Shocking Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Wednesday Pt1: 26th May 2021: Episode 148


The Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Wednesday Pt1: 26th May 2021 episode begins with Ravish asking Sujata and Atharv to have a seat. He tells them it’s very important as it is related to him directly. Atharv asks the lawyer to give him his black coat. And the Lawyer tells him that he is the family lawyer and came here to present Ramakant’s will in front of everyone.

He began, Ramakant’s property and assets are divided this way, 30% of his property and cash share goes to his elder son Atharv. 30%? Atharv asks, what is it? give it to me. The lawyer continues, the younger son Ravish must also get 30% share of the property as per will. Suman and Sujata will get a share of 20% equally. and the rest of 20% will be divided among Kalindi and Bhoomi.

Suman replies, Ramakant has done the sharing of the property very well, is it done? And thanks the lawyer. The Lawyer answers, no. The house is also left, Ramakant has…. He was about speaking when Daddy Ji cut in, and said. It does not matter if he named the house in the name of Ravish or Suman. But the Lawyer says no, Ramakant left this house in the name of his elder son, Atharv.

They all get shocked. we did not feel any need or the right to all these things. Vipul says, the need is earned, this is a lottery for you. My motive to come to this house was my son’s treatment. She tells the lawyer to make new papers so that the one who has the right, gets it.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Wednesday Pt1: 26th May 2021:

Dadi Bua says Ramakant had the right to decide everyone’s right, we heard his decision. Lawyer replies, yes. this will not be changed. Kalindi asks, is there anything else? The Lawyer replies, yes. There is a letter, attachee, and it’s important to read it aloud in front of everyone after reading the will. Dadi Bua asks Ravish to proceed with the reading of the letter.

The lawyer gives the letter to Ravish. Ravish reads … “Ramakant wrote……Suman and Sujata, I know I could not be just with you both. I say sorry to both of you. you both had the right to get love and a relationship. When I won’t be there, I want to try to make this situation better. I want you both to stay together in one house. Everyone looks on.

Ravish reads… I know I’m getting selfish at this time as I need peace now. I know you both have pure heart and will keep my last wish. I want to see both of my sons together. Suman stops Ravish I can’t do this, she said. I don’t have such a big heart. I’m a mother also, a wife can accept this. But how can a mother accept this? Dadi Bua stops Suman and says, the letter is not over yet, sit down.

She asks Ravish to read ahead. Ravish reads… I know Ravish. you will take up Sujata and Atharv’s responsibility after I have sent this letter. give time to Atharv and make the relation better. Atharv lost a lot because of me, he heart is filled with anger. I hope your love will calm down his anger.

Papa I’m sad that you had to give shoulder to my funeral, it would be tough for you. I did all you said, do me a favor. give Sujata and Atharv their right, respect and love in this house. And Bua, sorry I could not make you meet Sujata in my life. Kalindi, I know you did not get a lot of share in the property. but Sujata and Atharv deserve the property rights, and to you Vividha, this is your house. tie this family with your love. I’m sure you will do the all the rights of the elder daughter in law. Ravish reads the line again to confirm what Ramakant wrote. Everyone was shocked.

elder inlaw? Suman asks. Ravish read it well. how can Ramakant call Vividha as the elder daughter in law? Dadi Bua replies, because this is the truth. Ramakant chose Vividha for Atharv, and not Ravish. They all get shocked. Suman asks, how can you say a thing like this? how sure are you? Dadi Bua asks, did Ramakant tell you about Vividha and Ravish’s marriage? Did he mention a name?

Suman recalls what Ramakant said. Suman says, but Kailash came to us, he told us about Ramakant’s wish, why would he say that? Sujata recalls Ramakant’s words also. Maybe Ramakant could not tell Kailash which of his sons he wanted to get Vividha married to, Sujata replied. we have to talk to Kailash, Dada Ji suggested. he can tell us the truth. He then asks Vividha to call him. But Vividha answers, I don’t know where he is. He did not come on Guddi’s death. Dadi Bua says no need to call anyone, as Rakamant told me that he wanted to get Vividha married to Atharv. Suman asks why did you not tell us.
She replied, I was in the ICU at Ravish’s marriage. I did not know the girl’s name is Vividha. till I got to know. I got to know the girl is Vividha. I came here to tell you that. it’s good that the will made this clear. Ramakant told me that he wanted Vividha to marry Atharv, not Ravish. Suman says so it’s all decided? I don’t have any right on this house, and my son does not have any righ on Vividha. what will I do staying here?

Suman gets sad and said. I’m not leaving this house, this house has left me. I can’t think of staying away from Ravish, but his responsibility will not let him come with me. so I will not ask him to come along. Vividha asks Suman not to go. But Suman goes. Atharv asks, what happened? Why did everyone get so sad? Suman goes to the room and recalls the lawyer’s words. She packs her belongings. She sees Ramakant’s picture and says, I can’t accept this, it’s really impossible to stay with them in this house. I’m sorry. She turns and sees Sujata.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Wednesday Pt1: 26th May 2021:

you learnt the new word impossible. I know it’s very tough, but not impossible. We both loved the same man. At least this relation is true, we are sautan for the world. but can’t we give a new meaning to this relation. Suman asks, new meaning? how? by becoming friends or sisters? How can I stay with that woman who made my life a disaster?

You have increased my pain. rights can be seen by percentage, houses are made of bricks. And a home is made of relations. I got married and came to this home. Today I feel the moments spent in this home are laughing at me. this is your home, Sujata said. you have the right to all memories. those moments which I did not live. how will I get a share from it?

Precap: your son and your daughter in kaw can stay here anyway. Ravish says Atharv you can’t drive this car. Ravish gets a call and gets to know the car break failed. Atharv insists on driving the car and leaves in the car when Ravish goes away.