You searched for: Jaana Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Friday Pt1, 16th July 2021. Vividha goes to meet Atharv in this update, after Madhav returned from Vashists house, he was behaving so weird and so Vividha decided that she will find out what Madhav saw In Raghav’s house that made him behave strange off-late, like play like play, Vividha set out to meet Atharv.

She finally arrived in Raghav’s house and saw him locking lips with Guddi who was supposed to be in her grave.

Guess the shock on Vividha’s face, the shock on Guddi’s face, and the shock on Atharv’s face after meeting Guddi?

The full update of Jaana Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Friday Pt1, 16th July 2021 is finally here..


The Episode started with Vividha saying I have to find out, what’s in Raghav’s house that Madhav got scared. Ravish asked her what is she thinking and going on. Suman thinks why is Guddi not calling me. Ravish asked Vividha to come back.

Vividha said let me just go there and check once for my satisfaction. He said Madhav’s imagination is great, you know it, this never happened before, he was kidnapped and this affected him, everything will get fine.

Vividha said maybe you are right, please let me go there once and find out what is troubling Madhav, it’s important for us to know if something happened. He agreed. She said it’s Holi today, I am sure I will get all my answers. He said fine, be in touch, take care. Suman worried.

Atharv got Guddi outside and opened blindfold. He surprised her showing Holi arrangements. Guddi said if Vividha reached her and sees Atharv, Suman will not leave me, where is my phone. Vividha came there. She thinks Ravish is not understanding what am I feeling, my heart is saying, something will happen. The driver said we reached madam. She became shocked seeing Vashisht house.

She recalled incidents that happened in Vashisht’s house. Atharv threw the colors and wished happy holi. Guddi said happy holi, I had to call Suman. He said to call her later, come. Vividha cried and entered the house. Atharv played dhol and smiled. Vividha saw him from the backside. He got surrounded by people.

He sensed something and turned a bit. Vividha went to the other side. He didn’t see her. She came at the same point again. He sensed her presence and became restless. Both of them turn towards each other. People danced and came in between. She missed seeing his face. He danced with Guddi.

Vividha said Gargi ji, I will talk to her. People moved off from her sight. She saw Atharv and became shocked. Atharv danced with Guddi. She dropped the gift.

Atharv kissed Guddi’s forehead. Vividha got angry and recalled celebrating holi with Atharv. Guddi turned and saw Vividha. She became shocked. Vividha left angrily. Guddi thinks was she Vividha and worried.

Atharv asked what are you doing here, come. Vividha run out and cried. She thinks of Atharv and sat crying. She thinks I felt strange when I spoke to Raghav, fate prepared me to see what I could not see till now, this is Atharv’s truth, so he never wished to return to me.

Vividha came back to Ajmer. She told everything to Ravish. She said what did I not do for him, I got enmity with the world, what did he do with me, what did he give me, he has run away leaving me, I also moved on in life and asked myself one question, did I do mistake in understanding him.

I was right, my decision was best to move on in life with you and not wait for him, he is staying in your house like a shameless person, Kalindi snatched that house from you, he was behaving like we have no existence in his life, his life is perfect. Ravish silently listened.

He asked and our life, is there anything less in our lives, if you have moved on, why this anger, Atharv’s life is his own, he can’t interfere in our life, he took his decision, we took our decision, he is happy in his life, we are happy in our lives, you know that house was not valuable for me than relation.

Ramakant left that house for him, desired and wished can be costly, but happiness can’t be costly, we have our world, we have loving and caring people, they love us and we love them, we have our diamond Madhav, Lord might have given a lot to Atharv, but Lord gave me a lot.

Atharv is happy there, we are happy here, if we turn back, the way ahead disappears, be happy always. He wiped her tears. He applied her holi colors. She got tearful eyes. He wished her a happy holi. She also applied him holi and wished him happy holi. He smiled. She hugged him. Suman looked on and smiled.

Suman said Atharv and Vividha should not meet till Amavasya, I have to do something that Vividha gets busy in Ajmer. She added something in Madhav’s milk. Madhav fainted. Everyone got shocked.

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