Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Friday Pt2, 16th July 2021

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On Jaana Na Dil Se Door 26th March 2021 Pt2 On Adomtv, everyone was shocked at the beginning of this episode. Ravish and Vividha get up. Suman asks, are you fine? They replied, yes. Ravish asks Situram to clean the glass mess. Vividha sees his hand bleeding.

Kalindi asks, how did the chandelier fall, why does this always happen when Vividha is here? even Ramakant’s pic got burnt when she came here.  and Ravish is always getting hurt. Suman signs Kalindi not to say such. Ravish gets a call and goes to answer. Vividha too leaves from the drawing room.

sorry lawyer, I could not answer the call, Ravish said. The matter got complicated, I need to talk to my family, please try to understand. He sees Vividha and tells the lawyer. I will talk to you later. He ends the call. Vividha gets the first aid kit. don’t worry, Ravish said, its an ordinary wound.  I know you are a soldier and you are habitual to small wounds, but please sit here. They sit together. Vividha holds his hand and prepares how wound. Ravish looks at her.

I heard that you have come home after a long time of duty. Vividha asks. He replied yes, 3 years later. 3 years? She asks, you would have missed your family a lot, right.  missing family is part of a soldier’s life, he said. sometimes we can’t even hear our family’s voice. we don’t know when war day will end, but we don’t think much, duty is our religion.  I know, she said. I also know that you are hiding a secret from your family, vividha said and Ravish looks at her.

but, I should not talk about it, vividha says.  I feel if your secret is troubling you, you should share it with someone, and then your problem will get less. I know you don’t trust me, but its not your mistake. if you feel you have to share something with me, please share it.  I give you my word that your secret will be safe with me. 

He thanks her and tells her, it means a lot, you came to this house, and you must  just take care of yourself, just tell me if you are in need anything and it will be done. She  I know, and this is also done. She leaves his hand. 

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door 26th March 2021 Pt2 On Adomtv

I have important work, may I? Ravish asks. Suman tells Ravish that Situram went to check how the chandelier fell, are you fine? She asks.  Ravish replies, am fine. Situram explains to Ravish that he can’t figure out how this happened. the wire was broken and the vase was also broken, he said. They all get worried. everything that happens has a reason, Ravish tells them and if we can’t find a reason, don’t say anything nonsense.

Suman remembers Kalindi’s words. Ravish asks Suman if she is thinking wrong.  its strange, Suman says. but when Vividha came home for the first time, the things occured. the lights went off and Ramakant’s pic got burnt.  I blamed and scolded Bhoomi and Kalindi that time, but today…. Bhoomi hears this and goes. Suman asks the whereabouts of Vividha.  Ravish says don’t think about this. Vividha is in the room. she cared for me and did my hand’s dressing, that’s more important.  I know, Suman replied but I mean Vividha shouldn’t catch anyone’s bad sight.

Bhoomi goes to Kalindi and tells him what Suman said. its something else, kalindi replies. I’m seeing Vividha’s behaviour towards Ravish. she looks different, she is not  excited about being a new bride. There is something  she is not telling. It is Vividha’s secret, but I will find it out. Aditi who is Ravish’s sister goes to Vividha and asks her to come for shopping.

Aditi tells Vividha that Ravish saved her and she is also willing to be with someone who is protective. Vividha asks her about her love for Avinash? Aditi replies, I always want to marry a military man, like Ravish. he looks Rambo from the outside but he is soft at heart. he can’t express his emotions. he is so dumb that I have to tell him to smile after I crack a joke before he does. Vividha laughs and says, you talk like my younger sister Guddi, I miss her,  she is very romantic too.

Uma calls Vividha on phone. Vividha speaks to her and says, I’m fine. Aditi takes the phone and talks to Uma. She says Ravish, Suman and I are taking care of Vividha, so don’t worry about her. Ravish and Suman are taking care of her so well that Vividha took my place. I m not annoyed though because Vividha is my favourite too. 

 its our good luck that Vividha stays happy there, Uma says. Aditi thanks her and ends the call. Dadi tells Uma that they are showing love to Vividha. Vividha was laughing today, Uma said. And I will not tell her about Atharv. does she not deserve to be happy?  I took Atharv as my son, the sorrow for his death won’t get less. 

but for now we have to concentrate on Vividha and her happiness. I don’t know if I am thinking straight or wrong, but maybe I’m selfish, what shall I do? They both cry.

Kalindi and Bhoomi comes from somewhere. Bhoomi asks where we come from. Kalindi asks her to use her mind, think about Vividha marrying an army officer Ravish. Suman is so lovely to her. Such marriage is every girls dream but Vividha stays separate.  why? the reason can be hidden in her past, they said. and we came here to meet her past. Uma sees Kalindi and Bhoomi. 

how did you come suddenly? Uma asks. Kalindi replies, sorry. we came as we were passing by, we had a program and that is to visit Ajmer Dargah. Uma asks them to come.  Vividha is very simple, kalindi says. Uma tells her about Vividha. Kalindi says she is very beautiful, she would have got many proposals from guys. we raised her by good values, Uma says. she got many proposals, just Kailash and I attended it.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door 26th March 2021 Pt2 On Adomtv

Situram tells Ravish that everyone has gone to sleep in their rooms, but Kalindi and Bhoomi haven’t returned yet. Ravish says fine and calls the doctor to come. The Doctor comes and Ravish asks him to come along. we wanted to know how Vividha learnt to live a simple life, kalindi says.  She said this to know the secret. Bhoomi points ar the stable house and asks what’s this? Uma and Dadi worry.

Situram and Ravish take the doctor inside the cupboard, to the secret room. Ravish asks where he is going and turns to leave. He stops and sees someone sitting on the floor while covering the face.

Precap: Bhoomi asks what’s that? She checks the phone. Kalindi looks around and She sees Atharv and Sujata’s pic. we did not get anything, Bhoomi says.  Kalindi replies, you don’t know what jackpot we got. Kalindi and Bhoomi got home and see Vividha.

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