Jaana Na Dil Se Door Friday, 8 October 2021 Episode started with Madhav going to call Atharv. Kailash stopped him and scolded him. He welcomed the groom’s family. Madhav looked on. Kailash toom care of the guests. The guy asked who is this kid. Kailash said a neighbor’s kid, Vividha loves kids a lot.

He asked Madhav to go and play. The guy said I would like to meet the girl Vividha. The lady asked is there any tension. Kailash said I have much tension, Vividha is getting ready. The lady said Vivek wanted to meet her once. Madhav thinks to do something.

Vividha is in a dizzy state. Atharv asked the inspector to please find out about Vividha and Madhav. Kailash lied about the traditions, which tied hands, till we have Kuldevi darshan, I am helpless, it will happen in few hours, take some rest and then meet Vividha.

He settled them in a room. The lady asked Vivek to give the jewelry to Kailash, it’s for Vividha. Vivek left to see Kailash. Madhav tried to make a call. Vivek saw Vividha from the window and called her out.

He said actually, I wanted to meet you, Kailash uncle said you are getting ready, I wanted to talk to you once, I saw your photos and fell in love with you, did you have the same feelings for me, I am talking to you, hello, He saw the door and tried to meet her. Kailash saw him and stopped him. Vivek said Vividha was not responding to me.

Kailash said maybe she is sleeping, she woke up early this morning, shall I wake her up. Vivek said no, I was seeing how is the door latched. Kailash said I did this so that people let bride rest, come. Vivek said fine, let her rest and left.

Atharv asked the inspector about Vividha again. Madhav said phone is dead, how will I save mumma. He called through the landline and Khushi answered. He asked her to give phone to Papa, tell him we are in Ajmer. Khushi did not talk. Kailash took the phone from Madhav and scolded him.

Vivek told everyone that something is fishy, Kailash was lying to me. Vividha recalled her marriage, and said this can’t happen. Sujata asked Atharv did the police know anything. Atharv said no, what shall I do, I have to leave. Sujata asked where will you go.

Atharv said don’t know, I will find her. He was stumbling. Uma said you are not fine, how can you go, don’t go. Khushi tried to tell him.

She said Ajmer. They became shocked. Atharv asked how did you say this, Ajmer. Khushi nodded. Atharv asked what about Ajmer, you answered call from Vividha or Madhav. She nodded. He said it means Kailash took them there, but why.

Kangana came and said he wanted to get Vividha married to someone else. She told the everything. Kailash told Vividha that Vivek wants to meet her. Vividha was dizzy. Kailash said it will happen as I say, there is no question of saying yes, see this and decide what to do.

He showed Madhav’s pic. She said you will regret a lot. She said Atharv is alive, this can’t happen, Atharv will come.

Atharv got dizzy and fell unconscious. Kailash said you are waiting for him, he will not come now, the injection given to him was not to faint him, it was a slow poison, he would be selling milk in heaven by now. They all worried for Atharv.

Kailash blackmailed Vividha and made her sit in the mandap. Vividha thinks this can’t happen, I am just for Atharv.


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