Legally Blind Episode 24: Thursday Pt1, 11 August 2022


The episode begins with Charie getting out of her car. Joel sees her and calls her, he says Charie, you look great. 

Edward and Grace are sitting together, Williams comes and says he wants a moment alone with Grace, he tells her I don’t bite, I want to get to know you. Edward leaves and he takes his seat. Williams says it’s really weird, looks like we’ve met somewhere, do you sm0ké? 

Grace remembers the incident that happened. Williams touches her and she screams. Her mother and Nina come to her. Williams says he didn’t do anything to her. Williams introduces himself to Grace’s parents that he is Edward’s brother. He then says she is a beautiful woman and Edward is lucky to have her. 

William’s old time friend Elvin comes to him and they exchange greetings, he looks at Grace and asks what do you think of your sister in law? He says sister in law my ass. His friend said something that made him remember Grace as the girl she molested. He looks on. His friend says don’t tell me you’ve had a one night stand with Grace. 

 He says all those nights he had are wasted nights and he doesn’t think she’s one of them. Elvin then compares him to Edward that unlike him, Edward is now having a stable life, a stable job and a wife, Williams says don’t compare me to my brother. Elvin pressed more and he gets offended. 

At the close of the engagement party, Edward thanks the guests for coming. Williams also catches Elvin and gives him a blow, they start fighting. Edward goes to stop them, in the process, Williams held Grace and she remembers that awful night, she screams and trembles with fear, her mother and Nina come to her aid as well as Edward. He calms her down. Grace’s mother stares at Edward with such a stern look. 

They come home. Grace apologies to Edward for what happened. Edward says you don’t have to apologize, I should even apologize for what Williams did. Williams in his car, remembers what he did to Grace. Grace also had a nightmare and cried in sleep. Grace screams and gets out of bed. Nina goes to her. She keeps on screaming till her mother comes. 

Williams makes his intentions known to his friend that she wants all the property of his father and as for Grace, she won’t come in his way. John confronts Grace about her performance in the lawsuit. She says sorry I will try to do better next time. Grace kept having flashes of what happened. She tries to control it.