Ishqbaaz 4 May 2023 Update On Thursday

Ishqbaaz on Atinka TV on Thursday, May 4, 2023: Update: Shivaansh says that I am to blame for my parents’ deaths; Radhika lost one eye; Shivani became an orphan; everyone had to deal with their grief. Mannat hugs her and asks what happened to them. If I hadn’t been so insistent, maybe that person wouldn’t have shot my mom and my dad.

He says when my mum got to be aware of father, she lost her faculties and drove the vehicle to meet him, she met with a mishap. Facebook depicts Anika’s mishap. Mannat advises against blaming oneself. He asserts that I was unable to convict the murderer of my father; in fact, I was unable to locate him.

Allow me to go, he requests. He washes his face in the kitchen. He takes a sip of face. He wonders if the sound I heard in the dream has anything to do with the murder of my father. He becomes tense when he hears the same sound. He is called out when Sahil arrives. This sound is made by Shivaansh as he looks on. Sahil inquires about what you are doing and what took place. Shivaansh claims that I still recall the murder of his father, having experienced the same nightmare and hearing a sound. Sahil inquires about it. It sounded like your crutch, Shivaansh said.

Sahil hugs him and says, “My child.” He says the more you ponder the past, you will feel more agony. According to Shivaansh, the dream appeared to be real. Sahil says I wish I had been with Shivaye that day, I would have had the option to help him and save him, save this house’s bliss. He’s hugged by Shivaansh. He is requested to drink warm milk and sleep soundly by Sahil. He enters his bedroom. He calls and says Shivaansh has begun to recall the past, we need to follow through with something and conceal reality, else I can’t help thinking about what he would do.

Shivaansh uses a hair oil. Mannat stands by. He can feel the hurt. She takes care of him. He claims that I cannot apply oil here. She receives the bottle from him. She assists him. They have an eyelock. Music plays… . Telephone rings. She moves away and goes to answer telephone. He gives up tissues to her. She goes out and replies. She says, “I will be there,” in shock.

Shivaansh requests that Avi fix his gathering with new beautician. Munni arrives and inquires about Mannat’s location. Mannat is yelled at by Shivaansh. He orders Khanna to locate her. He tells me to take Munni to the school. Nani inquires about the event. He states that Mannat is absent; if she does arrive, he will transport Munni to school. Mannat cuts vegetables, eats chocolate, and cries. She is prevented from hurting her finger by Shivaansh. He inquires where you were.

She claims I have work. He inquires about the issue—you forgot to drop Munni off at school. She doesn’t say anything; I just left. He claims that there is a problem. He checks chocolate and says she sprinkles salt on the chocolate when she is anxious, there is an off-putting thing. She cries and hugs the drawing she made as a child. She says, I didn’t know I would meet you in this way, but I wanted to talk to your dad.

Mannat is shown meeting her father on Facebook. She gets down on him. They race to meet. The glass wall prevents them from entering. It’s a touching moment when Varun, disguised as the bride, announces his surprise. He takes off the mask. She is stunned. She claims that you were in jail; tell me how you got here.

He says by walk, devil thing is, your discussion with your father, I will do one thing now, as may be obvious, your father is in my bondage, you know when your cherished one is in my grasp, what you need to do. She asks what do I need to do. He praises the girl…. FB ends. Mannat weeps. She gets a call and says I will tackle your errand, don’t hurt my father. Shivaansh comes and asks, “Tell me what happened.” She embraces him. He asks what’s wrong. I just remembered something, and she doesn’t say anything. She leaves.

Khanna says I have fixed the gathering with beautician and new chief PK Gupta. Shivaansh receives the image, and PK is requested to shoot. He calls chief and says I need to converse with you about my father’s killer. Varun reprimands Mannat’s father. There, Sahil shows up. Varun expresses great to see you accomplice, you have flopped even Kans Mother. Sahil asserts that Kans was Krishna’s foe, just as Sahil is Shivaansh’s foe.

He gets rid of the crutch, walks well, and Poor Shivaansh, Varun remarks, “He doesn’t even know that his greatest enemy lives in his house.” Sahil claims to be innocent and believes he has removed danger by putting you in jail.

FB shows Sahil asking Varun/Ashish to wed Radhika. According to Varun, I’m already married. Sahil claims that you won’t have to marry her for the rest of your life because you will inherit her property and we will split it equally. Varun concurs. He asks how Shivaansh will allow her to marry me. Sahil says your new name is Varun Mehra. FB ends.

Sahil says Shivaansh will realize you got away from prison, he will recollect the passing episode, we ought to take off with the cash, last time I needed to change the arrangement as a result of you. Facebook shows Sahil hitting Radhika on the head and making her faint. He gives you the pill and tells you to take it or Shivaansh will go to jail and you will appear dead for some time. FB ends. Varun says to relax because Mannat will write Shivaansh’s demise even this time.

The lady informs me that commissioner Dixit has left for some imp work, and she has given me the case and specifics. Shivaansh responds, “Thank you, but why did you come here to tell me this?” She says you said you reviewed PK, PK’s name has come in our examination over and over, PK is your father’s killer, assuming that you recall that anything, we can tackle this case.

He claims that I heard a strange sound that sounded like someone was walking with a crutch. I don’t know if this is true, but it is frightening. She informs me that I will reopen the case and begin the search for PK if you keep me informed. He asks who could play this PK.

Sahil claims that she will not oppose her because she believes Mannat and Shivaansh were close. Varun claims that because we have her weakness, she will do as I tell her. Sahil inquires about how you are; PK responds, “This watch disturbs me at the wrong time; your daughter will force me to reach Shivaansh’s property.

” Pramod tells you not to bother her. Sahil says unwind, I won’t tell your reality to her. Mannat sees legal documents and peruses. She reviews Varun giving her the legal documents. He says if you have any desire to save your father, you need to separate from Shivaansh and get all his property moved to your name, take a gander at your father… … on the opposite side, your better half isn’t prepared to acknowledge you as spouse. She weeps. FB ends.

Shivaansh has stated that he wants a divorce from me, he doesn’t want me in his life, why does he wish for it? Mannat claims that Shivaansh is on the opposing side. Lord knows that I value the marriage and kept it without any hope. I feel upset with the thought of going away from Shivaansh. I can’t live without him. She fasts. Shivaansh is asked by Nani, “What will you wear to the anniversary of Shivaye and Anika’s death?

” He claims Mannat is aware. When do we have to leave, Avi says we have to go to a party? Shivaansh says ask Mannat. Avi says we want to reconsider another agreement, what cost to statement. Shivaansh expresses converse with Mannat. He is laughed at by Nani and everyone else. Mannat is your lifeline, according to Nani, and it’s great that someone knows everything about you.
Shivaansh says I can live without her. He goes to a party and meets Chopra. Chopra claims that I must reserve your movie dates.

Shivaansh says ask Mannat, really Avi deal with the dates. He asserts that he can live without Mannat because there are numerous beautiful, successful women, Mannat Kaur Khurana will become Mannat Kaun Khurana, and Shivaansh is also witty and funny. He sees Mannat in virtually everyone. Khanna inquires about the event. Water, Shivaansh says…. The young lady provides him with a glass of wine. Shivaansh claims that someone has stated that wine is bad, regardless of the question. She asks who said it.

He asserts that Mannat said it. Avi and Khanna hack. Shivaansh consumes fluids. Sahil inquires where Shivaansh is. Mannat claims to have attended a party without consulting me. Sahil claims that I will teach him a lesson today because he doesn’t value his pretty wife, which is incorrect. Shivaansh gets back home. When he sees the chandelier fall on Mannat and Sahil, he is shocked. He yells Mannat and runs.

Sahil reclines. Mannat and Shivaansh both fall. Everybody comes and looks on. plays Tanha sa kuch The servant is scolded by Shivaansh. He asserts that you are aware Mannat stood beneath the chandelier. Sahil says I was likewise remaining under it. Mannat tells you to stop because it was a mistake.

She looks at Shivaansh and says that’s your mistake as well. If anything happened to you, I would have… Jaanejaan…plays, so Nani inquires: Shivaansh says sorry. Sahil claims that I was joking when I said I was standing under a chandelier. Mannat was your choice, according to Nani. I have to remove Mannat from Shivaansh’s life because Sahil believes he has truly gone insane for her. Shivaansh talks to himself in his room. He says I really do really focus on her.

Her purse slides off her. He gets her journal and finds out about her fantasies. He says that she writes her dreams down in a scrapbook. How cute, how stupid, who does this, a five-star hotel? I could make her smile by fulfilling her dream. I don’t love her; I care for her, but love and care are completely different things. I’m smart, too, so these things shouldn’t even come close. But if I do, I’ll do it. He grins.

Give me some time, Mannat says. Varun slaps her father and threatens her. She says kindly don’t hurt him, Shivaansh signs no paper without any problem. Varun informs me that I must complete the task by tomorrow morning or else your father will die. She weeps. She gets Shivaansh’s note and a dress.

She says the dress is so stunning. Mannat grins seeing the grip. She claims that Shivaansh had purchased a present for me, that he is attempting to please me, and that I am preparing to hurt him. What should I do? I cannot see Shivaansh or my father being hurt. She prepares herself and descends. Shivaansh gives her a look. Jaanejaan plays.

He says that you really look good… are you saying something? She says yes, and what’s going on? He says I m taking you on our most memorable day. She checks him out. She says that I’ve never been on a date before and that it didn’t bother her that you didn’t invite me to the party. He prevents her. He says that you talk a lot, that you’ve been upset since the morning, and that I want you to smile like this. She asks with a grin, “Where are we going?”

She says such a major inn, five star, I never went to zero star lodging, I let you know that day, you recollected that it and got me here. She sees a girl and says, “People are wearing foreign clothes and talking in English, and I…” He says, “You are better than everyone,” and he asks you to join him.

He gets a selfie from fans. He coaxes Mannat along while holding her hand. He says since you are important for my life, you ought to be essential for the image as well. She beams.

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