Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Friday Pt2, 16th July 2021

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The Jaana Na Dil Se Door 7th April 2021 On Adomtv Episode begins with Vividha asking Ravish was he close that he came not long after her call. He says indeed, a few group came to meet me, they went, you rest now. Vividha thinks there is something, it’s somebody, not Atharv. Vipul takes a gander at her from the window and goes.

The specialist checks Atharv. Sujata asks will he get fine. Specialist says I gave him medications, be cautious by new meds, glut perhaps risky. Sujata says I gave him medication as you said. He says its impractical, this is glut. She says you composed 3 tablets. He asks what, I composed 1 tablet.

She shows his the solution. He says no, I composed 1, somebody has overwritten it and made it 3, be cautious, deal with him. He goes. Sujata thinks Ravish gave this remedy to me and nobody contacts it, how could this occur, violated… ..

Its morning, Suman asks what, apparition? Vividha says indeed, I feel somebody is here, I feel somebody is following me, I don’t see anybody, I hear weird seems like somebody is yelling, today I felt somebody contacted me. The family gets stunned. Aditi says I trust you, this perhaps evident, on the grounds that there was another house in this land, and that proprietor is coming as phantom. Bhoomi says indeed, I have likewise seen a phantom. They joke and chuckle.

Suman says what jabber, quite terrifying Vividha, it’s not at all like that. Atharv is changed. He requests that Sujata open it, it’s stinging me, I don’t care to be stuck this way. Sujata cries and says it’s accomplished for your great. Atharv says I will turn out to be an acceptable kid, open it. She thinks about Ravish’s words. She thinks did Ravish keep us bolted here deliberately, however, why, he is a decent person, he stresses for his mum, did he shroud us dreading Atharv will request his offer, in the event that we don’t leave ever?

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Daddy ji reveals to Vividha that its in no way like that. Suman says this house is new, so you would feel this. She requests that Kalindi say. Kalindi says each house has story and each family has secret, there is no phantom assault in this house. Atharv requests that Sujata free him. Sujata says no, I can’t allow anybody to do this with my child, my Atharv is free and will be free. She requests that Atharv stand by, I will open you. She searches for keys and thinks Ravish has the keys. She ventures out of the cabinet door and figures keys will be in Ravish’s room, how might I discover his room.

Suman says possibly something occurred so Vividha is saying as much. Daddy ji says this house is new, its turbulent climate, I figure she will become accustomed to, unwind. Sujata and Vividha stroll in a similar passage and don’t see one another. Vividha goes to her room. Sujata sees Situram taking Ravish’s jacket to his room. She follows him. Situram says I will keep the coat. Vividha says I will keep it. He goes.

Sujata goes into the room and doesn’t see Ravish and Vividha’s marriage pic. She searches for keys. She gets the keys and a letter in his jacket. She hears sound from restroom and stows away. Ravish comes to take Vividha. She goes with him, and Sujata misses to see her. Sujata leaves.

Afterward, Ravish and Vividha are back in room. He wears his jacket. She asks are you going out. He says yes. She asks will I make tea for you. He says no and acknowledges key and letter gone from coat. She asks what occurred, are you searching for something, advise me. He stresses and leaves.

Sujata peruses Ramakant’s letter for Ravish. She says its enough now, I won’t bear any treachery happen this time. Uma converses with Vividha and tells about Karwachauth. Suman discloses to Daddy ji that she is concerned, its Karwachauth, Vividha would plan to keep quick, how to reveal to her not to keep quick. Uma says I realize you might not want to keep quick, however that would hurt family. Vividha says I will not damage them, I will keep quick on the off chance that they get cheerful.

Suman says you know Daddy ji, Karwachauth quick is abshagun for this house, at whatever point ladies kept quick, something awful occurred, I can’t allow Vividha to keep quick. Daddy ji gestures. Vividha says I need Ravish’s joy, I will save quick however not for Ravish, I can simply keep Karwachauth quick for Atharv, nobody else.

Its morning, Suman requests that Aditi serve food to Vividha. Vividha says no, I had food early morning, its Karwachauth today, I figured Bhoomi will likewise quick, however everybody was dozing, so I didn’t upset anybody. Suman says nobody keeps Karwachauth quick in our home. Vividha inquires as to why.

Suman says its not in our practices. Vividha says mum called me and requested that I keep quick, I will keep it and do puja alone. Suman says I said nobody keeps quick here, you will likewise not keep quick, there are explanations behind not keeping quick, its great in the event that you comprehend, eat, Aditi serve her. Vividha gets thinking.

The Episode begins with Suman requesting that Vividha have food. Vividha reviews Atharv. FB shows Atharv requesting that Vividha have pakodas. She says she has kept Kawarchauth quick for his long life. He says life ought not be long, yet huge, fine on the off chance that you stay hungry, I will likewise not eat food.

The two of them embrace and grin. FB closes. Vividha thinks I need to save this quick for Atharv’s wellbeing and life, I can’t disclose to them I m saving quick for Ravish, I know I m wrong, I can’t adore any other person. Jaana na dil se entryway… .plays… .. She thinks to reveal to Suman that she needs to keep quick. She gets a call and goes.

Kalindi says Vividha will ask justification not keeping quick, what will you say. Suman says she can’t comprehend as she doesn’t have a clue about our past, what will she think on the off chance that I advise her. Vividha converses with Guddi and says indeed, I have the kept. She sees the pantry room entryway open and goes to see.

Vividha peers inside the pantry and sees a mysterious room. She gets stunned and reviews how she checked the pantry previously. She goes inside the mysterious room and sees somebody on the bed, canvassed in cover. She sees the food plate and meds. She checks and sees cushions rather any individual. She steps on the PC, which has Atharv’s pic on the screen. She goes it to wards and the pic goes. She turns and his pic shows up on screen once more. She hears some solid and goes to see.

She hears official attempting to contact Ravish. She runs from that point. Ravish and Situram look on. Situram says I have terrified madam and she has run. Ravish says she has seen void room. Situram says they left everything, except took Krishna symbol, what will you answer madam in the event that she inquires. Ravish says she will not ask, we need to discover Sujata and Atharv at any expense.

Sujata and Atharv go to the sanctuary. Atharv goes to take something and man taps on his hand. Sujata purchases that and provides for Atharv. Sujata calls Abdul uncle and says its me Sujata. He gets happy and asks how are you and Atharv. She says we are fine. He says I didn’t get Kailash, I will beat him. Sujata says my child has bear a ton, I will battle alone, I ought to have not confided in Ravish. He asks what occurred. She tells everything and says I will say rest of the things later, I need an attorney now.

Vividha says for what reason did they make covered up room, who stays there, I ought to get some information about this. Suman comes to Vividha. She is sorry to Vividha for not permitting all her Karwachauth, yet there is some explanation, else for what reason would I prevent my bahu from saving quick for my child’s long life. Vividha figures I should disclose to them I have kept the quick. Suman says there is an astonishment for you. Abdul uncle requests that Sujata meet legal advisor at the sanctuary. Sujata says nobody should think about us. He says don’t stress, I will converse with legal counselor.

Ravish comes and sees Vividha. He says I have earnest work, I need to leave. Suman says pause, we need you, I m not allowing Vividha to keep quick, so we chose to go sanctuary. Kalindi names a similar sanctuary where Sujata and Atharv are going. Ravish looks on.

Vividha and her inlaws family arrive at the sanctuary. Kalindi says its great you got Vividha together, we can see she keeps quick or not. Suman contends with Kalindi and says Vividha regards me, I realize she will not keep quick, I confide in her. Kalindi says trust is feeble. Suman says you never trust anybody and none trusts you, you don’t realize connection is made on trust. She goes to do puja. Kalindi grimaces.

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Vividha figures I should say I kept quick, how to say I saved quick for Atharv, not Ravish, their practices will not break. Suman enlightens pandit concerning the customs for not keeping quick, however Vividha needed to keep. I requested that she do puja rather quick. She requests that Ravish come and sit in puja.

Ravish and Vividha do puja. Vividha reviews her words to Uma and Suman’s words. She figures I don’t care for deceiving great individuals, who love me a ton, I can petition God for Ravish’s bliss and long life, yet I can simply save diets for Atharv, I wish Atharv gets long life and satisfaction. Atharv plays with the air pockets. Vividha opens eyes and sees the air pockets. Jaana na dil se entryway… … plays… … . She played with bubbles alongwith Atharv. She goes to see. Atharv blows the air pockets.


Sujata attempts to stop Atharv. He runs and slams into Suman. Sujata sees Suman and stops.

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