Shocking Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Monday Pt1, 14th June 2021: Episode 172


The Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Monday Pt1, 14th June 2021 episode started with Ravish saying I have freed Vividha from all the relations, she is just Vividha. Suman cried seeing Ravish. Ravish said Atharv’s Vividha. Atharv looked at Ravish. Atharv, Sujata and Vividha came to Ajmer. Atharv met Abdul uncle and everyone.

He went to his cows. Dadi got annoyed that Atharv did not remember her. Atharv held her hair plaits and flirted with her. Dadi became glad and cried happily. Atharv said I would have come here even after death, for your love. Uma said don’t say this even as a joke, we know the fear to lose you, Lord bless you and give you long life.

Atharv hugged Uma and said nothing has changed, everything is still the same, right Vividha, nothing changed. Vividha said yes, nothing changed. She cried. Suman fixed Ramakant’s pic and saw it.

Kalindi came to her. Suman asked what’s the matter, tell me. Uma asked Sujata why don’t they stay with them. Atharv said no, this is my Sasural, that’s my Maayka, I will stay there, I will come to meet Vividha in this balcony. Dadi asked and me? He said I will meet you before Vividha. They smiled. Atharv asked Sujata to come.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Monday Pt1, 14th June 2021

Kalindi said you have fixed all pics, what to do of this one, when you decide, fix it anywhere, maybe you won’t fix this and she left. Suman recalled Ravish wiping Vividha’s sindoor and cried. Atharv and everyone went upstairs to his room.

He looked around his room and relaxed. He asked Sujata what she will cook today. Dadi said we have made your favorite things and served on the dining table, come. Atharv asked Vividha to call Guddi, it’s been a long time I spoke to her. They all looked at each other.

Vividha said Atharv, you come home. He asked is Guddi at home, why did you all not say this before. He left calling out Guddi. Uma asked why did you send him home, he will know the truth. Vividha said he will find out the truth some day, he won’t be much hurt if he knows the truth from us. He looked for Guddi. Everyone went after him. Vividha stopped Atharv.

He asked what happened, where is Guddi. She took him to Guddi’s room and showed him Guddi’s pic with garland. Atharv got shocked. He recalled Guddi and cried. He asked what’s this, why this garland on Guddi’s pic. Vividha asked everyone to go, I will talk to Atharv. She shut the door. She cried and hugged Atharv.

She said Guddi has left us. He asked what are you saying, are you mad, remove this garland. He removed the garland and said what are you saying, she is a young girl, where is Guddi. He touched Guddi’s pic and asked what are you saying, this can’t happen. Vividha said much happened in these three months, Guddi came to meet me there. She told how Guddi was killed. She said I could not do anything. He asked did Chintu do this?

She said no, he was in jail, we got to know real the killer later. He said I was there and could not do anything. She said you were very far, but you helped us in catching the real killer and knowing the truth. She told him. He said Avinash did this. She said because Guddi knew his truth, he killed her.

It’s night, Atharv sat in the stable. Vividha came to him. He asked won’t you say anything. She asked what to do? He said strange, you are saying this, you don’t like it when you when you don’t get silent. She said yes, it’s strange, I am not able to identify myself. He asked do you regret coming here?

She cried and asked what are you saying? He said you have faced a lot, maybe that place has caught you, after you left that place. She said you mean I left Delhi, but did the place leave me or not. He said no, come. He made her sit.

Atharv said I am just saying, you have made many compromises and have bear much sorrow, I was not in my senses, but you have always bear pain, in strange place, between strangers, it can be deadly to stay there, I understand, I just want to know do you have any regrets. She said don’t ask this question again, you don’t know my pain, when I came in that house.

I went as a dead body alive, when I got you, I got life inside me, I always prayed for your recovery in my every breath, when you got fine, I could not believe, I was afraid that this dream will break and you will get away from me. He said this will never happen Vividha, there is a difference between dreams and reality, we are together now, no one can separate us, I promise you. He hugged her.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Monday Pt1, 14th June 2021

Atharv and Sujata unpacked the things. Sujata said when we pray for something and when we get it, it takes much time to believe it, the Lord has given you back, these three months were tough for me, I faced many problems, but fear of losing my son was worse. He hugged her and said you have cried a lot, not anymore, smile a bit. He tickled her and made her smile.

He kept the bag and saw something. Sujata asked what happened? Atharv said when I was sick, did we come here. Sujata said yes, just for one day. He asked was there anyone else with us. She said no, why are you asking. He said don’t know why I felt there was someone else here, don’t worry, this thoughts fight will go on in my mind, I am going to the stable to spend time with the cows. He went out. Kailash looked at him. Atharv went to sleep.

Vividha took the sindoor to apply and stopped. Atharv got shocked seeing this. Vviidha talked to Suman and apologized. She said I pray for Ravish’s happiness. Atharv heard this and got annoyed.


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