The Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Monday Pt1, 28th June 2021 episode started with Atharv saying an elder brother’s duty is to save younger brother from pain but I gave you the pain, that’s seen in your eyes, whatever is happening, it’s not your mistake, you kept Vividha here and gave her respect.

I am snatching her from you, it’s big injustice. Ravish said, Vividha is your Amanat, the two hearts made for each other are just for each other, nothing else. Atharv asked, what about the love for Vividha in your eyes. Ravish said what matters is whom Vividha loves, she just loves you Atharv, if she had any love for me, I would have fought with the world and not let her go, but the truth is she loves you, no one has the right to come between you two.

Atharv said I understood that when two married people get separated, not just hearts, but house also breaks, I can’t bear this. Ravish looked at him. Ravish said I know you have bear a lot till now because of me, you did not get a father, I just want you and Vividha to unite forever, this will give me peace, I will see to it that it happens. He signed on the divorce papers. Atharv looked on.

Ravish turned away and cried. His tear dropped and fell over his sign. Ravish kept the papers in the drawer. He smiled and turned to Atharv. He said you will always see smile on my face from today, get prepared Dulhe Raja, the Shahnai is going to play and he left. Atharv looked on.

Suman got some jewelry. Sujata asked, why did you call me? Suman said, I had to give this items to you. Sujata asked why? Suman said this is for house bahu, Ravish decided that Atharv will get married from this house by all rituals, so I am giving what elder son’s wife should get. Sujata said calm down, Atharv is not elder son of this house by right, we don’t want this. Suman said you took my bahu, this is just a jewelry, why leave it, take it. Atharv heard this and became sad and Suman left

Ravish arranged the chairs. Sujata asked Ravish to stop and not do this. Ravish said yes, seating arrangement is not right, I also felt the same, now it’s fine. Sujata said no, nothing is fine, stop this. Vipul said now the drama will begin. Dadi Bua asked, what are you doing? Sujata said, I am saying right, Ravish let us go to Ajmer. Uma agreed. Sujata said whatever is happening, pain will increase. Ravish said, it’s happiness, I want to do this, all preparations are going on well, even Dadi has come. He greeted Dadi. Dadi blessed him.

He asked, what’s the problem now? Sujata said, your mum will be hurt along you, you can bear the pain, who will understand Suman’s pain. Dadi said yes, I came here for your sake, how can we celebrate this happiness seeing Suman sad. Sujata said, let us go. Ravish said I did not refuse to you till now, I have a right to convince you once, I will talk to Suman, it’s a soldier’s promise which should not break, prepare for haldi.

Uma made Vividha ready. Chutki came to Atharv and asked, did you not get ready till now? Ravish went to Suman and asked her to come for haldi ritual. He said and explained to her.

Suman said, you have grown up, you do anything you want, you took decision of this marriage, you can’t take me in marriage forcibly, I will do what you want, I won’t come. He said, I don’t have right to force my wish on you, you do what you want. They had a talk. She said, I am fine. He said but I am not fine and she became sad.

Vividha also looked sad. Chutki asked Atharv to get ready, Vividha got ready, you were eager and went to meet Vividha at the party, hurry up, everyone is waiting. She left her phone. He asked her to take her phone and she left. He saw the video when he was not fine and behaved like a kid. He recalled the past.

Ravish said, I am not fine Maa, you remember when I was 7 year old, I liked cycling, I was waiting for cycle race, then my leg broke one day before the race, I was sad, I was much hurt, but you held my hand and that pain went somewhere, today I am feeling that pain of losing something.

if you don’t leave my hand, this pain will get away. Suman cried and held him. She asked him why are you doing this to hurt yourself. He said I want to see Atharv and Vividha happy, we have to bear this pain for them, we will share the pain and it will get less. She said fine if you want this, I will get ready and come.

Sujata and everyone were downstairs. Vividha asked for Ravish. Dadi said look he is here. Ravish got Suman. Ravish asked Suman to come. Suman sat with other ladies. Ravish saw Vividha and said, I will get Atharv.

Chutki/Adaa says no I will get him. Vividha asked Ravish where are you going? He said where will I go, I am here, I have to apply haldi to you first. Atharv came downstairs, and looked at Ravish and Vividha. Chutki said I got the groom. Ravish saw Vividha and smiled. Atharv smiled seeing her. He recalled their moments.

He thinks of Ravish’s word and he left Chutki’s hand. She recorded him. Atharv fell down the stairs and rolled down. They all were worried. Sujata and Vividha shouted Atharv!!!!! Ravish looked on shocked.

Ravish asked them to call the doctor fast. They all asked Atharv to open his eyes. Atharv behaved like a kid again. They all became shocked.


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