Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Friday Pt2, 16th July 2021

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The Jaana Na Dil Se Door 9th April 2021 On Adomtv Episode begins with Vividha requesting that Atharv say something. She gets unsteady and falls. Atharv takes a gander at her and advances their hand to hold her. Ravish comes and says fighter consideration… Atharv stops. Sujata yells at Atharv and requests that he run, else we will lose the game. Ravish says pause, for what reason are you fleeing.

Sujata and Atharv leave. Ravish requests that Vividha gets up. His family comes there. Suman asks what befallen Vividha. Ravish says don’t have the foggiest idea, she swooned. Kalindi shows diya and Channai, and says I revealed to you Suman that Vividha will keep quick. Ravish requests that Vividha awaken. Ravish takes care of water to Vividha.

Kalindi says Vividha’s quick got finished. Ravish requests that Suman oversee Vividha, I will just come. He leaves. Sujata requests that Atharv stop. Atharv snickers and requests that she come after her and catch. She says stop, Maa is worn out. Atharv sits making progress toward make shoe right. Sujata says pause, I will come. A quickly moving vehicle comes his direction and horns… Sujata yells Atharv, get up. Ravish comes there and gets stunned seeing the vehicle coming towards Atharv.

Ravish flees. Ravish gets hit and tumbles down, while vehicle dies. Sujata and Atharv get stunned. Sujata asks Ravish are you fine. Ravish gets bleary eyed. Sujata says you saved Atharv’s life by taking a chance with your life. Situram comes. Ravish says its my obligation, let me perform my responsibility, for what reason are you fleeing from me. Sujata says I felt you need to hurt Atharv. Ravish asks what did you say. She inquires as to for what reason did you change medication portion. Ravish inquires as to for what reason will I do this. Sujata reviews Atharv taking the remedy.

She says I had unfortunate mix-up. Ravish says you don’t have to get scared of me and run, my father was troubled by blame for his entire life, I don’t need any blame, I demand you, don’t go anyplace. He requests that Situram take them securely home. Situram says you are harmed. Ravish says my family is here, I would hurt my mum while carrying out my father’s responsibility if my mum sees them, I will lose her trust. Sujata says you should go to emergency clinic. He requests that they go.

Aditi says Vividha got cognizant. Kalindi gets some information about quick. Suman says this isn’t the time. Ravish comes injured. Suman stresses and asks what occurred. He says I m fine, simply a little mishap, Vividha are you fine. Suman cries and says that is the reason I revealed to Vividha not to keep quick, Vividha deceived me and kept quick, we are not eccentric, we have an explanation so we halted Vividha, see what ended up ravishing. Ravish requests that Suman unwind, I m fine, Vividha didn’t keep quick to hurt me, however for my long life, possibly I m standing alive here today due to Vividha.

Ravish requests that they get back home. Suman says no, you are accompanying me to clinic. Vividha sees the catch stuck in her catches and thinks this catch is of Atharv, it may have stuck when I embraced him, it implies it was not my fantasy, Atharv was truly here. They leave. Atharv requests desserts. Sujata says I will get desserts in morning, you play with firearm, how to get desserts now, its late. Atharv lifts jar to hit her. Ravish comes and holds Atharv’s hand to stop him. He asks what’s going on with you.

He requests that Atharv say sorry. Atharv says sorry. Ravish says hold it back from where you got this, go to your place and sit quiet. Atharv complies with him. Suman discloses to Daddy ji that she revealed to Vividha not to keep quick and surprisingly then she kept quick. Daddy ji says its alright, she didn’t keep quick to conflict with you, you realize she cherishes Ravish a great deal and need his long life. She says I know, yet you have seen Ravish got a lot of injured, I m additionally a mum, my child’s life is devil for me than my bahu’s sentiments.

Ravish says in the event that anything happened to you today, did you figure what might be go through. Atharv says Sujata advised me to play this game, she said we need to prevail upon skipper, so I have run, I didn’t wish to lose. Ravish says now we won’t play this game once more, do you recall what I instructed you. Sujata gives Ramakant’s letter to Ravish. Ravish asks how could you get this.

She says I arrived at your space to get chain keys, I didn’t get keys and got this letter, I took hammer from storeroom and broke the lock, and flee with Atharv, in the wake of perusing this letter I felt… He says that I would hurt Atharv, I m somebody’s child, sibling and spouse, yet first and foremost I m a weld, and my words’ worth is most importantly, I guarantee Atharv will get his privileges.

She requests that he excuse her. He says mum’s hand is to favor, not to apologize, Lord gave me everything, a caring family, my significant other has saved quick for my long life, she swooned, when I saw Atharv is going towards her, I figured he may hurt her. Sujata says my Atharv dislike this, he would never hurt anybody. Ravish says I know, however I can’t utter a word seeing his psychological state, in the event that anything happened to my better half, I would have not pardoned myself. She says your better half is fortunate to get such cherishing spouse. He says indeed, I love her a ton.

Daddy ji says Suman, its excessive that previous episode is important for coming time, each human has karma, perhaps Vividha’s karma closes the revile on this family. She says I realize she is pleasant young lady and loves Ravish, I got frightened seeing Ravish, in the event that this revile influences Vividha, no lady could remain cheerful in this house, did I do botch by getting Vividha in this house.


Ravish says you saved this quick for me. She says no, I didn’t save quick for you, for what reason did you lie to me, I have seen him. He asks who. She says Sujata’s child Atharv. He gets stunned.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door 9th April 2021 On Adomtv

The Episode begins with Ravish saying it very well may be risky to take Atharv out, individuals who have harmed them can hurt him once more, be cautious, I will move you to a protected spot. Atharv requests that Ravish play with him. Ravish says I have pixie work, you proceed to play, we will play later. Atharv holds his hand and doesn’t release him. Ravish liberates his hand and Atharv’s Rudraksh globules tumble down. Sujata says this string breaks so often. Ravish says don’t stress, I will get this made once more.

Vividha considers Atharv. She says what heart believes is dream, yet whats in my grasp can’t be my figment, it implies Atharv was in sanctuary, he is in this city, I need to discover him. Ravish comes to room. He asks Vividha how is she feeling. She says I m fine. He is sorry. She requests what. He says I ought to have dealt with you, you didn’t eat or drink anything, you saved this quick for me. She says no, I didn’t save this quick for you… … for what reason did you lie to me Ravish.

He gets some information about what. She says when I swooned in sanctuary, there was somebody infront of me. He says there was nobody. She says you are lying once more, I have seen him. He asks who was it. She says Atharv… ..

She says I have seen Sujata’s child Atharv, Atharv and I love each other a ton, I used to feel him all over the place, I need to go to him now. He blows up and tosses juice all over. Her creative mind closes. She wipes her tears. He asks are you fine.

He requests that she take rest. He thinks when to advise her, he needs to share his sentiments as well, don’t have the foggiest idea when can he say. She thinks don’t have the foggiest idea why is Ravish lying, would could it be that he id attempting to stow away. He gets a call and the Rudraksh falls. He says I have demon work, I will just come. Vividha picks Rudraksh and stops him to show it. She says this tumbled from your pocket, you never wear Rudraksh. Ravish says indeed, this is of Situram, you take rest. He leaves.

Aditi asks Vividha will she have espresso. Vividha says indeed, and I will make it. They go to kitchen. Aditi says my fav is cold espresso by mum’s hand. She goes to go to a call. Somebody goes to her and places ice in her saree. Vividha asks whats this joke Aditi… … She races to see and doesn’t see anybody. She sees Situram proceeding to stop him. She asks did you see anybody here. He says no. She asks did you get your Rudraksh. He asks what Rudraksh, I don’t wear it. She says for what reason violated lie to me.

Suman chats on telephone. The windows open. Ravish and Vividha’s pics fall by the blustery air. Suman closes the window and keeps pic outlines back. She sees Ravish and Vividha’s pic outline broken and believes is this any abshagun, will Vividha likewise stay reviled like different ladies of this house.

Vividha comes to room. She goes to spruce up. Ravish leaves. Somebody/Vipul glimpses inside the washroom. She turns and he covers up. She hears sound and thinks it is anything but a dream, something isn’t right. She hears the thump and reviews Atharv used to thump thusly. FB shows Atharv asking Vividha did she not hear him thumping. She asks how might I know its you, anybody can thump. He says fine, we will make a unique thump. She snickers. He says this thump implies Atharv. FB closes. Atharv sits thumping.

Vividha asks is anybody there. Atharv says Sujata, there is somebody. Sujata says its nobody, come. Vividha says Atharv… . You are not my dream, Atharv is here. She runs inside the mysterious room and says Atharv… … She doesn’t see anybody there. She says I felt Atharv was remaining in this room, I know him. She checks the spot and gets Atharv’s shirt. She met him at sanctuary. She says I realized Atharv was here, Rudraksh is of Atharv. She embraces the shirt and reviews Ravish’s untruths.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door 9th April 2021 On Adomtv

She says Ravish took Atharv from here, for what reason did he lie to me, how Ravish and Atharv know one another, did Papa enlighten Ravish concerning Atharv, so he was asking me over and over, no Ravish doesn’t look bombastic, however whats my face, I viewed my dad as Lord by getting misled by face, I won’t rehash my slip-up.


Vividha asks who is it and switches on lights. She sees Atharv and embraces him. He embraces her tight. She requests that he leave her. He holds her face.


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