Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Friday Pt2, 16th July 2021

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Suman pledges that she won’t allow Atharv and Vividha to meet ever, that would be in her grave. She burns the sketches of Vividha that Atharv made so that the memory of Vividha will vanish from his mind.

A mysterious lady was also found hovering around their house, who could this lady be, and what is her mission in the house? Even Suman is scared of her.

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The episode begins with Atharva’s thoughts. Vivida looks at Madhav and relaxes. Atharv is looking for photographs. Take a half shot. He gets different images with the same part only with the eyes. Many images flew through the air and fell to the ground. He collects all the newspapers.

Suman sits thinking. She shouts no and runs out of her room. She comes to Atharv and sees the numerous drawings. She thinks how she burnt Vividha’s drawings and heard anklet sound. She gets shocked and asks what’s all this. Atharv says don’t know, I made an incomplete sketch, but I found too many sketches here, why do I get pulled towards this girl, who is she, where does she stay.

Vividha wakes up to drink water. Madab is very valuable. He asks her to sleep. He leaves the conversation in the room you enter. Suman shares his old sketches with someone who may have lived here before. This is not Atharv.

I think I know him. She screams that you don’t know. Maa says … She calms down and says that you’ve never met a woman like that. Our mind sometimes plays with us. Do not worry. Let’s save the sketch. I love to sleep and fall. she goes

He takes all the sketches and says that they will never meet. He remembered the woman’s words that had ruined her destiny. Otherwise, the curse will consume him. He watched the paintings slide across the floor. He sees a shadow and is shocked. He says no. I will ask this curse. I will forever put an end to Vividhi’s memories of Atharva’s heart.

Vivid calls Ravish to find Madhava. She hears a sound and goes to Madhav. Madhav tells Badimaa and ambush Vividhe. she sleeps. He hugs her and takes care of her. In the morning, the doctor examines Madhava and treats his fever.

I don’t know how his temperature suddenly rose, but yesterday he said that he was okay. Generous says yes. Vividha said that Madhav went to Suman’s room at night, then said Badi Maa and fainted. Ravish asks if he is sure. He says yes. Uma says he saw Suman at Ragawa’s house. Vivida says that I didn’t understand.

Ravish says that a child’s mind can think about everything. Vividha says why he keeps repeating it. Ravis says Suman cannot be there. Vividha says Madhav is afraid of something. Ravish says that we all know that Suman is now in the ashram.

Guddi made some tea. Suman said that Atarv was asleep. You gave him medicine at night. Goody says yes. Suman adds more pills. Goody says I mixed the powder. Suman says we need to double the capacity, not to mention Vividha and Sketch. get along

Someone wearing anklet receives the tea for Atharv and maintains it and she left. Atharv woke up and took the tea cup. Guddi came there and said your tea She became shocked seeing Atharv having the tea. Suman came she was also shocked.

Suman asked did you make tea by yourself, Guddi was with me in kitchen. He said what are you joking, I just woke up, how will I make tea. Guddi said but I, did you see me. He said no, I just heard your anklet sound, since when are you wearing anklet. Suman and Guddi became shocked.

Atharv asked Guddi to cut tomatoes and coriander. Someone cuts it and passed the bowls to him. Guddi came. Atharv asked why are you doing drama. Guddi said I just came here. Someone shadow is seen.

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