet her now. Imlie decides to buy Cheeni a toy after seeing a toy store outside her house. She checks her piggybank to purchase a toy.

Malini informs Anu that she has repeatedly informed her that she still loves Aditya despite her lack of interest in Aryan, that she will get Aryan married to any idiot, and that she will permanently close the doors to Imlie, whether it be Preeta or anyone else. Aryan and Imlie will meet in Pagdandiya, according to Anu, but she says she can think about it later. Malini asserts that Aryan remains in Pagdandiya due to a child, and that she will get rid of the child before she becomes a problem.

Imlie breaks her piggybank and counts cash, which she finds insuffient to purchase a toy. She asks Seeta Maiya to pray for her and asks how she will tell Cheeni that she does not have enough money to feed her or buy her a toy. She apologizes to Cheeni for not taking proper care of her because she is discouraged.

Malini calls Rajat, a potential employee, and tells him that if he resolves her issue in Pagdandiya, he will be hired by Bhaskar Times. He sends him the picture of Cheeni. Rajat says her work will be finished. Cheeni examines a toy in a toy store. A woman reprimands businessperson for allowing Cheeni to contact a toy. Cheeni is yelled at by the shopkeeper to avoid damaging the toys.

Cheeni responds appropriately to them both. She then sees Seeta maiya’s deity and attempts to contact it. She is stopped by a shopkeeper who warns her not to touch it with her unlucky hands. Imlie asks her boss for a salary. If she wants her salary, the boss says she must deal with Aryan and send him back to the city.

Cheeni is pushed away by the shopkeeper. Aryan holds her and inquires about her ownership of the shop. Yes, the shopkeeper says. Aryan selects an item. Because Cheeni touched it, it was unlucky and filthy, so the villagers ask him not to touch it. Imlie’s ordeal is recalled by Aryan.

Cheeni is asked which toy she wants by Aryan. Seeta maiya is what Cheeni says. Cheeni is refused it by the shopkeeper. Aryan tongue slaps him and the villagers for being hypocrites and offers the shopkeeper a money bundle.

Meethi offers cash to Imlie and says generally her mud toys were sold today. Imlie brings all of her unpurchased toys to her. Cheeni breaks down in tears. Meethi’s savings, according to Imlie, should be kept for her own use during her hay days.

Meethi asks if she can get money from her boss or some other source, but she doesn’t want to talk about her mother. Every month, she inquires as to why she is unable to accept the money she receives from the city. Imlie weeps because she is 25 years old and unable to assist Meethi or Cheeni. Businessperson gets insatiable and wonders whether or not to sell. He receives more bundles from Aryan.

He can take all of the toys, the shopkeeper says. Aryan says cost is for the youth and not toys and cautions him thatif he acts mischievously with Meethi or some other children and will purchase entire Pagdandiya and, surprisingly, its air. He then gives children toys and considers whether he can assist Cheeni when he sees that she has already left. Imlie heads to meet city man/Aryan.

Cheeni weeps as she recalls the villager’s harsh words to her. Rajat sees her reviewing Malini’s organization to kill Cheeni in the event that he really wants a task at Bhaskar Times.

In the hope that Cheeni will perish in a fire, he sets fire to the hut and walks away. When Cheeni sees fire all around her, she gets scared and calls Imlie for help. When Aryan and Imlie get back to Imlie’s house, they notice the burning building and rush to save Cheeni. Aryan goes into the house first and folds a sweeping around Cheeni. Imlie comes in next and splashes Cheeni with water.

As they leave the house, Aryan and Imlie both hold Cheeni’s hand. They then, at that point, rut and tumble down and inquire as to whether she is fine. After five years apart, they are shocked to see each other again and recall their first meeting, marriage, romance, and eventual breakup.

They give each other heartfelt hugs. Tu Simple Paas Hai Abhi.. tune plays behind the scenes. Both of them express concern for one another. Imlie says he has harmed himself a great deal. He resents himself for abandoning her. She inquires as to why he released her then. He claims that one of her dreams had shattered all of his dreams.

He leaves her hand and says his affection kicked the bucket after her one slip-up. Imlie says she needed to over and again advise her that even she lost her child and inquires as to whether he will hold her hand. Aryan remembers asking her to hold him and feel his pain. They escape their creative mind when Cheeni talks and says they met finally. Aryan inquires as to whether she is that writer. Imlie inquires about his origins.

Imlie’s watch is visible to Aryan. When he addresses Seeta Maiya’s idol, Cheeni informs Imlie that she has received what has always belonged to her and that he promised that his watch will return to him. She trades her watch for an idol. Cheeni and Imlie make an effort to leave.

Aryan stops her and informs her that he needs to have an important conversation. Cheeni is exhausted, so Imlie says later. To allow them to speak, Cheeni asserts that she is not. Imlie claims that many years have passed without her speaking, and she doesn’t mind if another night or two passes.

She brings Cheeni back home. She then discusses the internal wounds one experiences. Cheeni inquires as to why Aryan made her cry. Imlie claims to have no idea why. Cheeni asks she was anxious to meet city man, why didnt’ she address him when she met him today. Aryan additionally thinks he was ager to meet her since years and when he met her, he was unable to talk.

Cheeni discusses how Aryan saved her from the monkey mask man, how she used her herbal remedy to save Narmada’s life, and how rude Malini was on the phone. Imlie worries that Aryan might learn who Cheeni is because she believes she has been going around and round for five years.

Aryan doesn’t care how closely they are related because he believes Cheeni said that Imlie is everything rather than that Imlie is her mother. Rajat calls Malini and illuminates her what she did.

Malini lauds him and says now mannerless and self-important young lady Cheeni will be in a trepidation and thinking multiple times prior to talking egotistically. Imlie is informed by Cheeni that the hut must have been intentionally set on fire. According to Imlie, it must be an accident. Cheeni reviews residents tormenting her and says they told that she is an ill-conceived youngster and doesn’t have a dad.

Imlie expresses her anger and vows to confront the villagers. She is stopped by Cheeni, who asks her to identify her father.

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