Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Tuesday 29th June 2021: Episode 194-195


The Episode started with Atharv saying I was giving this plate to Suman. He picked another plate. Vividha said even this plate is not yours. Atharv said I know, I was giving this to you. He took the third plate and said this is my plate, Captain Saab put food for on it for me. Ravish served him. Vividha sat in front of Athrv and observed him. Atharv ate food. Atharv became worried seeing everyone staring at him.

Suman asked the men to wrap up everything, and keep the puja items in the boxes, we will give that to the temple. Atharv helped her. He picked the garlands. Vividha asked, what’s happening, why is everything getting removed? Suman said we are removing the mandap as it’s blocking way, the marriage is not going to happen, so till when will we keep the decorations.

Vividha argued and asked, who is hurt seeing these decorations, Ravish asked you to wait for some days, whom did you ask? Suman said I don’t need anyone’s permission to do anything in my house, what’s use of mandap when marriage is not happening. Everyone looked on.

Vividha asked, why will the marriage not happen? we can wait for some days. Suman asked, how many days, I don’t think your marriage with Atharv can happen, will you marry a mad guy, can’t you see his state. Vividha said yes, I will marry him, in any state he stays. Atharv got a tearful eyes. Vividha said, this marriage will happen in any way. Suman and Ravish looked on.

Uma and Sujata talked to Vividha in the room. Vividha said I love Atharv, there is nothing to think. Sujata said we also wanted you to marry Atharv. Vividha said, the marriage will happen, I want it to happen. Uma said we love Atharv, he is not capable of marrying, he is lost in a small kid.

Vividha said I don’t care of what’s seen. Sujata said it matters, none can be happy than me to make you my bahu, but Atharv is not the one who is in your mind, I can’t permit you marry him, it can spoil your life, agree to us. Vividha said fine, just answer me one thing, then we will decide I have to marry Atharv or not.

Vividha said, if Atharv and I get married, and if he became like this, will you advice me to leave him, I know you would have no answer, why are you giving me this advice now, marriage is just formality, Atharv and I became husband and wife when we fell in love, I request you not to stop this marriage, stop wasting your time, everything will happen as decided, the marriage will happen today.

Vividha came to Ravish. She said I just came to say and Ravish said I did not ask you to clarify, I understand everything, I am always with you. She looked at him. He said I mean I am with you in all your decisions, you should be sure of your decision. She said, everyone thinks my decision is madness, but I know what I am doing, my life started with Atharv and ended with him.

He looked at her and smiled. He said, I will get marriage the arrangements done. She said, in our relation, we don’t need to thank but today I want to thank you, you stood with me today when everyone thinks I was mad in love. He said, the love in which there is no madness is not love.

They saw each other. He said, it’s just felt in love, I will keep my promise, like decided, the marriage will happen on time, today itself and he left. Sujata got shagun for Vividha and gave it to Uma. She said Ravish has sent this for Vividha. Uma said, i don’t know how to explain to Vividha, it’s not like I don’t love Atharv, but you will understand my dilemma. Sujata said who else will understand if not me.

I always wanted Atharv to take care of Vividha, I don’t want Vividha to spend her life taking care of him, this relation is not of equality now, Atharv would have never want such life for his Vividha. Atharv came acting like kid and asked whose dupatta is this, shall I take it? Sujata and Uma stopped him.

He made the juice fall over Uma’s saree to send her away. Sujata asked, what are you doing? Uma said it’s fine, I will my change clothes and Uma left. Sujata asked Atharv to sit quiet. Atharv said you have to stop all this Maa. Sujata looked at him.

Ravish asked the man to fix everything well. The man said we are paid to fix and remove this, what’s happening? Ravish asked him to decorate well. Suman asked Ravish what’s this madness, don’t explain to me this nonsense. Ravish stopped her and said this is not nonsense. She said it’s nonsense, you should explain to Vividha and you are ready to support her. He said Vividha wants this.

She said, Vividha got mad, you think what promise you made to Vividha, you will make them marry when Atharv gets fine, did he get fine, what’s meaning of this marriage, you are ruining three lives, Atharv can’t give her happiness, Vividha can’t get a better partner than you, think Ravish, what’s the use of all this, Sujata and Uma also don’t want this. Atharv said, you have to stop this.

Sujata said, you got fine Atharv. He said I am fine, I was acting. She asked why? I have to tell Vividha, you know we got hurt. He said you have to stop this marriage. She asked why.? He said I wanted to marry Vividha, but Ravish and Vividha love each other. She said are you mad, it’s not like that. He said I know it, they will realize it, Vividha will be happy with Ravish, we have to stop this marriage. Vividha came asking what’s happening here.

Atharv acted like a kid and went to find his toy. Vividha asked you are crying? Sujata said what can I do. Vividha said it’s happening right, this should happen. Ravish explained to Suman and said Vividha loves Atharv by her soul, no thought of mind can suppress her love, we can’t understand this, it’s their strong two sided love, which we never got in our fate.

Vividha told me clearly what she wants and whom she wants, it’s just one name, Atharv, we can’t come in their way. Suman asked, do you think you are doing her good, no. He said I have seen many hurdles in their way, I can’t see more hurdles, if you try to stop the marriage, I have to keep you away from this marriage. She looked at him and left.

Atharv asked what’s this. Vividha said you are going to marry me, you find me like a doll right, Atharv can dance at the marriage, many guests will come, will Atharv marry me now. Atharv shouted no.

The episode started with Suman meeting Daddy ji and asking his life. She said Ravish is not listening, he wants to get Vividha married to Atharv. Atharv liked the sherwani and asked whose is it. She said it’s for Atharv’s marriage. He asked my marriage, with whom. She said with me. He asked how, you are my friend, not Girl friend. She said I am your friend but your girl. He said this can’t happen. She asked why and argued. Sujata looked on.

Suman said I feel helpless, how can I see Ravish bearing loneliness and pain, if I want to get Ravish to marry someone else, he should agree, I know he will not agree, as he just loves Vividha, what did he get in return, nothing, our family became a joke, all this because of illegitimate Atharv. Daddy ji said I had seen this situation and took that step. She asked for some solution.

Sujata asked Vividha not to do this. Vividha said whatever decided will happen, the marriage will happen today. Daddy ji said just one right move is needed. Sujata got worried and said what shall I do now. Suman came home. Dadi Bua asked her where did she go. Suman said I wanted to have some fresh air, and taunted that Ravish is not marrying Vividha. Sujata became sad.

Vividha came and gave mehendi cone asking her to apply mehendi. Atharv looked on. Sujata and Dadi asked Vividha to think again, everyone will be hurt. Vividha said time to think is over, now it’s time to do, Sujata write Atharv’s name on my hand. Sujata refused. Vividha asked what happened to you. Sujata said you know what happened, don’t do this. Vividha asked why can’t I decide for my life.

if I have no objection with this marriage, why do you all have objection. Sujata said yes, we have an objection, did Atharv ask you to refuse. Sujata saw Atharv. He signalled no. Vividha turned and saw Atharv. He acted like a kid. Vividha asked Sujata to say the truth, Atharv asked you to refuse the marriage right. Sujata said no, Atharv doesn’t want to marry you in this state.

Vividha said I am doing what Atharv wants, he wanted to marry me, we both wanted to marry each other. Sujata said but and Vividha made Sujata sit and made her apply mehendi to her. Ravish came and looked on. Vividha showed Atharv’s name in her hands and I got your blessing in my hands.

Ravish said great, show me. He saw Atharv’s name and said perfect. Atharv looked on. Vividha asked about the pandit. Ravish said he will be coming. She asked him to make Atharv ready. Ravish said sure, where is he. Ravish asked Atharv to wear sherwani and Atharv refused. Some men come with some items. Ravish asked them to hurry up. He asked Vipul to see to the other arrangements, I will see Atharv.

A goon called Daddy ji and said I am inside the house, target is in front of me. He got the gun from the flower basket. Vividha went to get ready. Dadi said Vividha won’t stop today. Atharv refused to wear the sherwani. Ravish made her wear the sherwani. He asked why don’t you want to marry. Atharv asked does anyone marry a friend. The men got sweets and shagun. Kalindi asked what’s this, who has sent this. The man said Ravish.

Ravish said it’s a best thing to marry a friend. He thinks of Vividha. He said you will be happy with Vividha, wear this. Atharv said no, throw this. He threw the pagdi. Vividha got ready as the bride and came downstairs.
She asked for Atharv. She sat in the mandap. Pandit asked them to call the groom in mandap. Vividha said he will just come.

The goon hid under the bed and thinks it’s a perfect shot, the groom will die. He tore the table cloth and looked through. Ravish said you are looking good. Atharv said I don’t want to marry. Pandit asked them to call the groom soon. Vividha asked Sujata to call Atharv. Sujata thinks I can’t do this. Vividha said I will go and get Atharv.

Vividha came to Atharv. Atharv refused to marry. Vividha asked him to come. He refused. Vividha took him. Daddy ji was seen in jail. The goon aimed at Atharv. Vividha got Atharv to mandap.

Vividha insisted and asked Atharv to come and take the rounds. She held his hand and came in front. The goon shot. Vividha got shot and fell into Atharv’s arms. Atharv and Ravish got shocked.