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Jaana Na Dil Se Door Wednesday, 11th August 2021 Episode started with Vividha calling out Bhoomi. They all became shocked seeing Vipul dead. Kangana came there. Bhoomi held Vipul and asked him to get up. She asked Ravish to tell Vipul to get up, nothing happened to him.

She asked Vividha and Atharv to see Vipul. Atharv said Vipul left us. Bhoomi cried. She asked Vipul to get up. She asked them to ask Vipul to get up. She saw Kangana and said you killed Vipul, right, tell me why did you kill him. She slapped Kangana.

Kangana became angry. Bhoomi asked her why did you kill Vipul. Ravish stopped Bhoomi. Bhoomi said she is lying, don’t trust her, tell her to leave our house. Vipul wanted to tell to me that Kangana killed him, trust me, she is the murderer, I will not leave her.

Ravish held her. Kangana’s hairpin fell there. Ravish asked Vividha to take Bhoomi inside. Bhoomi said she has killed Vipul. Atharv saw Vipul. Ravish cried. The police came there.

Sujata said so much happened, why are we facing all this. Vividha asked Ravish what did the police say. Ravish said the police is finding out, they will tell us if they get any proof. Kangana looked on. Police got the knife and sent it to the lab to find finger prints.

Kangana recalled wiping the fingerprints and said sorry inspector, you won’t get any clue, your hard work has gone in that water tank. Constable got the hairpin and gave it to the inspector.

Ravish said Vipul’s final rites has to happen, but we don’t know about Kalindi, when she comes back and asks for Vipul, what will we tell her. Atharv said we have no idea about her. Ravish said where did she go. Atharv said where can she go this way, we should know something about her.

Vividha said I am afraid, Kalindi disappeared and Vipul died, why will anyone want to kill Vipul. Kangana came and apologized. She asked them to permit her to leave. She said you all are good people and supported me, you are in a problem.

I don’t want to become reason for your worry, some people doubt on me, how can I stay here now. Vividha said no, you are part of this family, we all know how much afraid you are, please don’t take this decision, I know Bhoomi behaved badly with you, we all trust you.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door Wednesday, 11th August 2021

Kangana said please let me go. Ravish said you won’t go anywhere. Vividha said I will get tea for everyone. Vividha took Kangana along, and said Ravish was in tension, so he reacted this way, I know Bhoomi has hurt your heart, she just lost her husband. Kangana thanked her for understanding.

Vividha said I am doing what your sister would do for you. Kangana said no, it’s more than that. Guddi looked on. Vividha said you are part of this family, you mean a lot to us, ask Madhav to be in his room. Kangana collided with Guddi. She said sorry and left.

Atharv said we can’t leave Bhoomi alone, she can do anything. Sujata said I went to her just now. Ravish said I will talk to the police. Atharv said I am going to my room, ask Vividha to get my tea there. Kangana thinks Vividha is making tea and will take it to Atharv, I will use this chance.

Kangana left to Atharv’s room. She stood near the washroom and fixed the bathrobe lace to the door. She acted and said how did this get stuck, sorry I had to use your washroom, I don’t know how this got stuck. Atharv looked at her. She asked him to help her. He went to her. He tried to remove the bathrobe lace from the nail. She thanked him and slipped. He held her. Vividha came there and saw them.

Atharv said Kangana called me in the lawn. Vividha said there is something wrong with her. She asked what will she do. She asked do you think she is good. They argued over Kangana.


The Episode started with Vividha seeing Atharv and Kangana. He says her bathrobe was stuck, I was removing it. Kangana said I wanted to have a bath before making Madhav sleep, my bathroom was not having water, so I came here to have a bath, really sorry and she left. Atharv said how can bathrobe get stuck like this.

Vividha asked him to leave it, have tea. He said no thanks, I will have it later, I have to go to the police station and he left. She said how will we manage Bhoomi. She went to Bhoomi. Dadi said life is long, we understand your pain. Bua Dadi said we all are with you. Vividha asked Bhoomi to eat. Bhoomi said how will I live without Vipul.

Guddi thinks to talk to Vividha about Kangana. She stopped Vividha and said I think whatever Bhoomi is thinking about Kangana is right. Vividha said you know the house situation. Guddi said I feel something is wrong with her. Vividha said I know her, she is not such.

Guddi said I am noticing her since many days, I don’t have good vibes. Vividha said I know the reason for this, I am your sister and can read your face, I know you have feelings for Ravish, you know Ravish is liking Kangana, it’s logical that you dislike Kangana, it’s fine if Ravish likes someone else, he would have come close to you if he liked you, but he did not, stop thinking about this and think of his happiness as yours, you also move on.

Madhav came to Vividha and said I was hungry, Kangana is making something for me. Vividha saw his hands and asked him to wash it. He took her to show his painting. He took her to the room.

He went to the washroom and washed his hand. Vividha recalled Kangana’s words. The family mournd for Vipul. Kangana went to put flowers. Bhoomi stopped her and became angry. Vividha stopped Bhoomi. Kangana placed the flowers on Vipul’s pic and went out.

She talked to someone and said I know I have to do something, Bhoomi doubted me, she attacked me and accused too, I have to do something soon. She called Atharv and asked him to come out, someone has come to meet him.

He said fine I will come. She stood under the water shower. Ravish said inspector called, he wants to talk to you. Atharv got busy on the call. Kangana smiled thinking Atharv had come.

She watered the plants and said someone was asking about you, he went, I was watering the plants and see I am so mad, I got drenched. She turned and became shocked seeing Vividha. She slipped. Vividha held her hand. Kangana thanked her and said I will go and change. She thinks she failed the plan. Vividha recalled Kangana.

Ravish asked Vividha where did everyone go. Vividha said everyone took Bhoomi to the room, she was unwell. Ravish said Bua would have managed her, but I could not find her. She said maybe she went with someone.

He said no, there is CCTV camera outside our house, when Bua left, there was no private taxi going, Bua did not go out of the house. She became shocked. She thinks of Kangana’s words.

Atharv said Bhoomi was crying so much and was not able to walk, Kangana was calling me out in the lawn, saying someone is asking for me, did she tell anything to you. She said I don’t find her right.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door Wednesday, 11th August 2021

Kangana called someone and said it’s not my mistake, I called Atharv, but Vividha came there, I wanted to create tension between them, but Vividha is doubting on me, I know why I came here, I won’t let anyone come in my way.

Atharv asked what will she do bad with others. Vividha said you were not trusting her yesterday. He said you asked me to trust her, when I am finding her good, you are asking me, she talked to everyone with respect, what’s your problem. Kangana looked on and smiled. He said you were saying I am doubting her, now you are doubting on her.

She said I saved her from goons and gave permission to stay here, she wears short clothes and fell on you. He said it’s coincidence. She said Ravish checked the CCTV footage and said Kalindi did not go out of the house. He said Ravish may have missed something, she would have gone out, why are you after Kangana and he left.

Later, Atharv went to the kitchen and helped Sujata. He said one plate is less. Vividha said Bhoomi is not coming down for dinner. Dadi said what can we blame her, she lost her husband in such young age, we don’t know about Kalindi. Sujata said when Kalindi comes back and knows her son is dead, I am worried. Vividha said we have to find Bua.

Ravish told everyone that they came here hearing Kalindi’s phone, since then Kalindi is missing, the man who can kill Vipul and throw him in water tank can do anything. The man digged the soil and said something is there.


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