Kundali Bhagya 10 March 2023 Written Update

The first scene of the Kundali Bhagya episode for March 10, 2023 begins with Kritika telling Rakhi that Preeta’s condition is getting worse in her wardroom.

Preeta informs Rakhi that she is not feeling well and needs to be with her children, and Rakhi goes there to check on her.

Rakhi, on the other hand, reveals to her that Karan has gone to retrieve him while Preeta cries in pain, and that the irrational Anjali has taken her baby.

However, when Nidhi, Karan, Shrishti, and Sameer get to the farmhouse, all they find is a handwritten note left by Anjali.

Nidhi examines Anjali’s note, in which she asks Karan to meet her alone at Hill Road without Shrishti, Sameer, or Nidhi; failing to do so, she will throw his infant down the cliff.

Preeta, on the other hand, gasps as she awakens from her nightmare of Karan and her baby being hurt and realizes that nobody is there.

Preeta falls unconscious as she makes her way down the hospital corridor, but someone wearing a mask makes her smell like chloroform.

Who exactly did Preeta become unconscious?

In the process of rescuing his child from Anjali, will Karan suffer any harm?

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