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The Episode started with Uma asking Vividha to control her emotions. Vividha replied yes, I know, when I heard they are leaving the city, I didn’t think anything, I started running, I don’t remember how I reached Atharv, maybe I wanted to stop them or see Atharv once, I don’t know what happened. Uma cried realizing Vividha loves Atharv. Vividha said, I love Papa and can’t see him hurt, how can I hurt him. Kailash asked Atharv not to take Vividha’s name, how can he dream to get her, you are eyeing my house’s respect, I will not leave you. Vividha says I have hurt a good father.

Guddi told him to relax. Kailash scolded Atharv. Atharv said, you did and took whatever you could, but you can’t snatch my fate, Vividha is my fate. Kailash shouted, stop, nonsense, throw them out. The men held Atharv. Kailash reminded Sujata that she begged for Atharv. She said, I have hidden things and he was my weakness, now he knows everything, he is my strength.


Kailash said, now I understand how your son is such, you both mum and son are shameless and mad. Atharv responded, mind your tongue. Kailash spoke bad about Sujata’s past and called her shameless. Kailash asked Sujata, did she tell the truth to Atharv, or not let Atharv know the truth about his father, or how many fathers does he have. He points to Sujata’s character. Atharv shouted, Kailash Kashyap and got free of the goons. He held Kailash’s collar. Vividha heard Atharv and they all go out in balcony to see. Vividha got shocked and shouted Atharv and Kailash became silent.

Sujata stopped Atharv. Dubey fell down and Sujata asked Atharv to leave Kailash. Vividha and her family got angry. Atharv pushed away the goons again and catched Kailash. Vividha and everyone rushed downstairs. Atharv asked, how dare you say bad about my mum. Vividha pushed him and slapped him hard on his face. Atharv got shocked and looked at her.

She held his collar and asked, how dare you catch my Papa’s collar, we should not even see your face. She cried and slapped him again angrily. Atharv looked at her and She said, Papa was right, you are mad, you don’t care for anyone except yourself. She slapped him again. Kailash smiled. She said, Papa was right, you are not suitable for anyone. She slapped him for fourth time. Sujata cried. Atharv couldn’t believe it. Vividha then said, Papa is always said right, I was wrong, I did a mistake to understand you, I thought you were a nice man, you are different, but no, you are senseless and ill mannered, Papa was right.

She raised her hand again and Sujata held her hand and asked her to stop it. She asked, what are you doing. Vividha replied, sorry but what your son did to my Papa, this is lesser than that misbehavior, this is out of my tolerance, this are my values that I don’t raise hand on elders. She asked, what did you do today Atharv, this will raise fingers on Sujata’s upbringing, because we take our parents’ name along, you have defamed your mum’s name by your actions. He got teary and stared in her eyes.

Vividha asked Kailash to come, some people are not good and don’t deserve goodness. She cried and took Kailash. Sujata and Atharv cried too. Atharv recalled how she came running and hugged him. He contained all the pain in his eyes and stayed silent, looking at her. Jaana na dil se door played, Vividha ran upstairs. Uma asked her to listen and went after her. Kailash smiled and thinks Atharv did a great favor on me by holding my collar, it was tough for me to control Vividha, and Atharv made her away from himself in one go.

Atharv went to the stable’s storeroom and cleaned the place. He threw the chairs and got angry. Sujata was worried seeing him like that. She asked him to listen. Atharv and Sujata cleaned the place together. She asked him to let her clean, but he continued working angrily, while recalling Vividha’s words. He removed his vest and started painting the wall. He recalled Vividha’s anger and the good moments between them. He wore his vest back and cleaned the floor. He sunk himself in the work to divert his mind. His silence did not break, even when Sujata kept on stopping him.

She asked him to talk to her, why does he want to suppress everything. He asked, what. She said, I can see the pain in your eyes, I know you are hurt by what Vividha did, just think about her, you got angry hearing bad about me, how will she wear if you held Kailash’s collar. He said, Vividha has seen I held Kailash’s collar, not Kailash’s wrong words. She said, you raised finger on my upbringing, I am responsible for that, whatever you do will have a question on me, swear on me, whatever happens, you will not raise hand on any elders.

Atharv said a I did big mistake, I have hurt her a lot. Vividha cried and said, I feel Atharv broke my heart. Atharv also said I gave her tears. Guddi says you love him and Vividha denied it.

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The Episode started with Atharv swearing to Sujata that he won’t raise hand on elders anymore. Vividha went to her room and cried. Uma and Guddi asked her to open the door. She saw Atharv’s photo and threw the frame downstairs. Atharv took the photo frame. Vividha saw Sujata and Atharv’s photo frame. She cried and asked Guddi and Uma to let her sleep, she is very tired. She cried recalling Atharv holding Kailash’s anger.

Its morning, Sujata asked Atharv, where are you going. He replied, I won’t sleep here, I m feeling suffocated, I want to sleep in an open space and He went upstairs. Guddi knocked the door and asked Vividha to open the door. Vividha opened the door and Guddi went to her and hugged her, asking her not to cry. Atharv is at the either side and looks on, as Vividha stand in window.

Vividha cried and asked Guddi, that how can Atharv raise hand on Papa, would he beat Papa if I did not come there. Guddi replied, he held Papa’s collar and you slapped him so many times, scores got equal. Vividha said, I feel like he cheated me, or if he broke my heart, why is my heart feeling so. Guddi responded, your heart beats for him, you don’t accept that you love him. Atharv looks on..

Vividha said never, I don’t want to see his face, leave about love. Atharv gets teary again. Sujata looked at him, and asked him not to worry, annoyance makes a person lie, Vividha is annoyed, she will get convinced. He said, I think I did a big mistake, she was crying because of me, I have hurt her. She said, her tears are bringing tears in your eyes too, have patience. She continued, if you can hold Kailash’s collar, can’t you hold Vividha’s pallu and hold her hand. She cheerd him.

Its was morning, Kailash gargled and stopped seeing Atharv. Everyone saw Atharv. Kailash scolded Atharv for coming to his house, and asked him what he was doing there. Atharv said, I came to apologize to you. Kailash angrily threw the water pot, and she held his collar. Atharv recalled his promise to Sujata, and held his anger by putting his hands behind his back. Kailash said, you have held my collar like this, yesterday and today you have come here by excuse of apologizing. Kailash asked him to get lost and pushed him. Vividha thinks shall I go now, but no Papa will get more annoyed, what shall I do. Kailash pushed Atharv outside his house.

Sujata looked on from far and said, don’t get angry Atharv. Atharv said, I regret whatever happened yesterday, please forgive me. Kailash responded, if you really came to apologize, then apologize in a better way. He sat on the chair and said, everyone here works for me and respects me, you did not insult me alone, you insulted all of them, you have to apologize to all of them, like Dubey, my old employee, he is loyal and a special person, you pushed him, apologize to him first. Sujata asked Atharv to control his anger. Vividha said, I should go, there is no control of Atharv’s anger, he can do anything. Atharv folded his hands and apologized to Dubey.

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Kailash told about the veg vendor and he felt bad and couldn’t sleep all night, apologize to her too. Atharv folded his hands. Kailash asked him to walk ahead and apologize well. Atharv apologized to that man. Uma, Dadi, Guddi and Ankit looked on. Sujata smiled as Atharv was not getting angry.

Kailash called the house cleaner and said apologize to him now. Atharv apologized to to him too. The man gave him a sign which says no and folds hands to Atharv. Atharv said I am sorry to hurt you, don’t fold your hands. Kailash called his workers and said, you have beaten them, apologize to them for insulting me and beating them, come on, bend down and apologize. Atharv apologized to them as well. Kailash asked Atharv to apologize to his loyal dog. Vividha came there and heard Kailash.

Kailash was breaking Atharv’s in the house temple and wanted to make a new one. Sujata asked Atharv to do something, its was his Nani’s wish to light diya there daily.

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