Jaana Na Dil Se Door 25th March 2021 Pt1 On Adomtv Ep 60

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 25th March 2021 Pt1

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At the beginning of this Jaana Na Dil Se Door 25th March 2021 Pt1 episode, Vividha was drying her hair when the water falls over Ravish face waking him up. Vividha gets ready and Ravish smiles looking at her.  Vividha applies sindoor. you don’t need to wake up so early because of me, Ravish said. you can wake up at your appointed time.

Vividha says no, its fine.you don’t need to do this for me, Ravish said again. I m doing this for your mum, Vividha tells him. I have already hurt a mum and do not want to hurt someone else.

The matter gets scary as Ankit comes out and recalls the stone. He sees the temple bells moving and turns to see what it is. Ankit  gets scared and runs out of home. i mean, since I came to this house, I didn’t and am not  doing any work. I was thinking of helping Maa in the kitchen today. I know everything, Ravish said. vividha stops and looks at him.

what do you mean, and what do you know, she asks. I know what you  are hiding. see I’m an army officer and can’t see what’s going on in your heart, but we have been trained to read facial expressions. I can see there is something you are hiding. But don’t worry, I won’t ask you anything about it. Just take care of my mum, whatever is between us should be between these four walls. can I ask you something? Vividha asks.

Ankit goes to some dark place and Dubey gives him a phone. Kailash talks to Ankit. Ankit tells him, everything is going wrong here. Its a big problem. Uma is beating me, Dadi and Guddi are totally against me. you have to do something about this and end this matter. What? Kailash shouted.  Ankit and Dubey get shocked seeing the door open.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door 25th March 2021 Pt1

Ravish tells vividha to ask her question. Kalindi and Bhoomi said something and I want to ask you about it. They said that everyone in this house has an unlucky destiny with love. But you can choose not to answer if it is much personal, Vividha said. there is nothing like that, Ravish answers. I married you, you are my wife, yes though this family is unlucky with love. my dad never loved my mum. Vividha asks why. 

because he loved someone else, he replied. My mum always longed for his love, but she did not get his love. She has expectations from my marriage. She asks his expectations. don’t worry, I won’t burden you with my expectations, he answers. my mum expects love from me. not pitiness. She recalls Atharv’s words.

Vividha cooks the food. Suman and everyone sees many dishes. I made breakfast and lunch together. The Lord has sent you to my son and to this house.  I just made food, nothing more. Vividha said. this is not just food, but your love, suman said.  I’m not as special as you think Maa. Suman gets emotional and says Maa….. you are more than special. Ravish comes and asks them. what are you all doing here,? it’s time for breakfast, they replied.

sure, Suman replied. eat anything you want  today because cooked the food today. They all go. Ravish thanks Vividha. She says I just made food, no need to say thanks. She sits to take something. Situram comes and tells Ravish that there is a problem, I think everyone will know. Ravish signs him to be quiet. Vividha asks what problem. Ravish gives excuses for water leakage and goes to fix it.

Ankit and Dubey see Uma at the door. Uma asks Ankit to tell her who he was talking to on the phone. She takes the call and asks who it is. She asks Ankit to say.  Nothing, it was my friend, Ankit said. Dadi also comes there. Uma calls back on the number but the number was off. She asks him again and slaps him. She asks Dubey, why did he meet Ankit. 

Dubey replies, I was only trying to help. Uma and Dadi beat Ankit. Dadi scolds Ankit a lot. Ankit cries. I knew something was wrong when I saw Uma following you, he said. Dadi asks Dubey where he is going. and beats him. She beats Ankit with a stick. we were talking about Atharv, Ankit said. he died, I have just hit him with a hammer once. He cries and says, what would I do? he was eloping with my sister. Uma and Dadi get shocked. What will I tell Vividha? Uma says.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door 25th March 2021 Pt1

Vividha follows as he goes  inside the cupboard. Vividha comes inside the room too.  I was looking at the toolbox, situram said. She asks, where is Ravish? there is just one way out. I did not see him. He says maybe he went in a hurry. Dadi and Uma cry. Vividha hears something and looks outside. She goes to check the bathroom. She gets shocked and moves back in fear.

Precap: Vividha asks Uma about Atharv. we are trying our best, Dadi said. Uma asks, what shall I tell her? Vividha sees Atharv and smiles.

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