Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Friday Pt2, 16th July 2021

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The Jaana Na Dil Se Door 2nd April 2021 Pt2 On AdomTv Episode starts with Atharv crying and saying Vividha. Vividha stops as if she heard him. She gives water to Suman. Bhoomi signs Kalindi. She says we did not give them sweets we got from Ajmer. Bhoomi says we went to your house Vividha. Suman asks Ajmer, you did not tell us.

Kalindi says maybe we forgot, we have gone to Vividha’s house and met her family, and their neighbours Sujata and Atharv, but unfortunately we could not meet them. Ravish, Vividha and everyone get shocked. Kalindi asks do you know them, do you know where they go.

Vividha gets tensed and pours water in glass and it overflows. She says I’m sorry. Vividha says yes, they were my neighbours. Ravish asks Kalindi do you know them?” Kalindi says no, but Vividha would be their friend. Daddy ji and Suman look on. Kalindi asks about Atharv Sujata’s son. Daddy ji asks Kalindi to stop it, is it necessary to talk about Vividha’s neighbours.

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Kalindi says no, they left the door open and left, does such a thing happen? Suman says I need to talk to you Kalindi. Kalindi goes with Suman.

Suman asks Kalindi how did you take Sujata’s name in this house, you know Sujata’s name is not taken in this house. Kalindi says I know, I was asking how did Ramakant choose Sujata’s neighbour, now Atharv is linked to Sujata, Ramakant could not give his name to Atharv, he is Sujata and Ramakant’s son, he has divided your share and now Atharv will divide Ravish’s share. Suman angrily raises hand and stops.

She cries and says you don’t have limits on your thinking, at least think to stop yourself, you don’t try to repeat this. Kalindi asks what will you do if the truth is something else, just think, how did Ramakant choose Vividha. Suman says so what, if they are neighbours, it can be coincidence. Kalindi asks do you think so?”

Suman says if you want to say Ramakant went to meet Sujata, fine, I can see that, maybe he has seen Vividha there and chose her to become our bahu, she is so good, what’s the big thing. Ravish comes and hears them. Suman says Ramakant chose Vividha for Ravish, he did not bring Suman in our lives. Kalindi asks and Atharv…. Suman says I’m saying for the last time with respect, don’t take their names in this house again. She says they are not related to us.

Kalindi says fine, when I took their name, did you see Vividha’s face, she was scared, if they are just neighbours then…. Suman says keep your dirty mind to yourself, no need to say anything about Vividha, they maybe neighbors, but Vividha does not know Sujata had a relationship with my husband. Kalindi says fine, I understood.

She goes. Suman cries and gets angry that Ramakant and Sujata have a son also, Lord don’t let my past come over in my present, keep Ravish’s happiness well.

Ravish thinks of Vividha’s reaction and Kalindi’s words. He thinks it means Vividha, Sujata and Atharv know each other, why did dad choose that girl for me, who was Sujata and Atharv’s neighbour. Vividha thinks if matter is out, it’s the right chance to tell Ravish about Atharv, I have a burden on my heart.

He thinks what am I missing, what am I not seeing. She thinks I should tell everything to Ravish, he has the right to know. He goes to his room. He thinks to ask Vividha. She thinks to tell him everything. They both try to know.

He asks her to say first. She says Bua was talking about our neighbours. He asks her not to think much and ignore it. She says I have to tell you something. Suman comes there. She asks Vividha not to feel bad about Kalindi’s words, I think you should talk to Uma, maybe Kalindi said something wrong to her. Vividha says nothing like that, don’t worry. Suman goes.

Ravish says I have imp work, I will just come, you sleep, good night. He goes. Vividha says I wish I could tell Ravish. He thinks I won’t ask her anything, matters can get worse, if anyone finds Sujata and Atharv, it will be a new problem. He leaves.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door 2nd April 2021 Pt2 On Adomtv

Atharv gets up and sees Sujata sleeping. He says Sujata, I’m hungry. He does not get any food and drinks water. Atharv goes to the kitchen and gets a banana. He sits eating a banana. Daddy ji comes there to drink water. He says Jai Shri Krishna…. Atharv repeats his words. Daddy ji hears him and turns to see. He does not see Atharv, who is sitting at the other side. He leaves. Atharv gets a broomstick and smiles. He plays around.

Vividha lies down to sleep. Someone comes into her room by the window and touches her badly, moving her hair off her face. Atharv is outside in the hall and playing.


Vividha wakes up and screams. Atharv hears her and says Vividha. Vividha runs out of her room, and Atharv runs to her. They both collide. She gets shocked seeing him and says Atharv.

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