Ishqbaaz Monday, 20 December 2021: Episode 68-68




Pinky scolded Mallika and reminded her that Shivaye dumped you .Mallika said I know he is good, it doesn’t mean every girl will marry him, just for the record, your son did not dump me, I dumped your diamond type son. Everyone cupped their mouths in shock. Some time before, Shivaye told Mallika that there is no confusion now. She said there is a confusion, how did you change the decision to allow me stay here, I am curious to know, I know no one can change your decision.

He said I rethought and decided to help you. She said you paused in between, it means you are hiding something, let me guess, Anika stopped me and signalled me to wait, then Shivaye version 2 came, that girl Anika affected you. He said I don’t get affected by her, she just irritates me. She smiled and said it’s on your face how much she affects you. He said I know Om and Rudra taught this to you. She said they both also know this, it means I am right, she went to Anika and asked her to listen.

Riddhima and Om had a talk about her work and Mallika’s entry. He said you know Pinky, how she reacted. She asked about the new plants placed in the window. He said it’s has here for 6 months, you did not notice. She said I did not, it’s pretty, but you have to move this, you know I have allergy with these flowers. He said but this is my room. She said our room, I will spend time here, so these plants have to go, say bye bye to them, change the lights in the room, these lights are dull, Mallika has come, we will go to her. He asked her to go. She said come fast and left. Om was thinking.

Mallika went to Anika and said I was looking for you everywhere to thank you, you explained my point of view to Shivaye. Anika said he told you this? he did not give me anything’s credit till now. Mallika said because I spoke to him. Anika called her Chantt/clever, a good one. Mallika said I found that in a smart way, I love your cute words. Anika said the complete word. Mallika said I am happy that someone’s words affect Shivaye. Anika said he is not affected by anyone.

Mallika said trust me, he is soft hearted. Anika said just for his family, he is not soft hearted towards anyone, I call him Stone Singh Oberoi. Mallika said he has allowed me to stay here, he has managed everything alone till now, he has seen a lot, when we were in a relationship, he did not show his vulnerability to anyone except me.

Anika asked what vanvaas. Mallika said no, vulnerability. Anika asked is that such word that happens between girlfriend and boyfriend. Mallika said oh my God, no……, you are so cute, I mean Shivaye showed his weakness to me, he never changed decisions, he changed decision because of you, he got someone who doesn’t care that he is Shivaye Singh Oberoi, I am glad you are both equal, you don’t care of his status, when we were in a relationship, he used to decide everything, not me, but you both are equal. She got a call from Siddharth’s. Anika asked her why are you not answering, is he the one you were marrying. Mallika said yes. Anika asked do you love him. Mallika said yes. Anika asked why are you not answering then.

Pinky came and asked Mallika about her plan. Mallika said no idea yet. Pinky said I am not asking that plan to ask your secretary, don’t act innocent, I know you came to trap my son. Anika said Mallika is innocent. Pinky said Shivaye dumped her, and then she went to Rana, then he dumped her and she came to Shivaye, she should have shame, he is engaged now, she knows this and maybe she came to try once, did she forget he dumped her. Shivaye came and asked what are you saying.

Pinky said you don’t talk in between, she is using your innocence, my son is a lotus in dirt, his height is less but see his looks, my Shivaye left you as someone leaves hot potato off the hand, you came back again, my son is a diamond to support you till now. Mallika said wait, my ears are cooked by hearing mom’s universal dialogue that their son is diamond, girls are no less, if every son is diamond, why is our country not the richest, I know Shivaye is a nice guy, it doesn’t mean every girl is dying to marry him, I did not come to marry him, for the record, your son did not dump me, I dumped your diamond like son. Everyone held their mouths in shock. Pinky asked what. Mallika said yes, you can ask Shivaye if you don’t trust me, ask him who left whom like a hot potato. Anika signalled. Rudra signalled to Om to ask. Pinky asked Mallika to say it again but she left and everyone looked at Shivaye.

Tej said how can anyone dump an Oberoi. Jhanvi said that’s what happened. Tej asked did you hear it. Pinky said yes, I heard it. Shakti said fine, but what’s the reason. Pinky said she is mad to dump Shivaye. Shakti said it’s confirmed she is not interested in Shivaye, don’t worry. She asked how dare she reject Shivaye. The servants also talked about Shivaye and Mallika. Anika was on a call and said Mallika had left Shivaye, I am Jabra big fan Sahil, don’t call me for gossip, I have to work. She ended the call and was too happy.

Om and Rudra went to Shivaye and asked why did he not say that Mallika dumped him. Shviaye said I don’t need to talk, what would I say. Mallika came and said that I created history by dumping Shivaye Singh Oberoi. Om said he never said any details. She said he would tell something like….. leave it, I would have not said the details but Shivaye’s mom said a lot, so I had to say this. Shivaye said I know mom sometimes drags a bit. Om and Rudra ask a bit? Shivaye said fine, mom talks a lot. Rudra praised Shivaye and said he is handsome, has good height, okay, height is a bit less, what does that matter, why did you dump him.

Mallika said because Shivaye did not love me. Anika came and asked what. Shivaye said wow, it’s a free show for all now. Mallika asked Anika to come. Shivaye said Mallika let her work. Anika joined them, and said I finished my work, I am free so what was Mallika saying. Om asked Mallika to start from the beginning. Mallika said we had a simple relation, Shivaye was caring and supported me, we spent a lot of time, I did also usual stupidities in love, I loved rains, I liked cheesy love songs, Shivaye’s name was everything’s password.

Mallika said I used to wake up and think of Shivaye first, I used to send him good morning message, I used to think of him before sleep and message him good night, but he never replied, I thought he was busy with work, atleast he would check his phone and smile seeing my name. Anika smiled and looked at Shivaye. Mallika said I had to know his response, and did not message him one day, he did not message me, I did not message all week and then till a month, he did not message me too, it means Shivaye did not get affected by my message, whether I send hi message or not, he never loved me, our relationship had love, just from my side, on paper we were perfect match but… Om said love is made in the heart, not on paper.

Mallika said exactly, that’s why I dumped Shivaye, I am the saying the truth right Shivaye, you never loved me. Shivaye said come on Mallika. She said I am not your girlfriend now, you can tell me the truth. Shivaye said I don’t believe in love. She told him about love. He said you have become love expert. She said why not, I got my true love, someone who truly loves me, he doesn’t need to say I love you to me, I can see that in his eyes. He said even then you left him and run away from marriage. Om said Shivaye…. Shivaye realized he has hurt Mallika and looked at her.

Shivaye said Mallika, I believe every relation is a deal, i mean this is real life, not a film that thundering, music playing and wind blowing will happen in love, this doesn’t happen in reality. Mallika asked Anika which version does she believe, what I said or what Shivaye said. Anika said I believe what Billu ji said. Shivaye was surprised and turned to see Anika.


Mallika argued with Shivaye over a typical mom’s words, you will believe what your mom told you, you are a diamond. Shivaye, Om and Rudra imagined Pinky and Jhanvi calling them my Hira beta…. Some time before, Mallika said why not, I got my true love, someone who truly loves me, he doesn’t need to say I love you to me, I can see that in his eyes. He said even then you left him and run away from marriage. Om said Shivaye…. Shivaye realized he has hurt Mallika and looked at her. Mallika was hurt. Shivaye said sorry, I had no intention to hurt you, I believe every relation is a deal, if you take more than needed expectations, you feel bad, people take many expectations in heart, sky looks blue, this happens in movies, I stay in real world and this doesn’t happen in reality.

Mallika said typical Shivaye, and asked Rudra and Om. Rudra said it’s like newspaper for me, new everyday. Om said love is like Lord for me, it’s for everyone and some get true one. She asked Anika which version does she believe, her version or Shivaye’s. Anika said I have belief in what Billu ji said. Shivaye was surprised and turned to watch her. He said finally, we agreed on something. Rudra said not on something, on love.

Anika said I am not rice, rich people think of romance in rain, and we middle class people think of roof leakage, my life was full of work, where will we get time for love, when we constantly fight in life, I don’t think love can come in my life. She said I heard many stories of love, one who loves is alive, if I die before falling in love, it will be my chop… I also want to live before dying and smile thinking of someone, I want to do that madness and someone does that madness for me, I want to become number one for someone, whose world rotates around me, I know this won’t happen, but my heart still wishes this happens once. Om does shayari and said you will believe in love after love happens. Shivaye and Anika looked at each other.

Mallika said wow…. Shivaye got a message and turned. Mallika said I really wish Anika gets the love who deserves her. Shivaye looked at Anika. His phone rang. Rudra said your phone is ringing. Shivaye answered Tia’s call. Tia told him about her shopping and said I am sending Reiki for you, are you feeling it. Anika left. Shivaye looked at Anika, and said Tia you know I am not good in expressing emotions. Tia said you don’t need to explain, I am coming back tomorrow. He said great news, come home from the airport, I need to tell you something.

Everyone saw the news. Reporter told about Bhagodi Dulhan Mallika, a big company CEO, running away from her marriage, does she have dirty secret or is she mad. Tej said the press has made this a big issue, I need to go the office. Shivaye asked Mallika not to worry about the press. Reporter told about Siddharth’s mom’s statement that choosing Mallika was the biggest mistake of her life, Mallika ruined their respect. Shivaye asked Mallika what’s wrong, you love him, why did you run away from the marriage, did he hurt you. She said no, he will never intentionally hurt me, he is very caring. He asked why did you run away. She said don’t know how it sounds, he never took a stand for me. Om asked did such thing happen that he did not support you, infront of whom. She said infront of his mum. He said it means you have problem with his mum Ketki Rana. She said it’s not a problem, her son matters to her, his work matters, not me and my work.

Anika asked what happened. Shivaye said tell us. Mallika said I did not get importance as Siddharth, I got an important work contract and asked Ketki to postpone the engagement, she did not do that as if it was not important, it was not for my profit, but for company, then Siddharth got important an meeting, she postponed the marriage and informed me as if it was just his marriage, not mine, as if I don’t exist, she just praised her son as Raja beta and Hira beta, as if her son is Lord, not human, don’t know what happens to son’s mother, I am diamond of my parents, I made them proud, but when a girl is marrying a guy, she is made to feel that she got a lottery, all importance is given to Siddharth. Rudra joked in between. Shivaye asked him to shut up.

Mallika said the thing is I want the right of equality, his talent is talent and my talent is nothing, I have to hear all the day about his meeting, and nothing about my big building inauguration, I don’t want to become a superstar, I want my work to be talked about, I want to have my rights. He asked did you talk to Siddharth. She said of course, but the point is when you are called diamond from childhood, you will believe that, Siddharth also believes so, if I do this marriage, I will become sidelined, which I don’t want, I am non confronting, I always run away, but I tried to explain to Siddharth, he did not understand, I want to live with Siddharth, but not by his support.

Shivaye thinks of Pinky praising him and calling him a diamond. Om and Rudra think of Jhanvi praising them and calling them diamond. They cupped their faces and sat together. Rudra said if sons were diamond, if sons go to buy 24 carrots, what will they be called, 24 carat diamond. He laughed and they looked at him. Om asked him to be serious, does our mom favor us more. Rudra said mom loves Priyanka. Shivaye said Mallika was not talking about son and daughter, but son and daughter in law. Rudra asked why are we worried. Om said Shivaye is going to get married.

Shivaye said we are talking about marriage, not any hanging off. Om said Mallika is right, Pinky has rejected Tia’s card as Tia’s name was written first. Rudra said yes, she said Shivaye’s name should be first and sang Billu ki shaadi. Shivaye said don’t get mom in this. Rudra said if Pinky doesn’t like Tia. Shivaye asked him to think of himself and joked on Rudra’s intelligence. Om said let’s focus and find solution to Mallika’s issue, she is in real problem. Shivaye went to talk to Mallika.

He said you still eat fries when you are upset , she still ate more fries. He said whatever you said today…. She said you will think I am wrong. He said no, I think you are right, there are real issues between you and Siddharth’s mom, but you should have dealt with it in better way, it’s not your problem, girls get scared seeing problems, don’t feel sad, it happens with all girls, this stressing gets on over food, every girl has this problem to have less mental strength, girls are weak. He asked are you calling me weak. He said not you, girls. She told them how much woman bears pain during delivery, like 30 bones breaking at once, they deliver a son like you who grows up and calls girls weak. He said no, I did not mean that, I just said their mental strength is less. Anika and Soumya came.

Anika said you said girls are weak. Soumya asked did you say that. Anika said two girls made the country name shine in Olympics and you call girls weak. Shivaye said I did not say that, I mean girls get scared soon in many situations, as in darkness or seeing cockroach. Soumya screamed cockroach. Shivaye said exactly, I meant that way, they cry and shout, getting tensed soon. Anika said you mean we shout and cry. He said it’s like that, guys are stronger mentally. They asked does he really mean so and he smiled.

The girls watched a horror movie and talked about horror. Someone wearing a scary mask came to them with a knife. They screamed seeing the scary person.