Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 112-113

Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Tuesday Pt1, 13th July 2021

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Beginning of Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 112

Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 112 starts with Ravish asking Vividha to have something, else she will get unwell and weak, she has to become strong for her family now. Suman asked her to have food. Daddy ji coughed and Kalindi gave him water. Atharv asked Suman to pat Daddy ji’s back.

Daddy ji said no, I am okay. Ravish asked Daddy ji, how did he get breathing problem suddenly? Suman said, he may have cough because of the cold, the weather is changing. Ravish said,the doctor said such dry coughs happens by animal fur, we don’t have any animal at home. Atharv said, the cat is there. Vividha and Ravish looked on. Aditi got a call and told Suman that she has to take an urgent call. Vividha started thinking.

Aditi talked to Avinash and said, I got duplicate phone, but don’t know who has my phone. He asked her if she has any doubt on anyone who would use the photos? She answered, i don’t know, you know what happened here, I have to tell you something, we have to meet and she got tensed.

He asked her to say it over the phone. He said, what is the matter, you are scaring me. She said, that night, I met Guddi and we had a fight, then she….. She said someone is coming, I will call later and ended the call and Aditi left. Vividha heard her. Suman looked on. Vividha picked Aditi’s fur shawl.

Vividha told Ravish that she was worried as she couldn’t find Guddi’s murderer. He said it’s a theory, it can be an accident. She asked, are you saving your family and saying so? He said I haven’t supported any wrong doer till now. She asked, if it’s your family member, then what will you do?. He replied, I can’t believe anyone of this family can do this, if you are saying the truth, you can trust me, it’s my responsibility to punish that person. She asked him to be ready then, she will find that person soon.

Still on Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 112

Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 112 continues where Aditi went out. Vividha asked Atharv to go home, and don’t go outside like this. She asked him to go inside home but he refused. She said, I will go if you leave me alone. She stopped seeing him talk like a normal man. He started acting kiddish again and asked her to come with him. She said I have to tell Sujata but he insisted. She took him along and they followed Aditi. Vividha stumbled and fell in Atharv’s arms.

She recalled their old moments. They followed Aditi. Aditi turned to see who it was. Vividha hid with Atharv. They had an eyelock again and they talked. He hugged her. She asked him not to say anything, and be quiet. He asked, are we playing a game? She replied yes to know the murderer’s truth, I will tell you later, come.

Aditi met Avinash and said what could I do, our secret would have come out, how would I face Ravish, I saw Guddi having my phone, I had no other way. He asked, do you know what you did, we could get trapped in a big problem.

She said, if we did not fight, all matter would have gotten spoiled, who gave her the right to interfere in my life, my phone fell somewhere. He asked her to find out. She said, it would be in the hall, someone is always there in the hall, how to find out. He asked her to relax, we did a mistake but we will always be together, you have to find the phone any way. Vividha heard them.

End of Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 112

Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 112 ends where it was night, Avinash dined with Ravish’s family. Atharv felt sleepy. Sujata asked him to have food. He said no, I want juice. Avinash gave the juice to him. He signed Aditi to go. Kalindi saw this. Suman thanked Avinash. He said, we are taught to take care of each other in good and bad times. He made them busy with talking. Aditi went and looked for her phone in the hall. Vividha placed a torch on Aditi’s face. Aditi got shocked.

Vividha told everyone about the truth, Aditi and Guddi had a fight for the phone. She shouted on Aditi and asked her to say it. Aditi cried.

Beginning of Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 113

Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 113 starts with Vividha putting light on Aditi’s face. She recalled hearing Avinash’s plan. She said, you are finding right thing at a wrong place, I have your phone, now you will tell in front of the family, why you killed my sister everyone came around.

Suman asked, why did you ask us to come here after 10mins. Vividha asked, Aditi will you say it or shall I say. She told everyone that Aditi and Guddi had a fight for her phone that night and then Aditi killed Guddi unintentionally and everyone got shocked.

Suman asked, what are you saying, it’s impossible. Daddy ji said, why will Aditi do this. Ravish said, Vividha I know you are stressed and doubting everyone, I guarantee that Aditi can’t think of doing this, not for anything. Vividha said, she did this for the thing that’s in this phone. She showed Aditi and Avinash’s pics. They all got shocked and Aditi cried.

Ravish looked at Avinash. Atharv said it’s a good pic. Aditi said, it’s nothing like that. Daddy ji asked, is this not your and Avinash’s pic? Ravish asked, what’s this ? and held Avinash’s collar. Avinash said, calm down Ravish, listen to me once.

Daddy ji stopped Ravish. Ravish said, I was mistaken that you are my friend, when enemy doesn’t do this. Atharv asked shall I beat him?. Vividha said great, Ravish is angry as no one told you about Aditi and Avinash’s affair, maybe you all can see well, but can’t hear well. I am saying they both have killed my sister.

Ravish said, Aditi didn’t do such a thing. Vividha said you are forgetting you said you will give the culprit to the police, now when it’s about sister, you forgot your responsibility. Ravish said, Aditi can’t do this. Vividha said, I heard everything, now they want to know from you Aditi, was the fight not because of this phone, were you not hiding pics from the family, say the truth, don’t try to lie, you did this, accept it, tell me. Aditi shouted yes and they all got shocked.

Still on Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 113

Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 113 continues where Aditi said I have fought with Guddi for the phone, but I did not kill her. Vividha said, you killed her, when Guddi did not listen to you, you thre her down, tell the truth. Suman asked Aditi to tell truth. Aditi said no. I didn’t kill Guddi, trust me Maa, that is the truth. She told them how Guddi got Aditi’s phone and was troubling her.

Guddi said, I want to expose all the truth. Aditi said, she started laughing and went upstairs, I went after her asking her to give me my phone. Guddi and Aditi fought for the phone and Aditi’s phone fell down. Guddi pushed Aditi and left.

Aditi said, till I turned, Guddi went. Atharv asked Sujata, why are you crying. Aditi said, I tried finding my phone and didn’t get it, I did not lie. Vividha said, when you were finding the phone in the hall, when Guddi fell down, where were you, this story is not matching as you are lying even now, you got angry and you have pushed Guddi, this is the truth Aditi. Aditi said no, I did not murder Guddi, please trust me.

Ravish said, when Guddi fell down, why did you not come down. Aditi said, I was stressed, I was hurt and went to the room, when I heard the sound, I came and saw Guddi. Kalindi asked when inspector asked everyone, why did you not say. Aditi said, I was scared, everyone would have felt I killed Guddi, I swear I did not kill Guddi, she has pushed me and I got hurt, trust me.

Avinash said sorry Ravish, Aditi did not do this, I told her that I will support her, Aditi was worried for the pics, she did not kill Guddi. Ravish said we will talk later. Ravish hugged Aditi and consoled her. He said Aditi and I were raised with the same upbringing, I know my sister well, I know she did a big mistake by hiding her love, but she can’t kill anyone. Suman said Vividha, we don’t cover up anyone’s mistake, even if the culprit is part of our family, the one who did the crime will be punished.

End of Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 113

Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 113 ends where Aditi apologized to Vividha for hiding this. Vividha said, I understand you are innocent, but my sister got killed, please help me, stay here. She showed the animal fur and asked how did this come on your scarf. Aditi said no, I don’t know, its Bhoomi’s scarf, I borrowed this from her.

Atharv made a drawing. Vividha asked, what did you make. Atharv said Bhoomi had a knife, she was seeing Guddi, when Vipul was with Guddi.

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